January 24, 2023

What is Amazon Best Sellers Ranking? All you Need to Know

Amazon Best Sellers Ranking is explained in a simple guide. Everything you need to know about the Amazon Best Seller Ranking.
What is Amazon Best Sellers Ranking? All you Need to Know
Shawn Khorrami
What is Amazon Best Sellers Ranking? All you Need to Know

What is Amazon Best Sellers Ranking? All you Need to Know

With millions of products selling on Amazon, you may have noticed that some products have been awarded a unique Amazon ranking called the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR). 

You will find this in the product description section of a product page on Amazon.

The Best Sellers Rank indicates how well a product is selling in a product category. But what exactly does the Amazon Best Sellers Rank mean? How does this influence your Amazon business? Read on as we uncover all you need to know about the Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank) and how it can influence your Amazon FBA business. 

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)? 

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank, also known as Amazon Sales Rank is the number awarded to a product with a product category once at least one sale is made. Contrary to what some Amazon sellers think, the good news is that you don't need to sell many products to obtain an Amazon Best Sellers ranking. You only need at least one sale to get an Amazon BSR. 

The Amazon Best Seller ranking shows how well a product is selling on the Amazon marketplace. The lower the Amazon ranking, the better the sales of the product. For example, if a product ranked #4 in the Sports and Outdoor category it outperforms one ranked #200 in terms of sales in the same category. 

However, this ranking doesn't mean the product is an overall best seller compared to similar products on Amazon. 

Also, products listed in multiple product categories may have more than one Amazon BSR. 

It is important to note that the Amazon Sales Rank chart fluctuates every hour. What this means is that a product with a #1 rank may just be #4 in 60 minutes. 

Overall, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a useful metric for research. With this metric, you can evaluate the demand for a product and choose the best product to sell on Amazon.  

How to calculate Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Well, this is one of Amazon's top secrets. Amazon doesn't reveal how the BSR is calculated. However, there are a few factors that contribute to its calculation:

  • Current and historic sales 
  • Price changes and promotions
  • Competitive products 

One of the biggest factors influencing the Amazon Best Sellers rank is historic sales. 

Let's say you sold 20 units of a product in one hour and your competitor sold 10 units, you will get a lower BSR. Remember, the lower the ranking, the higher the sales. 

If in one hour, your competitor happens to sell 10 units and you sell just 5 units, Amazon will consider your historical sales. This means you will still retain a lower BSR. In other words, changes are not very drastic. 

What does a good Amazon BSR look like?

With multiple products and product categories on Amazon, this can be tricky. While #1500 may be considered good in some product categories, this can be a disaster in other product categories. 

However, in general, a good Amazon BSR should fall below #2000. 

Several tools can help you keep track of your BSR. Tools like JungleScout and AMZ Insight can give you an insight into how your product and that of your competitors are performing. 

Difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Rank


As a new Amazon seller, you may be wondering, what is the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic ranking on Amazon? 

In simple terms, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is ranked based on sales while organic ranking shows how well a product ranks when searching for a specific keyword. 

This means that because your product ranks well on the Amazon Sales rank chart doesn't mean your product will perform well for certain keywords. 

To get a good organic ranking, you need to infuse relevant keywords in your product listing. On the other hand, to get a good BSR, sales are a major factor. 

In other words, both have two different functions. However, they are both intertwined and critical to increasing visibility and sales. A well-optimized product listing will increase organic rankings, ultimately increasing sales which impacts your Amazon BSR. 

How can sellers use Amazon Best Sellers Rank? 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank shows how well a product is selling in a particular category. But how can sellers use this to their advantage? Here are a few ways an Amazon seller can use the Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank helps with product research 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank can be very useful in uncovering some of the best products you can sell on Amazon. As a new seller, there are thousands of products you can potentially sell. However, finding the right product is critical to success on Amazon. The BSR can help you create a list of some of the best products you can sell. When doing your research, you want to look out for products with a ranking of around 2000 or less. 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank helps with estimating sales 

One of the most potent ways to use the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is to estimate sales. With your BSR, you can predict how often a product sells on Amazon. For example, if your BSR is #1500, from our calculations, it means you had an estimated 700 sales in a month. With your BSR, you can track your sales and those of your competitors to know how many products you need to sell to improve your rank. 

However, estimating sales may not necessarily mean you will be getting the same BSR every month. If you're doing product research, historical sales will also play a huge part in deciding what product you want to sell. 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank helps with competitor research 

To succeed on the Amazon marketplace, you need to keep your eyes on the competition. Well, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank helps you do just that. You can look at your competitor’s BSR and compare it with yours. If your competitors have better BSRs than yours, you can optimize your product listing to improve your sales and ultimately improve your Amazon BSR. 

How to improve your Amazon Best Sellers Ranking 

Continuous Improvement

A good Amazon BSR will get your product on the Bestseller List and increase your visibility. But how can you improve your Amazon BSR? In simple terms, you need to increase your sales and outsell your competitors. 

So here's how you can improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 

Optimize your Amazon listing 

As we mentioned earlier, getting a good BSR starts with sales. However, to increase sales, you need to get your product listing seen by potential customers. 

To do this, it is critical to optimize your Amazon product listing using the right keywords and content. First, you need to research keywords relevant to your product using keyword tools like Ahrefs

Once you create a list of relevant keywords, you need to infuse them into your product listing. Infuse them in your product title, bullet point section, and product description. Don't forget to craft a compelling copy that sells your product at a glance. Include relevant information to help potential buyers make an informed decision. 

Get good product reviews 

One of the most effective ways to boost sales is through good customer reviews. 

Most online shoppers will make a buying decision based on reviews from previous customers. There are various ways to encourage your customers to drop a review. You can use the Request a Review button on Amazon or use packaging inserts. 

However, nothing beats selling a good product. If customers are not satisfied with your product, you won't be getting any good reviews. Sell great products and create a memorable shopping experience. 

Price your products competitively 

Your pricing is a critical part of your sales strategy. If you price your products too high or too low, you could lose out on sales. You want to adjust your pricing strategy to fit your product category. Ultimately, this will help you sell more products and improve your BSR. 

Stand out high-quality images and videos

Your customer won't be seeing your products physically, so your product image is what can help you sell your products. So why slack on it? Invest in high-quality product images and videos to highlight the features and benefits of your product. Product videos help your customers come closest to experiencing your product. 

With high-quality images and videos, you can stand out from the competition, increase conversion rates and sales, and ultimately improve Amazon BSR. 

Use Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program that transfers the responsibility of order fulfillment and customer service to Amazon. While you focus on other areas of business, Amazon handles everything from storing your products to shipping and customer service. All you need to do is get your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. 

In addition to these benefits, Amazon FBA also grants you access to sell to Amazon Prime members. 

Buyers trust Amazon and are willing to pay more for quick delivery. This gives you the opportunity to increase sales and improve your Amazon BSR. 

In summary

The Amazon Best Seller Rank is a useful metric that can help you gain valuable information to your advantage. Keeping track of your Amazon BSR can help you estimate sales and ensure a consistent flow of revenue. 

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