August 18, 2022

Product Description tips for selling on Amazon

Product Description tips for selling on Amazon
Product Description tips for selling on Amazon

Product Description tips for selling on Amazon

Imagine a customer going through your product page in search of, say, a food container. There are excellent reviews but it’s hard to make a final decision. 

The customer decides to go through the product description only to find fragmented sentences, typos, and repetitive texts. This will leave the customer second-guessing your company and the quality of your product. 

As an online retailer selling on Amazon, your product description is essential for your product marketing on the platform. It is not only important to deliver quality products but to also present them effectively using the right words. 

In writing your product description, you need to work your way around being informative, interesting, concise, and including the right keywords for search rankings. 

In this article, we will go through product description tips that will hook your customers, improve search rankings and increase sales on Amazon. 

What is the Amazon Product Description? 

On a typical product listing, you will see two product descriptions. The first is the bullet point section after the product title. This is the first product description customers get to see on the listing. It contains the main features of the product. The second is located at the bottom of the product page. This typically includes a summary of what the product is about. Sellers also use this section to communicate their Unique Value Proposition or brand story. 

By creating an effective product description, you can give customers enough information to make them buy your product. You can also improve your Amazon SEO to increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Amazon search results. 

8 tips for crafting an effective product description on Amazon

Here are eight tips to help you craft a compelling product description that attracts the right audience and increases conversion rates:

  1. Understand your audience 
  2. Focus on the benefits of your product
  3. Use bullet points to improve readability
  4. Keep your product description concise 
  5. Don't forget to add relevant keywords 
  6. Double-check for grammar and spelling errors 
  7. Communicate with authenticity
  8. Follow Amazon's product description guidelines

Understand your audience 

To craft an effective converting product description, you need to understand who your audience is. You need to consider who is buying your product, why they buy it, and how your product helps your customers. 

To know who your customers are, research is important. You can go through customer reviews of products similar to yours on Amazon. Pay attention to customer expectations and complaints. You can also do a quick Google search and look out for blogs and social media posts of similar products. 

With these findings, you can write a product description from your customer’s viewpoint. 

For example, if you are selling furniture, you may need to consider newlyweds or families and write according to what benefits they could be getting from your product. 

Use bullet points to improve readability

The first step to a sales conversion is getting a customer to click on your product. Next, you want to draw your customer's attention to the features and benefits of your product. This is where the bullet point section comes in.

Some Amazon sellers make the mistake of cramping paragraphs in this section. This can create confusion and put off potential customers. 

Instead, list compelling snippets of the features and benefits of your product using bullet points. Think of your bullet point section as a touchpoint to take your customers on a journey. 

Start with a brief statement on the features of your product and dive deeper into what makes your product stand out and why it is worth buying. Infuse emotional and sensory words that create an immersive experience for your customers. 

Also, an organized bullet point section improves readability and increases buyer trust. 

Focus on the benefits of your product

It's easy to list out a bunch of product features. However, customers want to know what your product can do for them. Your product description should show potential customers what they can get out of using your product or how your product can solve their problems.  

Avoid using generic descriptions like ‘best’ or ‘top-quality’. Attempt to communicate the benefits of using your product in the most compelling way. For example, if you sell a solar lamp that comes with a ‘72 hours battery life, you want to make sure you communicate that to your customers using the right words and phrases. 

Keep your product description concise 

Your customers don't want to go through long paragraphs of texts. They want to be convinced that your product is for them in a few simple sentences. When writing product descriptions, focus on the quality and presentation of the features and benefits of your product. Avoid heavy text descriptions. Keep it simple and concise but ensure it also contains informative details that push customers to make a buying decision. 

Don't forget to add relevant keywords 

Creating a concise and compelling product description is only one part of the puzzle. You also want to make sure your product listing ranks on search results as well. This means you have to craftily infuse relevant keywords into your product description. 

The first step is to carry out an Amazon keyword research to gather relevant keywords your customers are searching for. To get keywords, you can look at Amazon top sellers in your product category and take note of descriptive words and phrases used. You can also include different variations of long-tail keywords to increase your chances of showing up in search results. Use Amazon keyword research tools to get high-performing keywords with the right search volume. 

The second step is to carefully infuse these keywords in your product descriptions. You want to make sure it is written with a natural tone. Avoid stuffing keywords. Instead, focus on using a few high-traffic keywords. 

Double-check for grammar and spelling errors 

Even the smallest grammar and spelling errors can put off potential customers. Ensure your sentences are well-constructed. Avoid using fragmented sentences and repetitive phrases. Check for typos and spelling errors throughout your product descriptions. Double-check and proof-read your content. Ensure it is error-free. 

Also, pay attention to the tone of your communication. Communicate with a tone that makes your customers feel that your product can be trusted. 

Communicate with authenticity 

You have probably come across one or two product listings with customer reviews that say “Not as advertised”. 

You want to avoid communicating promises or highlighting features that your product does not meet up with. 

Communicating false information could lead to negative reviews and product returns ultimately affecting your brand's reputation. Also, you could get your account suspended if Amazon notices any fraudulent activities on your product page. Keep it authentic and ensure your product delivers what it promises. 

Follow Amazon's product description guidelines

The last but not least tip to consider is Amazon's product description guidelines. Follow the guidelines set by Amazon to avoid any mishap. You can find the full product description guidelines on your Amazon Seller account. The purpose of your product description is to inform and assist customers. 

Here are a few dos and don'ts of writing product descriptions: 

  • Write product descriptions clearly and concisely 
  • Include product-related information 
  • Make sure your product description corresponds to your product image
  • Customer testimonials or quotes are not allowed 
  • Avoid promotional messages or promotion of other products

It is important to familiarize yourself with Amazon's rules to avoid suppression of your product listing or suspension of your Amazon Seller account

Bonus tip: Amazon A+ Content 

Amazon A+ Content gives Amazon sellers the opportunity to improve search rankings, boost conversions and increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon A+ Content is a tool that allows sellers to showcase a wide range of high-quality images and in-depth product descriptions to improve the customer shopping experience and boost conversion rates. 

You can get access to design templates and add texts to images. This helps you communicate the benefits of your products effectively. It is a free tool, however, you must be registered under the Amazon Brand Registry to get access to Amazon A+ content. 

Final thoughts 

You can start writing effective product descriptions using the tips listed above. Product descriptions after product photos are the first things customers pay attention to when they go through a product page. 

Remember that your product description is not just an outline of features. It should communicate the benefits of your product in a way that entices customers to purchase your product. As you create your product descriptions, don't forget to add relevant keywords to improve search rankings on Amazon. 

Take time to draft your product description and present them in an organized way. 

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