Looking For A Marketing Agency For Your Amazon Store?

Look no further because ePlaybooks has the best game plan to get you to the finish line! And much of this is through our strategy and expertise in Amazon Store management and a strong grasp of best marketing practices. Our team will help you discover, test, plan, and execute on proven marketing strategies and unlock opportunities throughout our Amazon Sales Channel Exploration.

We also can review your current marketing processes and provide recommendations and plans that maximize your sales while optimizing your marketing dollars to achieve the best margins.

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We are small and medium-size business experts. These are a few of the organizations we have helped:

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How we can help you

We have significant hands-on experience and have founded, managed, and grown multiple companies. Below are some example programs to help you boost revenue.
online commerce

Online commerce

Our team has helped over 25,000 stores boost their revenue with better tech, efficient processes, smarter check out and much more.


Are you planning to enter new markets, introduce new products or new solutions? We will help you design and execute an efficient go to market strategy.

Launch on Amazon - Sales channel exploration

If you have a strong brand, it could be highly profitable to explore Amazon as a sales channel. Our team will help you test, explore, and execute on this opportunity.
Marketing efficiency

Marketing efficiency

We review your current marketing processes and results with the objective of finding opportunities for improvement and increased efficiency. We help you create a plan, execute it to get the results you want.
Create the experience customers want

Create the experience customers want

Optimized purchase journeys are the key to increasing sales. We help you map the journey and design tools to improve your closing rate.
Channel partner program creation

Channel partner program creation

We are one of the top experts in the world when it comes to creating channel partner programs.

Senior advisors to help you increase revenue

Wisdom, experience and grey hairs combined with action
Our team has founded and grown companies within IT-security, legal advice, medtech, media, SaaS, e-commerce, recruitment, skills management and much more. 
Workshops with senior advisorsWorkshops with Up Strategy Lab and senior advisors

We share the risk with you

Qualify for our growth program

We are so confident in our ability to grow your revenues that if you meet our qualifications, we will take the risk with you, investing our time and effort, and getting paid when we actually produce results. This reduces your upfront cost and risk, and at the same time, helps you add senior experts at a fraction of what it normally costs.
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Get a free Amazon report for your products

If you're not already selling your products on Amazon, let us generate a free report of exactly how much revenue you're missing. If you are on Amazon, let us show you what we can do for you to turbo-charge your sales.
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Outsell Your Competition With Our Marketing Strategies

You need to outsell the competition, that’s a fact. But how do you get there? Our marketing strategies take form in a few top categories with:

Marketing Plans To Scale

This means that we work to identify your customer, change any imaging around previous campaigns, and ultimately, see what resonates with the customer. This eliminates any unnecessary market spend by competing in the right vertices. As a result, this process becomes a full 360 sales channel in which all of our attention will be put into building a storefront around the customer’s needs.

Eliminating Inventory Issues

We also guide you through the headache that is inventory management! This means that our approach will work within an entity (ex: wholesalers) and outside an entity (ex: FBA, clearance inventory, close out sales, product launches) to figure out any withstanding warehousing and/or logistic issues.

Enterprise Expansion

Whether you’re a small seller just starting out, or you’re a mid-tier seller looking to offer more, we have the expansion expertise to help you get there! For example, we help on the logistics side to figure out best ways to service your Amazon Store while still managing your existing business. You can spend the time focusing on other business objectives while we guide you through the Amazon Store management process.

Optimization Of Product Pages And Store

We provide you with updates and upgrades of product pages and on your storefront as well. This means that you will have more time to focus on inventory and increasing your offerings in other ways. You will not be bogged down by these updates that we handle on our end.

Amazon Posts To Create And Expand Brand Awareness And Sales

We offer help with: bundling, varieties, upsells, cross-sells, specials, sales, coupons, prime days, and any other postings that may come up. With an increase in brand awareness (through the options just listed) you are able to better identify your customer and what truly resonates with them. This is a better alternative than going blindly into the process. We help you fine tune your communication process and channels to reach and connect with your intended audience.

Expanding Market Opportunities

We work on creating and establishing market share by placing products head-to-head with various types of competing products and sellers. You’ll see that through this approach we actually work to expand your market opportunities via comparison methods. This means that we believe in the power of competition, and contrary to common thought, we use it to your advantage!

Does It Matter If You Are A Startup Or An Enterprise?

Not at all! We help clients of all sizes and experience levels. In fact, as lifelong entrepreneurs our team is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of expertise. Our senior advisors have a combination of experience, wisdom, and a few gray hairs to boot!

We have founded and grown companies within IT-security, legal advice, medtech, media, SaaS, e-commerce, recruitment, skills management, and much more.

Marketing For Startups

If you’re a startup, you already have a lot on your plate. Let us help you figure out areas of expansion and improvement by:

Conducting Product Research And Test Marketing

We work on your brand registration and management, including trademarks and patents, with Amazon. This includes the issues that we discuss with contracts that you have in place and those that you are negotiating.

Building Out And Launching Your Amazon Store

We work by creating, implementing, adjusting, and reporting on any and all marketing campaigns. In fact, we can get traction with marketing campaigns with as little as $100 a week or less. Our marketing campaigns are custom designed to operate like a scalpel – expertly cutting out the competition – by expanding the product market, and creating entirely new markets.

Marketing For Enterprises

As an enterprise, you’re looking for maximum growth potential. We understand that it is important to continue to reach your customers in unique ways. This is why we work by:

Obtaining And Increasing Followers For The Brand And Storefront

At this stage of the game you have a following, but you could always do with more! This is where we come in and work on your brand and storefront in unison. Our approach is to evaluate your marketing plans/objectives and then streamline efforts to save you money and time in the long run.

You will see that with a focus on your brand and products, you can actually make a bigger impact rather than just focusing solely on your storefront.

Why Choose ePlaybooks As Your Amazon Marketing Agency?

Not only does our approach take a personalized, tailored approach, but our experienced business consultants also understand what your business is facing. We put the human back in the marketing process as we work to understand your customers and you as well. We do this because we have walked in your shoes and know how it feels to experience the good and the bad of running a company (no matter the size).

So whether you’re a business with a handful of employees or 1,000 employees, are providing services or products, or if your customers range from other businesses to consumers to even government agencies – we’ve been there!

We feel so strongly about our approach and willingness to help other businesses thrive, that we have also created a Free Playbook to help small businesses turbo-charge their efforts in tough economic times.

Download this guide for the steps and tools to enable leaders to better anticipate and respond to the next disruption. We made this playbook because we believe that it is possible to transform challenges into growth opportunities.