June 2, 2022

Selling on Amazon: 8 Things Sellers Should Do for Q4 Sales

Selling on Amazon: 8 Things Sellers Should Do for Q4 Sales
Selling on Amazon: 8 Things Sellers Should Do for Q4 Sales

For Amazon sellers, Q4 is one of the most profitable seasons on the Amazon marketplace. 

Sellers can increase Amazon sales and rake in more profit than the rest of the year put together. 

Q4, which falls between October and December is Amazon's major cash cow and sellers are not left out. 

According to Fortune, Amazon sales jumped by 9% to $137.4 billion in its Q4 in 2021. We also expect to see this type of success in 2022 and beyond. 

However, while this period comes with much success, it also comes with a lot of hard work. Sellers must be prepared to handle the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So how can you be prepared for success in Q4? 

Read on as we go through tips to help you increase sales on Amazon in Q4. In addition, we’ve also highlighted some mistakes you need to avoid while selling on Amazon during Q4. 

8 selling tips for a successful Q4 

Here are a few selling tips to get you on your way to a successful Q4.

  1. Leverage historical data
  2. Explore new product trends before Q4
  3. Go over your product listings
  4. Start your Amazon Ads early
  5. Keep a close watch on your inventory
  6. Build your brand with social media 
  7. Prepare for the unexpected 
  8. Look out for your account health

Leverage historical data 

Having everything from inventory management, storage, shipping, and other factors figured out can be challenging. However, you can work with historical data to make the whole process much more predictable and easy. 

You can look at historical data from the previous year's sales using sales estimator software. This software will show you estimated sales data for main keywords 

With software like Jungle Scout, you can look at data from two years back and calculate the sales volume increase in their Q4. This will give you an estimate of what the present year's sales will look like. It will also help you prepare for how much inventory is potentially needed. 

Explore new product trends before Q4

With the Amazon marketplace constantly evolving, you want to keep yourself ahead with the latest market trends and expand your product line. 

Carry out product research, study contemporary trends and add new products to your listings. You can get ideas by looking at best sellers on Amazon. 

Once you get new products, ensure they are well optimized before Q4. You also want to make sure these new products have positive reviews before the holiday season begins. It should also have a sales history, conversions, among other components. 

Go over your product listings 

Making even the smallest changes to your product listing could lead to a significant increase in sales. 

When it comes to optimizing your product listing, it is important to identify products that need to be optimized. We recommend optimizing product listings that are already selling on Amazon. The idea is to invest more in top-performing products to ensure they perform better in Q4. Here are a few ways to make improvements to your product listings: 

  • First, ensure you are targeting the right keywords. Customers are constantly searching for products using a set of keywords. You want to make sure your products appear on search engines when customers search for your product. You can check out our full guide on Amazon keyword optimization here
  • Ensure your product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions contain relevant information customers need to make a buying decision. Don't forget to infuse relevant keywords. 
  • Next, pay attention to your main product image. This is the first thing customers notice when your product appears on search engines. Ensure your images are of high quality and capture your product from different angles. You may want to invest in product photography. Although pricey, you will have your conversion rates thanking you for it. 
  • If you are registered on the Amazon Brand Registry, you have access to Amazon A+ content. With A+ content, you can use enhanced images, text placements, infographics, and other features to describe your products and improve your brand. Thanks to these features, you can provide enough information about your product and brand. This is one way to crank up your conversion rates.  You can also give your product listing a holiday theme. 

Start your Amazon Ads early

With increased competition on the Amazon marketplace, it becomes difficult for sellers to stand out. Thankfully, Amazon ads give sellers the opportunity to advertise their products on and off the platform. 

To increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon in Q4, ensure your ads are up and running early. It generally takes time to collect data from your ad campaigns. However, once you start collecting data, you can easily optimize your keywords and ad budget. This is why it is important to start running your ads early. 

Create ad campaigns and start promoting your products to reach a large number of people as quickly as possible. Optimize your campaigns by identifying non-converting keywords to reduce costs. 

Keep a close watch on your inventory

With demand at its peak, you need to keep an eye on your inventory. This is especially important if you sell with fulfillment by Amazon. 

You will need to find out how much inventory you need to ensure you don't order too little or too much inventory. This will help you reduce costs and avoid losses. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is where historical data comes in. You can use data from previous years to help you make a more informed decision on how much inventory you need. You don't want to run out of stock during one of the most lucrative periods as this could hurt your sales and ruin your chances of winning the Buy Box. You also don't want to have inventory collecting dust and incurring costs in the Amazon FBA warehouse

You can invest in inventory management software to manage your inventory efficiently. 

Build your brand with social media 

Building your brand is essential to protecting your customer base, especially on the Amazon platform, where you don't get direct access to customers. 

Social media is one way to build your brand, attract new audiences and drive traffic to your Amazon page. You can create and launch a social media strategy for Q4. Create content that lets your followers know what you are all about and keep your brand top of mind. 

Prepare for the unexpected 

Q4 comes with massive opportunities for sellers to increase Amazon sales but it can also get complicated. 

As an Amazon seller, keep an open mind and be prepared for the unexpected. 

You can set up other sales channels like your website and other online marketplaces like Walmart as a backup plan. 

In a worst-case scenario, you can have a backup plan so you don't entirely lose out on sales. 

Look out for your account health 

Having your Amazon account shut down during Q4 sales is no laughing matter. It could take months to get it reinstated. To avoid this, keep an eye on your account health. Monitor metrics like Order Defect Rate (ODR), shipping performance, and customer feedback, among other metrics. You can do this by clicking on Performance > Account Health in your Seller Central account

Mistakes to avoid during Amazon Q4

Q4 usually brings the most profit for sellers and making selling mistakes can particularly be costly during this period. Miscalculations could lead to a huge financial loss. Here are some mistakes you should avoid during Amazon Q4

  • Avoid ordering inventory too late. You want to ensure you have enough in stock before the sales begin
  • Avoid ordering too much inventory as this could lead to a loss. You also don't want to order too little inventory 
  • Avoid experimenting with new strategies during Q4. It is best to try out new strategies and tools during the first three quarters. The fourth quarter of the year should be dedicated to making profit
  • Avoid charging shipping fees during the Q4, as this can make you look less attractive. Customers typically anticipate fast and free shipping during the holiday season
  • Ignoring customer feedback could be costly during Q4. Customers may drop questions and complaints during the holiday season. It is important to respond to them promptly to avoid negative reviews and losses.
  • Assuming the advertising budget for the first three quarters will be sufficient for the fourth quarter can be a costly mistake. Advertising is an important strategy during Q4. You need to keep your ad campaigns up and running early and get your product to as many people as possible. Prepare to increase your advertising budget
  • Not following Amazon guidelines could lead to suppressed listings and account suspension which could negatively impact your sales 


Amazon Q4 is a wonderful opportunity to increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon. However, planning is fundamental to achieving success during Q4. 

You can expect a surge of customers during the holiday season. With the tips above, we hope you can hit the ground running and boost your sales and revenue. 

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