February 27, 2022

How to increase sales on Amazon:11 Pro tips for 2022 and beyond

Learn all you need to know about increasing your sales on amazon
How to increase sales on Amazon:11 Pro tips for 2022 and beyond
How to increase sales on Amazon:11 Pro tips for 2022 and beyond

Selling on Amazon has become more ruthless as the competition gets fiercer by the day. 

The platform's increasing popularity and loyal customer base give sellers the opportunity to increase conversion rate on Amazon, ultimately increasing sales and revenue. 

As 2022 unfolds, tons of sellers are looking for how to increase sales on Amazon. If you are an Amazon seller - new or experienced, trying to boost sales and grow revenue with Amazon, read on to get pro tips that will help you boost your sales quickly and even get your product to become a best seller on Amazon in 2022 and beyond. 

Here's our list of eleven pro tips to increase sales on Amazon in 2022 and beyond: 

  1. Perform Amazon keyword research 
  2. Optimize your product title 
  3. Use high-quality product images 
  4. Get more product reviews 
  5. Get your product prices right 
  6. Win the Amazon Buy Box
  7. Run Amazon PPC campaigns 
  8. Leverage multichannel marketing 
  9. Manage your inventory 
  10. Build your brand using Amazon branding tools
  11. Play by Amazon’s rules and policies 

Perform Amazon keyword research 

Every day, tons of online shoppers are putting in keywords, in search of different types of products on Amazon. In fact, Amazon has become a top search engine for buyers to find products. 

With thousands of customers searching for products on Amazon, the search terms used continue to change. To stay ahead of the curve and increase sales on Amazon, your keyword research must be up to date. This is where most sellers miss it. 

No matter how well you are performing, there will always be more keywords to search and rank for. Your keyword research must be a progressive activity. Find as many variations of your keywords. Include long-tail keywords as they are also vital to driving traffic to your product listings. 

You can use keyword tools like Jungle Scout to find high-performing and long-tail keywords. Once done, infuse these keywords into your product listing to attract customers, improve search rankings and boost sales. 

Optimize your product title 

Most customers won't read past the headline of a piece of content. If a customer gets hooked on the headline, they are more likely to read the rest of the content. We can take note of this when writing product titles. 

Follow the general rule of including your brand name, product name, and features (this could be the color, size, gender, etc of the product). Doing this helps you include the most relevant keywords and tell customers exactly what your product is all about. 

Use high-quality product images 

Product images play a major part in driving traffic to your product listing and increasing conversion rates. Customers are more likely to click on a listing with high-quality images than one with poor images. 

Your product images should grab your customer’s attention and get them to purchase your product. 

Poor quality images can create doubts about your product and kill conversions. Don't be afraid to invest in taking high-quality product images. Here are a few tips to creating attention-grabbing product images: 

  • Take a shot from multiple angles of the product 
  • Use a neutral or white background This prevents color contrasts that could distract customers from the product itself. 
  • Take shots of your product in lifestyle situations to communicate the benefit of using your product
  • Use as much natural light for a proper lighting balance

Get more product reviews

You will most likely purchase a product that comes with positive product reviews. Most customers will go through product reviews before purchasing a product. 

Product reviews are an essential part of marketing. They help address customer objections and can increase sales. Getting product reviews may not exactly be a walk in the park. However, you can take steps to ensure you get positive reviews from your customers. 

You can make use of the ‘Request a Review’ button on Amazon, which automatically notifies customers to drop a review after making a purchase. 

You can also use product inserts which you can add to your packaging to encourage customers to drop a review. Your email lists or social media accounts can also be used to encourage customers to leave a review after making a purchase. 

Get your product prices right

Your product pricing contributes largely to your customers’ buying decisions. Every customer wants to get the best possible deal and if a customer is comparing the same product from multiple sellers, pricing can become a major determining factor. Customers are more likely to tilt towards the lower-priced item. 

Keep in mind that your product prices shouldn't fall on these two extremes - Setting your prices too high or too low. Setting your prices too high could cost you sales. Setting them too low could affect your profit margin. 

Investing in a repricer tool like BQool will help you adjust pricing and stay ahead of the competition. 

Win the Amazon Buy Box

Winning the Amazon Buy Box can make a massive difference in your sales. The Buy Box is located at the right of your product page, below the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. 

The seller who wins the Buy Box gets orders from customers that click on this button. Other sellers will then fall under the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section. 

Interestingly around 80% of sales on Amazon come through the Buy Box. 

So how do you win the Buy Box? While there are no clear cut steps to winning the Buy Box, you can set the conditions to improve your chances. Here are some factors that Amazon considers when choosing the Buy Box winner: 

  • Lower prices including shipping
  • Consistency in the pricing of your product
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) products
  • Good account health
  • Number of products you have in stock 

Run Amazon PPC campaigns 

Running PPC campaigns is one effective way to increase sales on Amazon. By putting money to push your product up search results, you can increase brand visibility, customer clicks, and sales. 

However, it is not enough to throw money into your PPC campaigns and hope for the best. You should continuously optimize your PPC campaigns to improve results. 

To optimize your campaigns, you could throw in a larger budget into profitable search terms.

Pay close attention to your Advertising cost of sales (ACOS). As you advertise more efficiently, you can lower your ad spend and get better results for your money. 

Leverage multi-channel marketing 

You can leverage multiple channels to sell your product. This gives you the opportunity to meet potential customers at various touchpoints like your social media channel, email, and website. Amazon limits communication between the seller and buyer, so you don't want to limit yourself to Amazon alone. 

You can build your own list of clients using various marketing platforms. You can post blogs or share content on social media. You can also use emails to build a personal relationship with your customers and share the latest deals in your business. To entice customers, you can promote free shipping or attach a coupon. 

Manage your inventory 

Managing your inventory effectively can help you minimize costs and improve your profit margins. When it comes to managing your inventory, you don't want to hold on to too little or too much inventory. 

Too little inventory could cause you to lose out on sales. On the other hand, too much inventory can lead to paying extra storage fees. You could also get penalized by Amazon for low inventory performance. 

To maintain a balance of demand and supply, you can invest in inventory management software and tools like SoStocked and Sellbrite.

Build your brand using Amazon branding tools 

Amazon offers branding tools that help sellers build their brand, improve a customer's shopping experience and increase conversion rate on Amazon. 

The Amazon Brand Registry program protects your products and brand while giving you access to various branding tools. Once you enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you get access to Amazon A+ content. This feature allows you to showcase more products, tell your brand story and provide more information about your product. This ultimately builds trust and increases sales. 

With the Amazon Brand Registry, you also get access to other tools like Amazon Storefront, Amazon Attribution, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Brand Dashboard. 

Play by Amazon’s rules and policies 

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to play by Amazon’s rules and policies. Being on the wrong side of the law can get your listing suppressed or even have your Amazon account shut down. 

Avoid internet sources that claim to have the “latest cheats” to bypass Amazon's algorithm and increase sales. Familiarize yourself with Amazon's rules and policies and abide by them to maintain your account's health. 


With more shoppers trooping into Amazon, you can sell to more customers and increase sales. Thankfully, there are various ways to drive more sales for your product. From winning the Buy Box to running PPC campaigns, optimizing your product title, getting positive product reviews, and so on. 

Note that our list of pro tips listed above is not exhaustive. There are other opportunities available to increase sales on Amazon. 

You can also get personalized and professional consultation from ecommerce experts on ePlaybooks.

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