February 13, 2023

How to Get Amazon Choice and Amazon Best Seller Badges

Amazon Seller Central offers Amazon Best Seller, Amazon Top Rated, Amazon Best Selling, and Amazon Choice badges, which are meant to help sellers and their products to stand out among the crowd.
How to Get Amazon Choice and Amazon Best Seller Badges
Shawn Khorrami
How to Get Amazon Choice and Amazon Best Seller Badges

How to Get Amazon Choice and Amazon Best Seller Badges

Are you an Amazon seller trying to attract customers to your listing? Perhaps you’ve improved your product listing but don’t seem to be getting your expected sales. 

On the Amazon marketplace, you are likely to come across several badges next to a product listing. 

Amazon badges are special ribbons that can help your potential customers make a more informed decision. When your product listing carries an Amazon badge, customers are more likely to see your product as quality and trusted.  

With Amazon badges, you can attract the right customers and increase sales on Amazon

In this article, we are going to look at how to increase conversion rate on Amazon with two popular badges: Amazon's Choice and Amazon Best Seller. We will examine what these badges mean and how to get them on your product listing. 

What is the Amazon's Choice badge? 

Amazon's Choice is a highly-coveted badge that helps online shoppers spot high-quality and relevant product listings from desktop/mobile searches as well as Alexa searches. 

Amazon's Choice badges rely on keywords and search terms. More specifically, an Amazon's Choice badge indicates that the product falls as the best match for the keyword inputted by the customer. This means that the product has the majority of sales from the keyword used. 

Amazon’s Choice badge is well used for Echo purchases. However, it has since extended to other non-voice searches like mobile phones and desktops. 

You will find the Amazon's Choice badge on the top left corner of a product image on the search result pages. On the product listing page, you can find the badge below the product's title. 


How do you get the Amazon's Choice badge? 

So you know what the Amazon's Choice badge is. How do you get it? 

Amazon doesn't tell us exactly how to secure the Amazon's Choice badge. However, one sure way to get the badge is to increase your chances of getting it. Here are a few ways to get the Amazon's Choice badge: 

  1. Listing optimization: The first step to getting the Amazon's Choice badge is to have a well-optimized product listing. Amazon’s Choice badge is highly dependent on keywords. Start with researching the right keywords using tools like Ahrefs or Jungle Scout. Properly research keywords and group them into categories. Also, analyze the search volume and search intent of your keywords and ensure they are relevant to your product. Insert these keywords in your product title, product description, and bullet point section. Also, add some of these keywords to the backend of your Amazon Seller Central account. Next, ensure the bullet point section and product description are well written and provide relevant information. Don't forget your product image. High-quality product images will get shoppers clicking on your product. 

  1. Sell with Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA): Today, consumers want to get their products as quickly and smoothly as possible. Securing fast shipping times will not only ensure customer satisfaction but will also help you secure the Amazon's Choice badge. Using Amazon FBA for your order fulfillment is one way to ensure a smooth delivery experience. With this service, Amazon handles everything from picking, packing, shipping, and customer service. And because Amazon works to ensure customer satisfaction, you can be sure of a top-notch delivery experience. You also get more time to focus on other areas of your business.  Amazon FBA also gives you access to Amazon Prime members who are willing to pay more for faster shipping. 

  1. High product reviews and ratings: As an Amazon seller, reviews and ratings are essential to pulling in more sales. Most customers rely on the reviews and ratings of a product to make a buying decision. To get product reviews, you can use the Request a Review button on your Amazon Seller account and Amazon will send a product review request to your customer. You can also use package inserts or draft a customized follow-up email to encourage customers to drop a review on your page. Ensure you give your customers a memorable shopping experience to get high ratings and positive reviews. 

  1. Proper inventory management: To satisfy customer orders, you need to ensure your products are always in stock. Also, constantly running out of stock can make Amazon penalize you, reducing your product rankings and lowering your chances of securing the Amazon’s Choice badge. For proper inventory management, you can invest in inventory management software to help you track inventory levels. 

What is the Amazon Best Seller badge? 

There's no doubt that you've come across that orange icon placed on a product in search results. The Best Seller badge is the most popular ribbon on Amazon. The badge features the top 1000 products in a product category. 

The Amazon Best Seller badge relies on historical and current sales to award the Best Seller badges. This means that if you're making high-volume sales, there's a high chance of getting the badge. 

The Best Seller badge is refreshed every hour. This means you can get or lose the badge depending on your sales velocity. 

With some highly competitive product categories like Pet Supplies, it is more difficult to secure the Best Seller badge. On the other hand, it is much easier to secure the badge in product categories with less competition. 

The Amazon Best Seller badge pops on your listing at the top of customer search results. They may still show up even if customers search for unrelated keywords in a product category. 


How do you get the Amazon Best Seller badge? 

The Amazon Best Seller badge relies on sales and product ranking and can change every hour. Here are a few ways to secure the Amazon Best Seller badge: 

  1. Optimize your product listing: To increase your conversion rate and sales, you need to ensure your listing is at its best. Ensure you carry out proper keyword research and include relevant keywords in your product title and product content. Your product image should also be high-quality, showing various good angles of your product. Images should follow Amazon’s image guidelines

  1. Pick the right product category: If your buyers can’t find your product, they won’t be able to buy them. This means you won’t be able to get enough sales to get the Best Seller badge. Ensure your product is tagged under the right product category, so customers can find your product. You can check Amazon’s Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to ensure your product is listed under the right category and sub-category.

  1. Run promotional campaigns: As we already established, the Best Seller badge is all about sales and product ranking. One of the most direct ways to secure a Best Seller badge is to run promotional campaigns. You can run lightning deals, promo codes, PPC campaigns, or giveaways to increase sales velocity. 

  1. Offer competitive prices: Customers want to get high-quality products at the cheapest price. To attract customers and increase sales on Amazon, it is important to offer a competitive price. Monitor your competition and come up with a good pricing strategy to increase your sales and your chances of winning the Amazon Best Seller badge. Keep your Amazon profit margin in mind and ensure your business stays profitable while setting your prices. 

Amazon's Choice vs Amazon Best Seller: What's the difference? 

Amazon's Choice badge and Amazon Best Seller are often interchanged to mean the same. However, there is a clear distinction between both badges. 

The Amazon's Choice badge is based on the product that best matches a target keyword within a product category. On the other hand, the Amazon Best Seller badge is given based on the product that sweeps in the most sales over a period of time within a product category. So we can say that the Amazon's Choice badge is primarily hinged on SEO while the Best Seller badge focuses on sales velocity. The Amazon Best Seller badge is updated hourly and fluctuates while the Amazon's Choice badge lasts longer than the Best Seller badge but can be a little harder to get. 

Other Amazon badges to know

Here are a few other badges created to improve customer experience and give your product an edge over the competition.

New Release Badge 

The New Release Badge, much like the Best Seller badge, relies on sales volume and velocity. However, the New Release badge appears on new product listings and aims to drive sales and increase performance for new listings. 

Just like the Best Seller badge, do get the New Release badge, you need to ensure your product listing is well-optimized and sell more units of your product within your category. You can take advantage of PPC advertising to increase visibility and sales on Amazon. 


Limited Time Deal badge 

The Limited Time Deal badge is an effective way to create some urgency around your product and prompt buyers to make a purchase. The badge helps drive visibility to your product and appears under a promotional offer. Unlike other badges, getting the Limited Time Deal badge is free. All you need to do is create a deal from your Amazon Seller account. To be eligible for a deal, the profit should be Prime-eligible, have more than a 3-star rating, and should be in good condition. 



To help customers make more informed decisions, Amazon has created different badges including Amazon's Choice and Amazon Best Seller. These badges make your product more visible and trustworthy in the eyes of customers. 

Getting the badges may not come easily but is definitely worth it. 

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