Shawn Khorrami

Shawn Khorrami is the CEO of ePlaybooks. Shawn is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and managed more than a dozen businesses across an array of verticals and industries, from zero employees into substantial small and medium size businesses with eight and nine figures in revenues.
This includes personally managing all aspects of his businesses from operations, to marketing and sales, to finance, technology, and human resources. In the process, Shawn has managed thousands of team members acquiring and servicing tens of thousands of customers, large and small, from consumers to SMBs. 

Though he started his first company while he was still in high school, Shawn still attended college where he obtained degrees in mathematics, computers, economics, and has a law degree. In addition to extensive hands-on experience, Shawn also has received formal education in marketing, sales, and accounting, as well as leadership management and development.

Shawn is regularly featured in various news outlets, and as an invited guest on business shows and podcasts.

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