March 21, 2023

Best Seller Guide to Target Plus Marketplace in 2023

Selling on the Target Plus Marketplace can bring your business to the next level of success! This guide will provide you with the best strategies and tips for success in
Best Seller Guide to Target Plus Marketplace in 2023
Paul Jatau
Best Seller Guide to Target Plus Marketplace in 2023

Did you know that there are nearly 2000 Target retail stores in the United States? 

Target is a retail giant that has since expanded to the ecommerce space in 2019.

Today, third-party retailers and business owners can sell on the Target Marketplace. As a Target Plus seller, you get to sell some of the best products alongside trusted brands through the Target Plus platform. 

However, unlike other online marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon, the Target marketplace is an exclusive invite-only platform. 

Perhaps you want to start selling on the Target Plus marketplace. How do you get invited to sell on Target Plus? 

In this guide, we will look at all you need to know about how to sell on the Target marketplace. 

What is the Target Plus Marketplace? 

The Target Plus marketplace is an invite-only ecommerce platform that serves third-party retailers. 

Launched in February 2019, Target Plus aims to provide customers with access to a wide range of curated products like food, household essentials, furniture, etc. 

As we mentioned earlier, Target Plus is an invitation-only platform. This means that to sell on the Target marketplace, you have to get an invitation. 

Today, Target Plus has more than 100 partner Target sellers including reputable brands like Serenity Health & Home Decor, Mizuno USA, and Music 123. Target also plans to increase their partners as they broaden their product categories. 

Who can sell on the Target Plus Marketplace? 

To maintain high-quality product offerings and reduce fake merchandise on the platform, Target Plus carefully selects brands and retailers to partner with. 

Target aims to partner with a limited number of brands and retailers per category. Also, the platform doesn't allow multiple sellers to list the same UPC. 

You may be wondering - so how do I get invited to sell on the Target marketplace? 

Well, you can position yourself to increase your eligibility.

Here are the requirements Target sellers must meet to sell on the platform: 

  • Sellers must have their business and bank account in the United States
  • Target sellers must price their products on the Target marketplace at parity with other sales channels.
  • All orders should be shipped within 24 hours and the transit time should be no longer than five days. 
  • All products to be listed on Target must have Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) or Universal Product Codes (UPCs)
  • Shipping is only supported in the United States. Cross-border trade services are not supported.

Sellers must also meet the following image requirements while selling on the Target marketplace: 

  • Only images in JPGS are accepted. Also, images must be RGB.
  • Minimum image dimensions are 1200x1200px while maximum image dimensions are 2400x2400px
  • Images must not include graphic content, watermarks, or promotional language.
  • Placeholder or filler images are not permitted
  • Your hero image should be a product outline and should be shot on a white background 
  • Your product images should capture a good view of the product and highlight major features

What are the benefits of selling on Target Plus? 

Target is one of the biggest retail brands in the United States. With a wide range of high-quality products and a convenient way for consumers to shop, Target sellers can broaden their customer reach and increase sales on Target Plus. 

Here are a few benefits of being invited to sell on the Target Plus marketplace. 

Low competition 

Target Plus is an invite-only platform which ultimately limits the amount of competition on the platform. 

This means that sellers can easily climb up the ladders and increase sales. 

Also, since sellers can't sell products with the same UPC. This increases the chances of consumers picking your product. 

High-quality products 

Target carefully selects high-quality products from selected brands. With this exclusivity, Target also avoids the sale of duplicate products. As a Target seller, you can be sure there are no fake or low-quality versions of your product. 

Good brand reputation 

Being one of the largest retail stores in the United States, Target is a household name that holds a measure of trust among consumers. 

With this brand reputation, you have access to Target's loyal customers and can easily expand your reach and increase sales. 

Attractive benefits for sellers and buyers 

As a Target seller, you can build and customize your storefront. While Target requires that you ship your orders, they handle the returns for your business. Also, you don't have to pay fulfillment fees or any hidden charges. 

Buyers who shop on Target Plus get free shipping on most products. Buyers can also apply for a RedCard and get 5% off all items. 

What are the downsides of selling on Target Plus? 

Target Plus is an exclusive platform and may not be for everyone - especially newbies. Here are some downsides of selling on Target Plus: 


Perhaps one of the major drawbacks of the Target Plus marketplace is that it is an invite-only platform. With the high barrier to entry, the platform is not accessible to new or growing businesses. You can not sell on the platform unless you are selected by Target. 

No fulfillment network 

Unlike marketplaces like Amazon, Target doesn't have its own fulfillment network. This means you have to handle the shipping. Sellers will often have to use third-party logistics to fulfill orders. 

In addition, orders need to be shipped within 24 hours of being received. 

How do you sell on the Target Plus Marketplace? 


Target doesn't have any application process or waiting lists. You will have to be invited by Target to sell on the platform. 

However, you position yourself to become attractive to Target. 

Let's look at a few ways you can increase your chances of being invited to sell on the Target marketplace: 

  1. Establish a good reputation on other online marketplaces 
  2. Improve your brand exposure
  3. Choose the best products 
  4. Improve your fulfillment network 

Establish a good reputation on other online marketplaces 

As you already know, Target looks out for well-established businesses and brands. To stand out, you need to establish a good reputation on other online marketplaces. 

To earn a good reputation, start by ensuring your store is well-optimized using the best SEO practices and online marketing strategies. Offer high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Also, ensure you offer fast shipping and great customer service to gain positive reviews and increase customer retention. 

The better you perform on other online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, the higher your chances of being invited to sell on the Target Plus marketplace. 

Improve your brand exposure 

Target is more likely to partner with businesses and brands making waves. To Increase your chances of selling on Target Plus, ensure you improve your brand exposure. 

Employ SEO tactics to rank higher on Google and online marketplaces. 

Take advantage of social media to build your brand. You can use social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc to build an online community and create some buzz around your brand. 

Choose the best products 

Target chooses some of the best products from carefully-selected brands. To improve your chances of being invited to sell on Target Plus, you need to offer high-quality products. 

Choose products that have outstanding features that differentiate them from other products in the market. 

Also, you want to choose products that are specific to a niche. For example, you can focus on selling sports equipment or activewear.

Keep in mind that your product prices should fall on the same level as other sales channels. 

Improve your fulfillment network 

On Target Plus, sellers are required to send orders within 24 hours and ship to customers within five days. 

What this means is that you have to improve your fulfillment network and ensure you deliver customer orders as fast as possible. 

The faster your delivery time, the more attractive you will be to Target Plus. 

Target Plus Fees 

Sellers must pay a 5-15% commission rate/ referral fee for selling on the Target marketplace. This is similar and in some cases lower than other marketplaces. 

The Target store has a Referral fees section which you can access once approved to sell on the platform. In this section, you can view if you have a special referral fee setting.

Commission rates are based on the sub-type base referral fees.

Final thoughts 

If you're not selling on the Target marketplace, this may be the best time to start thinking of it as a viable option for the future. 

You can start now to build your brand and position yourself to get invited by Target. 

If Target starts accepting applications in the future, you may just be accepted as one of their selected brands. 

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