August 18, 2022

Amazon Brand Registry: All you need to know

Want to sell on amazon yet maintain a constant brand experience? Learn all you need to know about the Amazon brand registry.
Amazon Brand Registry: All you need to know
Amazon Brand Registry: All you need to know

amazon brand registry

As we know, selling on Amazon is incredibly profitable for new and existing business owners. With the success of the platform and its fierce competition, comes the need for business owners to protect their brands against any fraudulent activities. 

Thankfully, Amazon offers a free program that relieves the struggles of trademark infringement and gives business owners access to various tools for brand building. This program is called Amazon Brand Registry. 

According to Amazon Brand Protection, over 500,000 brands are registered under the Amazon Brand Registry. 

This program has expanded over the years since its launch in 2015, providing essential tools that establish brand identity and deliver a memorable customer experience. 

Read on as we explore the following sub-topics:

  • What is Amazon Brand Registry?
  • 5 benefits of Brand Registry on Amazon
  • Amazon Brand Registry requirements 
  • How to register your business for Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry? 

Amazon Brand Registry is a special program that helps business owners protect their intellectual property and product content on Amazon. 

Amazon Brand Registry provides tools that give registered brand owners a competitive edge over non-registered brand owners. 

The Amazon Brand Registry program was first launched in 2015 as a program that protects your brand from fake products. Over the years, the program has expanded, giving brand owners access to tools and features for brand building. 

The program gives you control over your listing, offers a team of dedicated individuals to address infringement claims and other issues, access to features that improve your product listings, and increased brand awareness. 

5 benefits of Brand Registry on Amazon

5 benefits of brand registry on amazon

Amazon Brand Registry comes with a vast number of benefits. Let's take a look at five Amazon Brand Registry benefits: 

  1. Protection of your brand's product listings
  2. Access to Amazon A+ content 
  3. Access to features that increase customer engagement 
  4. A better understanding of your customers using analytical tools
  5. Adequate support from Amazon 

Protection of your brand's product listings

With Amazon Brand Registry, you can be sure your product listings are protected. You can gain control of how your product listing appears on the Amazon platform. With the program, you won't have to worry about fraudulent activities from third-party sellers. It also prevents third-party sellers from using your brand name to sell their products. 

You can also gain protection for your advertising data. This means that Amazon will prioritize your brand over other brands selling similar products. Amazon will also prevent other stores running dubious ads from using your brand to drive traffic to their store.

Access to Amazon A+ Content 

Amazon Brand Registry gives registered brand owners access to Amazon A+ Content. This feature allows you to improve your product listing. With Amazon A+ Content, you can add high-quality images, add texts to your product images and showcase your product’s Unique Value Proposition (USP). With an improved product listing, customers have access to more information about your product. This will help them overcome any objections which ultimately has a positive impact on your conversion rate and sales. 

You can also test different product listing structures and choose which one produces the best results using Amazon A+ Content manager

Access to features that increase customer engagement 

Being a registered member of Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to features that will set you apart from the competition and help you engage better with your customers. Features like Amazon storefronts, product videos, Amazon Live creator, and Sponsored Brand Ads validate and add value to your brand.

  • Amazon storefronts: Amazon storefronts function like a mini-website, allowing you to showcase a wide range of products all in one location. With Amazon stores, customers can view all your products and learn more about your brand. You also get a unique URL that you can share on and off Amazon. To create your store all you need to do is visit your Amazon Seller Central account and click on ‘Manage Stores’. Next, choose a template and build your store. Once done, preview and double-check before submitting for approval. Once approved, your store goes live! 
  • Product videos: Data reveals that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support. Thankfully, Amazon Brand Registry helps registered brand owners meet this demand. You can add product videos to your product listings to boost conversion rates and increase sales on Amazon. 
  • Sponsored Brand Ads: Registered brand owners can take advantage of Sponsored Brand Ads to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their Amazon store. Sponsored Brand Ads appear on the top page of Amazon search results. What better way to draw customers' attention to your brand? 
  • Amazon Live creator: This feature allows brand owners to interact live with their customers. You can add a live stream video to engage with your customers directly. The video could explain how your product works. You could also hold a question and answer session to address any objections or complaints your customers may have. All you need to do is download the Amazon Live creator iOS mobile app and select products you want to feature on the Livestream. Online shoppers will be able to see your live streams at different touchpoints - from your Amazon product listings to your store and other areas.

A better understanding of your customers using analytical tools

In building a working Amazon marketing strategy, understanding your customers using data-driven analysis is important. With Amazon Brand Registry, you can get access to data on the buying behavior of your customers, customer search terms, products that work best with your customers, and important demographics. With this insight, you can make deliberate adjustments to your Amazon marketing strategy, make adjustments to your store and increase sales on Amazon. 

  • Brand analytics: This gives you data on customer search and buying behavior. You can find this feature on Reports located in your main navigation bar.
  • Market Basket Analysis: This data helps you spot valuable upselling and cross-selling opportunities by showing products that customers are shopping for together. 
  • Amazon search terms: With this data, you can discover what products are getting the most conversions. This will help you make the right adjustments to your marketing strategies. 
  • Demographics: This data reveals customer characteristics like age, gender, income, marital status, and so on. 

Adequate support from Amazon 

Amazon has a dedicated team to attend to all complaints and any suspicious activities or fake products. The team will handle issues like product review manipulations, blocked listings, technical issues, and infringement claims. If you notice any fraudulent activities around your brand or product, you can reach out to the team, who will address your complaints within a couple of hours.

Amazon Brand Registry requirements 

Here are some requirements for joining the Amazon Brand Registry program: 

  • A registered trademark: Different Amazon marketplaces have different eligibility requirements for Amazon trademark registration. In the US, you will need to register your trademark with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 
  • A country-specific trademark registration number (this depends on the marketplace of your operation)
  • Your brand’s logo and images for your products and packaging 
  • A list of product categories where your items belong 

Who can enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program? 

  • Private label brand owners and manufactures 
  • Distributors that have a licensed trademark 
  • Resellers who possess a written permit from manufacturers or brand owners to manage a product page on Amazon 

How to register your business for Amazon Brand Registry

how to register your business for amazon brand registry

Now that we've looked at what Amazon Brand Registry is and the benefits that come with enrolling in the program, let's look at how you can register your business for Amazon Brand Registry in three steps: 

Step 1: Meet Amazon Brand Registry requirements 

The first step to registering for Amazon Brand Registry is to meet all the requirements. 

For example, you must have a registered trademark or trademark serial number. If you don't have a registered trademark or serial number, you will need to apply to get it. Depending on your location, the processes, and costs will vary. 

You will also need to submit your brand's logo and product packaging. 

Step 2: Set up your Amazon Brand Registry account 

Once all requirements are met, you can visit your Amazon Seller Central account or Vendor Central to register via the Brand Registry portal. After your brand registration account gets verified, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Enroll your brand in the program 

Once the first two steps are completed, you will need to enroll your brand into the program. For enrollment, you will need to provide your brand identification, which includes uploading all your product images, packaging, logos, website links, and social media handles. 

Next, you will need to provide your trademark type, name, registration number, and registration office. This information is vital for the protection of your brand on Amazon. 

You will also need to provide information on your Amazon Seller account details, manufacturing details, vendor account details, and countries where your products will be distributed. 

Once done, you can submit your account for approval. Amazon typically takes 2-10 days for information validation and activation of your account. 


Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program comes with a wide range of benefits. You get all-around brand protection and access to tools and features that improve customer experience, boost your conversion rates and increase sales on Amazon. 

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