We’re serial entrepreneurs and experienced business consultants

We are a team of senior consultants who have actually walked in your shoes. Having founded our own companies, there are few situations that small and medium-size businesses face that we have not personally experienced -- good or bad. That allows us to approach your business from a unique and particularly relevant perspective. We love to help small and medium-sized businesses of all types to find growth opportunities and when we find them, we will not tell you what to do, we will help you get it done. And we are so confident in our ability to help you grow that if we agree to work together, we will take risk with you.

Vast experience

We have deep tech knowledge as well as a broad range of experience and knowledge regarding various business aspects not only having been formally trained but also having had significant hands-on experience because we have founded, managed, and grown multiple companies. Whether you are a business with a handful or 1,000 employees, providing services or products, or your customers are businesses, consumers, or even governmental agencies, our leadership has been there.
Workshops with senior advisorsWorkshops with Up Strategy Lab and senior advisors
Shannon Okubor

Shannon Okubor

Paul Jatau

Paul Jatau

Shawn Khorrami

Shawn Khorrami

Serial entrepreneur, having founded and managed more than a dozen companies involving products and services in a wide range of verticals. In the process, he has managed thousands of employees servicing tens of thousands of customers, large and small, from consumers to SMBs and even governmental entities. Has formal education and extensive hands-on experience in business operations, strategies and planning, marketing, sales, finance, legal, and human resources. Obtained diplomas in mathematics, economics, and computers, and earned a law degree

Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson

European serial entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder of Up Strategy Lab & MuchSkills. Sits on the board of numerous companies and is a B2B sales, marketing, strategy and partner program expert that has written a number of popular articles.

Our focus

We work to make you successful

We put the success of our partners and customers first and we constantly find new and better ways to help you.

We are growth-centric

Our focus is to help our customers grow their business in the best way possible using our joint wisdom, technology, tools, methodologies, and techniques.

Joint wisdom

Our strength lies in our joint experience and wisdom. When we work together with you, you will have access to an amazing set of knowledge and real-world experiences.

We have been in your seat

Our skillset and our experience make us uniquely qualified to help small and medium-sized businesses of all types. Aside from having the detailed knowledge of all technical aspects, we have been in your seat; we have faced similar successes and have faced the same pressures and challenges. Whether it’s creating growth, building infrastructure for that growth, or removing obstacles, blockers, and challenges, we have been there, have dealt with it, and have solutions for you. And we will work side by side with you all the way.

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