March 1, 2024

How to contact Amazon Seller Support

Some vendors find it difficult to get issues with their amazon seller account resolved. Learn all you need to know about contacting amazon seller support and resolving issues surrounding your amazon seller account.
How to contact Amazon Seller Support
Daniel Nilsson
How to contact Amazon Seller Support

Do you have issues with shipping some goods to the right customer address? Or perhaps you are trying to revoke your Amazon seller account suspension? 

The primary goal of any Amazon seller is to increase company sales and grow revenue with Amazon. But, having trouble with your seller account is no laughing matter. 

Thankfully, Amazon has set up a systematic approach that allows sellers to reach them when the need arises. 

Read on to know all about Amazon Seller Support and the various ways you can contact them. 

Common Amazon Seller account issues 

Sellers often encounter a range of issues that can impact their operations and overall success on the platform. Here are some common Amazon Seller account issues:

  1. Performance-related issues: Sellers typically must maintain certain performance standards to ensure a positive experience for customers. Metrics such as order defect rate, late shipment rate, and pre-fulfillment cancellation rate are closely monitored. Falling below these standards can lead to account suspension or restrictions.

  1. Amazon policy violations: Amazon has strict policies governing seller behavior. Violations, intentional or not, can result in warnings, account suspension, or even permanent closure. Common policy violations include selling restricted products, engaging in review manipulation, or violating intellectual property rights.

  1. Product listing issues: Some sellers may encounter problems with their product listings, including suppressed listings, inaccurate product information, or issues with the Buy Box. Optimizing product listings and adhering to Amazon's guidelines are crucial to be visible and competitive on the platform. 

  1. Shipping and fulfillment issues: Delays in shipping, lost or damaged packages, and issues with fulfillment services can result in negative customer feedback and impact seller performance.

  1. Account health notifications: Amazon provides account health notifications to alert sellers about potential issues. Ignoring these notifications or failing to address the underlying problems can lead to more severe consequences, such as account suspension.

What is Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon Seller Support is a dedicated team designed to help sellers handle and troubleshoot any queries or issues related to selling on Amazon. So how can Amazon Seller Support help you?

Amazon Seller Support can help you with:

  • Addressing issues related to your brand name as well as your product page titles and description. 
  • Adding a new product properly
  • Handling a missing Amazon FBA inventory 
  • Handling customer order problems
  • Recovering suspended Amazon Seller Central account 
  • Activating a suppressed or inactive product listing
  • Answering general questions about your Amazon Seller Central account

You can easily go to the help section on your Amazon Seller Central account and select from a drop-down menu, the category that most describes your issue. 

How to contact the Amazon Seller Support team

The basic way to contact the Seller Support team is using your Amazon Seller Central account. Here's a step-by-step guide to contacting the support team:

Step 1: Log into your Amazon Seller account 

Step 2: Click on the Contact Us section and choose from the two options with which your problem is associated. 

You will see these two options:

  • Selling on Amazon: This is for complaints and queries related to your product listing or selling on Amazon.
  • Advertising and Stores: this option is for complaints and queries related to your brand store and advertising on Amazon.  

Step 3: Once you select an option, you will be directed to a page that provides a list of common queries. You can select any of these questions and get answers. However, if your query isn't listed, you can use the search bar to type in your question and search for answers. 

Step 4: In a scenario where your question doesn't appear, click on “Other account issues” on the left pane. 

Step 5: Once done, select the language you want to communicate in on the right pane. 

Step 6: Below, you will see three tabs indicating three communication methods you can choose from. “Email, Phone and Chat”

If you click on the Email tab, you will be required to write your issue in a few lines and submit it. Typically, you will get a response within 24 hours.

If you click on the Phone tab, you can speak with an Amazon associate immediately. All you need to do is select your country and enter your contact number. 

Once done, an associate will contact you, usually within seconds.

Contacting Amazon Seller Support using emails

You can contact Amazon using various emails depending on your request. Here are a few emails for various categories: 

Amazon official emails 

Here are direct official emails depending on your issue:

Intellectual Property Rights

If you are concerned about protecting your intellectual property, you can contact the right team using these emails:

Copyright infringement issues 

Seller performance team emails 

Payment related issues

Product quality issues

Fake phone calls, emails, and websites 

Speak with the CEO

You can send an email directly to the CEO of Amazon - Jeff Bezos. You want to keep the email short and straight to the point. While the CEO may not respond, your complaint will be sent to the appropriate manager. 

How to communicate effectively with Amazon Seller Support

Before speaking with an Amazon Seller Support associate, it is important to keep the following things in mind to communicate effectively and get your complaints addressed as soon as possible.

  • Ensure you have your Amazon seller account details and billing information, as the representative may ask you for it. 
  • Point out each query and explain them one after the other so as not to confuse the representative 
  • If you are sending an email, be as direct and straight to point as possible 
  • Use proper grammar and well-structured sentences when writing your email
  • Avoid sending multiple queries at a go, as this can increase your waiting time. 
  • Write down all your queries and complaints to avoid forgetting them. Also, keep a jotter and a pen while you speak with the representative 
  • When speaking or writing to a representative, ensure you state the options you've tried employing to solve your problem. This is to avoid getting those options as answers. 
  • Amazon will reach out to you. So, ensure your phone number matches the one in your seller account and that your line is open to receive calls. 
  • Stay calm and collected while trying to find solutions. Maintain a professional and respectful tone in your communication. Remember that Seller Support representatives are there to assist you, and being courteous can go a long way in ensuring a positive resolution.
  • If you are not getting any help from the seller support team, you can speak with a higher-level support team or to the department directly involved with your issue

What to do if your Amazon Seller account gets suspended

Having your Amazon Seller account suspended can be a major risk to your income and your reputation. It can also be equally stressful to handle.

Amazon might withdraw your selling privileges for one of three reasons: poor selling performance, violation of Amazon’s policies, and selling products that are restricted

If you’ve had your account suspended, take a deep breath and go through the following tips to help you recover your account: 

  • Go through the suspension email carefully and confirm the charges 
  • Find the cause of the issue and prepare yourself for the possible outcome 
  • Acknowledge your faults and identify which department you will need to reach out to
  • Prepare an Amazon suspension appeal letter with a plan of action and the needed documentation. This should include steps to avoid similar issues from recurring 
  • Ensure your appeal letter is persuasive, apologetic, and sincere
  • Send a specific, well-structured email. Begin with an introduction, the impact of your mistake on Amazon, actions taken since your account got suspended, future actions, and a summary. Avoid writing wordy emails
  • Avoid blaming the buyer or Amazon. Instead, take full responsibility even if you are not directly at fault
  • Avoid sending follow-up emails as this could prolong a response
  • Wait for a response from Amazon. This could take between 4-5 weeks. However difficult, simply trust the process. 

Wrapping up 

Having issues with your seller account while selling on Amazon can be frustrating. However, contacting the Amazon Seller Support team can make the experience a lot easier to deal with. With the guide above, you should be able to get in touch with the Amazon seller support team and get those issues resolved as soon as possible.


What is Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon Seller Support is a team of Amazon experts who provide online resources and phone support to help Amazon Sellers succeed.

What services does Amazon Seller Support provide?

Amazon Seller Support provides a variety of services, including troubleshooting and problem solving, account management, and promotional support.

How can I contact Amazon Seller Support?

You can contact Amazon Seller Support by phone, email, or through the Seller Central Help Center.

How quickly can I expect a response from Amazon Seller Support?

Response times vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but you can expect responses within 1-2 business days.

Does Amazon Seller Support offer any educational resources?

Yes. Amazon Seller Support offers a range of educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, and best practices guides.

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