January 24, 2023

How to Boost your Business with Amazon Seller Central Reports 

Understanding business data helps business owners make informed business decisions. Amazon seller central reports allow you access to insights such as overall traffic, conversion rate, best and low performing products, etc. Learn in this article how to use this information to make informed decisions to boost your business.
How to Boost your Business with Amazon Seller Central Reports 
How to Boost your Business with Amazon Seller Central Reports 

Analyzing existing reports and data can help business owners make more informed decisions and can turn the business in the right direction.

To succeed in selling on Amazon, it is important to take advantage of reliable information from Amazon Seller Central reports to monitor your progress and ultimately increase sales on Amazon. These reports give you an overview of your traffic, conversion rate, customer base growth, profit dynamics, and much more. 

Furthermore, reports from your Amazon Seller account help you monitor the health of your account which ultimately influences your ranking on search results. 

In this article, we will look at what Amazon Seller Central reports are, the different types of reports as well as how you can use these reports to increase company sales and grow revenue with Amazon. 

What is Amazon Seller Central Report? 

What is Amazon Seller Central Report? 

Amazon Seller Central Reports are valuable insights and data that help you monitor your business performance. They are usually represented in tables, graphs, and charts. 

With these insights, you can analyze your marketing and advertising strategies, order fulfillment process, payment history, and sales indicators. 

Why is this data important? Many business owners may get overwhelmed with the volume of data available on the platform and as a result disregard it altogether. However, these reports can help you make strategic business decisions that will influence your overall business output.


Bear in mind that these reports are only available on the Professional Selling Plan and not on the Individual Selling Plan.


Once you open your Amazon Seller account on the Professional Selling plan, you can access your dashboard and see various reports by clicking on the “Reports Tab”. 

What are the types of Amazon Seller Central Reports? 

There are several types of Amazon Seller Central reports when you click on the “Reports Tab”. 

We will only look at a few of them: 

  1. Business reports 
  2. Advertising reports 
  3. Fulfillment reports 
  4. Returns reports 
  5. Payment reports 
  6. Amazon Selling Coach 

Let’s look at each of these reports in some detail. 

Business reports 

If you want to get valuable data on your traffic, sales, and performance, the business reports give you this information. They are structured by ASIN and Date categories. 

  • By ASIN - This shows detail page sales and traffic, detail page sales and traffic by parent item, detail page sales, and traffic by child item and brand performance. 
  • By Date - This shows sales and traffic, detail page sales and traffic, and Seller performance.

There is also a monthly report that shows sales and orders. 

Here’s some of the most important data you need to keep your eyes on when analyzing your business reports: 


  • Units ordered: This shows you the units of products your customers ordered. With this data, you can see which products are generating volume. 
  • Page views: This report shows you the number of visits to your store within a period. If a shopper looks at three different pages in your store, it counts as three page views. If you have low page views, it could be a pointer that your product listing is poorly optimized. You might want to adjust your keywords and product listings. 
  • Total sales: This shows you the ordered product sales and gross product sales. 
  • Sessions: This tells you how many times a shopper visits your store within a period. A session is calculated when a customer purchases items in your store during a visit. If your customer comes back to shop again, this will be counted as the second session. If your sessions are low, you might want to check your keywords and review your listings to increase the conversion rate. 
  • Conversion rate: This reveals the percentage of online shoppers that added your product to their cart. A healthy conversion rate on Amazon should be between 5% to 10%. A 10% and above conversion rate shows that your product listing is properly optimized. A conversion rate of below 5% means you need to review and optimize your product listing. 
  • Buy Box percentage: This tells you how frequently your products show in the Amazon Buy Box. If you are the only seller on the listing, the Buy Box percentage should be 100% theoretically. However, a low Buy Box percentage may show that the listing has too many sellers or your product may be priced too high.

Advertising reports 

For advertising reports, there are various sub-reports like Search term reports, targeting reports, Advertised product reports, Placement reports, Campaign reports, amongst others.

Let's look at a few of the most important reports that can help you analyze and optimize your PPC campaigns.

  • Search term reports: This shows you keywords shoppers use to search your product and that of your competitors. You can discover which keywords drive the most conversion and optimize your PPC campaigns accordingly. 
  • Targeting reports and keyword reports: Targeting reports show your specific ASINs, keywords, and categories. It helps monitor the performance of your targets, identify any duplicate keywords and optimize your bids. Keywords that have lots of clicks and impressions but no conversion may indicate that you need to optimize your listing to increase conversion. 
  • Advanced product report: This shows you detailed sales and performance metrics for advertised ASINs. It shows you which of the ASINs are getting high or low impressions. 
  • Placement report: This shows you your ad performance based on location. This depends on your bid. Your ad could appear top of search results, middle or bottom. It could also appear on a competitor product detail page. 

Fulfillment reports 

Fulfillment reports produce extensive sub-reports covering six major areas: inventory, sales, payment, customer concessions, removals, and Amazon Global logistics.


These reports help you understand your FBA inventory and how your Amazon FBA business is performing. 

Returns reports 

This report shows you how many returns you have received within a period. It also shows you how frequently these returns happen and why customers return your product. 

You can analyze your order ID, ASIN, merchant SKU, quantity, returned date, disposition, and other metrics. 

With this analysis, you can know why customers make returns and make adjustments to reduce the number of returns. 

Payment reports 

You can monitor payment activities using payment reports. It gives you a breakdown of transactions including refunds and Amazon charges. The payment dashboard shows you sub-reports like statement view, transaction view, disbursements, data range reports, and others.

Amazon Selling Coach 

You can get some personalized recommendations on how you can increase company sales and grow revenue with Amazon looking at areas like pricing options, fulfillment, products, inventory, and advertising. On the dashboard, you will see reports like; search recommendations, preferences, selling coach reports, refined opportunities, etc. 

5 ways to boost your business with Amazon Seller Central reports 

5 ways to boost your business with Amazon Seller Central reports 

So what do you do with Amazon Seller Central reports? Here are five ways you can use Amazon Seller Central reports to boost your business, increase company sales and revenue. 

Find the best products

You can use reports to find out which products can bring in profitable sales. You will want to check which products bring in high conversion rates so you can optimize your PPC campaign.  You can make use of your business reports to identify various metrics that point towards the best products that bring in sales. 

Find products that are not converting 

Using Amazon Seller Central reports, you can figure out which products are not converting. These products could have lots of views but fewer sales.

You can use “By ASINs” in your business report to check which product has a low limit session percentage but high sessions. A low limit session percentage means your product pages are poor. This could mean that you need to improve your product listing information to improve conversion rates. 

Improve customer service and sales

You can monitor your customer service and sales by using “By Date” business reports. This way, you get an insight into the sales and traffic of your business. 

Seller performance also gives you an insight into your customer service. It shows you refund rates, customer feedback, claims, and much more. This will help you take action to improve your performance and boost sales. 

Carry out keyword research 

Using reports, you can find search for items that are trending on Amazon, make product comparisons against competitors and identify customers who are making repeated purchases from your brand. 

You can use reports like Amazon Brand Analytics to find these search terms. Although this is only available to those registered under the Amazon Brand Registry, it gives useful information that can help you identify the right keywords for better results. 

Improve your products 

By using comparison reports, you can find competing products and look for ways to make yours stand out. A comparison report shows you customers who looked at your product and that of your competitors and then went ahead to purchase a product from your competitors. 

With this report, you can check out the competitor page and identify strategies that can help you outperform and gain an edge over them. 


Many Amazon Seller Central reports provide different insights for different areas of your Amazon business. With the right reports, you can make significant improvements and gain visibility, increase company sales and grow revenue with Amazon in the long run. 

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