August 2, 2023

Top 10 Reasons You Should Sell on Amazon

Unlock Your E-Commerce Potential: Discover the Top 10 Reasons Why Selling on Amazon is a Game-Changer! From global reach and massive customer base to streamlined logistics and unrivaled brand exposure, explore the unparalleled benefits that await your business on the world's largest online marketplace. Maximize profits and success today!
Top 10 Reasons You Should  Sell on Amazon
Top 10 Reasons You Should  Sell on Amazon

The success of ecommerce has skyrocketed, with trillions of dollars in ecommerce sales. This is indicative of one thing - people love to shop online! 

For many years, Amazon has been one of the most popular shopping platforms for consumers. 

With Amazon dominating almost half of the US ecommerce market, we can conclude that Amazon is here to stay. 

Amazon is a lucrative online marketplace if you’re looking to start your business online or are looking to expand your sales channels. 

In this article, we will give you ten reasons why selling on Amazon is good for business. 

  1. Amazon is an established online marketplace 
  2. People trust Amazon more than other ecommerce sites 
  3. People start searching for products on Amazon
  4. Amazon Prime members buy more 
  5. Low initial investment 
  6. You don’t need a website 
  7. Great customer experience 
  8. You can reach millions of customers 
  9. Access to valuable tools and resources 
  10. Provides a level playing field 

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Amazon is an established online marketplace 

Amazon is a leading ecommerce platform and established online marketplace with over 12 million products and over 200 million customers available from all over the world. Just like their website, the Amazon app is the most popular shopping app with 98.07 million users who access it at least once a month. 

Today, Amazon is almost synonymous with online shopping and this is because Amazon understands its users and works to create a great shopping experience.

As an Amazon seller, you can take advantage of Amazon’s reputation and attract millions of customers to your store. Thanks to their features and tools, you can research products you want to sell, list your products on their website, manage your inventory, respond to customer queries, increase your conversion rate, and boost sales. 

People trust Amazon more than other ecommerce sites 

Do you know that 89% of people trust Amazon more than any other ecommerce site? Well, Amazon beats even ecommerce sites like eBay when it comes to consumer trust. This is because Amazon maintains transparency and consistency and shoppers know they will get this when they shop on the platform. When customers shop from the Amazon marketplace, they feel confident that they are getting authentic products. They also trust that their personal information is safe and secure. 

Amazon also handles customer issues, unlike other sites where customers have to resolve issues with sellers directly. Amazon customer representatives take care of customer complaints, which increases customer trust. 

Best of all, Amazon delivers fast shipping. For Amazon Prime members, they can access same-day delivery. 

Selling on Amazon means that Amazon’s reputation and buyer trust is transferred to your business. 

People start searching for products on Amazon

According to data, 50% of consumers start their product search from Amazon before making an online purchase. 

The platform has gained popularity and trust over the years, so consumers compare products and prices right from Amazon search engines. 

If your product listings are well-optimized, you can rank high on Amazon search results, increasing your visibility and conversion rate on Amazon. The chances are also higher if you have good product reviews. 

Amazon Prime members buy more 

Amazon has over 200 million Amazon Prime members from all over the world. These consumers enjoy benefits like exclusive discounts and offers, free-next day delivery, access to streaming platforms, and much more. Amazon Prime shoppers pay a subscription to access these benefits and spend way more than non-Prime shoppers. These Prime shoppers are also likely to buy multiple items and have them delivered within a day or two. 

Selling your products to these Amazon Prime members means that they are likely to buy more products from your Amazon store and pay more for them. 

Low initial investment 

Starting a business often comes with the challenge of high start-up costs. To start a business, you will most likely need hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Thankfully, selling on Amazon saves you the initial investment that comes with starting a business. You can choose between two selling plans from Amazon: the individual selling plan and the professional selling plan. 

With the individual selling plan, you only pay a fee of $0.99 when a customer buys a product. On the Professional selling plan, you pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. While the individual plan comes with limited features, you get access to a plethora of features as a Professional seller. 

Even if you don’t have much to start with, Amazon has a market for refurbished items. So, you can start by selling used items from thrift stores and yard sales. 

You don’t need a website 

To sell online, you will need to own a website or build an ecommerce store. Thankfully, if you’re selling on Amazon, you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on hosting fees, security, and design. You can channel the funds otherwise needed to create a website to other areas of your business. 

Amazon is a ready-to-use platform for any seller. All you need to do is create your Amazon account, choose a selling plan, and start listing your products. Using Amazon’s central dashboard and other tools, you can effectively manage your Amazon product listings. 

For logistics, you can decide to subscribe to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and have them handle the storage, shipping, delivery, and customer service for you.

Great customer experience 

One of the reasons Amazon stands out among other ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces is Amazon puts its customer first. Amazon stands out for its great customer experience, offering fast shipping, easy refunds, and fast returns. By selling on Amazon, you can replicate the same experience for your brand. 

Using Amazon FBA, you can have Amazon handle the customer service. If your customer has any complaint about your product or service, it will go to Amazon. Also, if a customer wants a refund and needs to return an item, it will be shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse

Overall, you only have to provide products to sell on Amazon while they handle customer complaints, shipping, or returns. 

You can reach millions of customers 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of selling on Amazon is that you get to access Amazon’s massive customer base. Amazon is home to millions of shoppers from all over the world. As we already mentioned, many shoppers start their online shopping journey by searching Amazon. 

By selling your products on the Amazon marketplace, you don’t have to worry about finding customers. You can get your product listings in front of millions of interested buyers increasing your brand visibility. 

In addition, you can also tap into the global market. With Amazon Global selling, you can sell your products to consumers in other countries like Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, and so on. 

Access to valuable tools and resources 

Once you create a selling account on Amazon, you get access to tools and resources that help you sell better on the platform. The Amazon Seller Central is where all the action happens. It is a central location where you can get detailed information on your product listing, sales data, customer reviews, and much more. 

Secondly, if you need help finding your way around the Amazon site or encounter any problems while selling on the platform, Amazon Seller Support can guide you. 

You can send a chat or speak to someone via a phone call and have them address your issues swiftly. 

Amazon also has an app that allows you to manage your ecommerce business and rake in sales only with a few clicks. The Amazon app is free to use and allows you to manage inventory, reviews, product listings, and customer orders. 

With these and many other tools and resources, you can navigate your way through the platform and increase Amazon sales and revenue. 

Provides a level playing field 

As a new ecommerce seller, competing with larger brands will be next to impossible using your website. However, with Amazon, you are offered a level playing field. Both small businesses and well-established brands have equal opportunities. Consumers can buy from your store just as they will from a prominent brand. So, you can start small, grow, and scale your business while selling on Amazon. 

How to start selling on Amazon 

By selling your products on Amazon, you can gain massive visibility and increase conversion rates and sales. Here’s a short guide to help you get started on Amazon: 

  1. Carry out product research

The first thing you want to do before opening your Amazon account is to research the products you want to sell. You can use tools like Jungle Scout to find products with high demand and low competition. 

  1. Source your products 

After choosing a product you want to sell on the Amazon marketplace, the next thing to do is find a supplier that can create your product at a good cost. Once the supplier creates your product, they can ship it directly to Amazon fulfillment centers. If you subscribe to Amazon FBA, Amazon can handle the process of handling, packing, and shipping your products. 

  1. Launch your Amazon business

After finding a supplier, you can open an Amazon seller account. You can choose between the Individual Seller account and the Professional Seller account. Once your account is verified, you can list your products, optimize your product page and start selling. 

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Final thoughts 

Selling on Amazon gives businesses and individual sellers the opportunity to expand their reach and increase sales and revenue. You get access to top-notch fulfillment centers, a large ready-to-buy customer base, and various tools and features that make selling on the platform easy. 

Want to start your ecommerce journey on Amazon but don’t know where to start? At ePlaybooks, you can collaborate with FBA experts who can help you navigate the competitive terrain and sell successfully on Amazon.

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