October 18, 2023

10 Ways to Know What's Trending on Amazon

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10 Ways to Know What's Trending on Amazon
10 Ways to Know What's Trending on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most prominent marketplaces with over 9 million sellers trying to get a piece of the market.

As an Amazon seller, keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming. But to remain relevant and have a fair chance with the competition, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and their impact on consumer behavior. 

Understanding the latest Amazon trends will also help you make more strategic and well-informed decisions. 

So where do you look to know the latest Amazon trend? 

Read on as we explore ten ways to know what's trending on Amazon. 

Why should you stay up to date with Amazon trends? 

Amazon is a leader in ecommerce and constantly innovates, coming up with solutions that set the standard for others in the industry. 

As an Amazon seller or an ecommerce business owner, it is crucial to keep an eye on Amazon trends to stay ahead of the curve. 

Here are more reasons to keep up with Amazon trends: 

  • By analyzing Amazon trends, you can collect and analyze customer data which can help improve marketing strategies, product development, and your overall business operations. 
  • Amazon trends can also provide valuable insights into your customer’s behavior and preferences. 
  • Amazon is a market leader and trends on Amazon can help you understand the market and make more well-informed business decisions. 

10 ways to find Amazon trends and stay ahead of the competition 

Now, let’s dive into ten ways you can find Amazon trends and stay ahead of the curve: 

  1. Read industry-related magazines and newsletters
  2. Find out from your suppliers 
  3. Check out other online marketplaces 
  4. Check trending topics on Google Trends 
  5. Keep an eye on your competitors 
  6. Check Amazon Trend Reports 
  7. Check Amazon Best Seller Page 
  8. Check Facebook Insights 
  9. Check product reviews 
  10. Find trending products with Amazon keyword research tools 

Read industry-related magazines and newsletters

One great way to follow Amazon trends is to subscribe to newsletters and magazines that carry Amazon-related news. 

Some of these industry-related newsletters and magazines include new product announcements, Amazon seller programs and updates, and information on how to engage with customers within your niche. 

By subscribing to newsletters, magazines, and publications, you can get real-time information right in your inbox. 

Find out from your suppliers 

It can be difficult to know what products are trending. However, one way to get first-hand information on what’s hot in the market is to talk to your suppliers. 

Your suppliers will typically work with thousands of other sellers like you. 

This means you can get real-time information on the market behavior and what products are best to sell. 

Maintain a healthy relationship with your suppliers and talk to them frequently to find out the top trending products in your industry. 

Check out other online marketplaces 

Amazon competitors like Etsy, eBay, and Walmart can provide useful insights into the latest trends. 

Keep an eye on these sites and look out for emerging trends before they hit Amazon. Armed with relevant information about the latest products, marketing, and pricing, you can create a solid marketing and advertising strategy and stay one step ahead of the competition. 

Check trending topics on Google Trends 

Google Trends is a research tool that you can use to uncover valuable insights on the latest from Amazon. On Google Trends, simply pick your niche and industry from the menu. Then, search for trending product ideas. With Google Trends, you can easily spot a product’s demand. If a product’s demand is up, you can take advantage of the opportunity and invest in it. 

Keep an eye on your competitors 

Checking out what your competitors are doing is also another way to stay on top of the latest trends. By keeping an eye on the competition, we also mean studying what they are doing off the Amazon marketplace. For example, how do your competitors run targeted campaigns? How do they optimize their websites? 

As you study your competitors, look out for ways to improve products or services, tactics that work, and how you can respond to your customer needs faster than your competitors. 

Check Amazon Trend Reports 

Want to know what customers in your niche are searching for? Amazon Trend Reports provides detailed information on what products customers buy and what products sell the most. With Amazon Trends Reports you can find out what buyers want and new sales opportunities you can take advantage of. 

With insights from Amazon Trend Reports, you can make adjustments to your promotions, product launches, and marketing strategies. 

Check Amazon Best Seller Page 

Amazon looks for top-performing products and lists them on what is called the Amazon Best Seller Page to help shoppers find the best products. This page is updated regularly to include top-trending products. You can go through Amazon Best Seller Pages to have an idea of what products are in high demand. 

Check Facebook Insights 

If you have a good online presence, you can get some valuable information from Facebook Insights. Through Facebook Insights, you can find information on customer preferences, spot buying patterns, demographics of your target audience, and much more. 

To get access to Facebook Insights, you will need to have a Facebook Business Page. 

Check product reviews 

Product reviews can provide valuable information on top trending items. You can find out why some products are trending and spot products that are likely to generate more sales. 

Negative product reviews can also be very useful. You can identify loopholes, find ways to improve a product, and stand apart from the competition. 

Find trending products with Amazon keyword research tools 

With the right keyword research tools, you can identify the latest trends, avoid overstocking inventory, and maximize sales. Here are some keyword research tools you can invest in: 

Jungle Scout 

If you’re looking for Amazon-specific analysis, Jungle Scout comes top of the list. With Jungle Scout, you can access powerful insights and market research to make more strategic decisions. 

Jungle Scout features keyword research, a supplier database, Amazon product listing optimization, product review automation, out-of-stock alerts, and so on. You can analyze markets, track your inventory, find profitable product ideas, and forecast sales. 

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a research tool that provides up-to-date insight into product sales, pricing, and more. With Helium 10, you can carry out keyword research, analyze product rankings, track competitors, find the most profitable products in the market, and maximize sales. 


If you’re looking for a tool to conduct wholesale research, ProfitGuru is an excellent option. ProfitGuru allows you to identify untapped niches, and competitors’ best-selling products, and get access to thousands of suppliers. 

Top trending product categories in 2023 

Curious to know what product categories have been topping the charts in 2023?  

Here are five top trending product categories with high customer demand: 

Toys and Games 

Toys and Games is a trending product category that comes with lots of experimentation. As new movies are released, new toys and games are launched for some characters in these movies. From Pokémon cards to Toy Story action figures, Disney Princess matching games, and more. 

Parents also invest in educational games like puzzles that can boost their children’s cognitive skills.  

You want to carry out your own research by looking at Amazon’s Best Seller pages to find out what toys and games are in high demand. Keep in mind that the Amazon Best Seller page is highly competitive. You want to find a product that is not only in high demand but also has a high-profit margin. 

Home and Kitchen 

Home and Kitchen is another top trending product category on Amazon. Some high-demand products within this category include furniture, bedding, cleaning supplies, cooling, air purifiers, and more. 

Home decor is also not left out. Products like pillow sets, picture frames, rugs, LED night lights, and so on are also in high demand.  

Sports and Outdoors

Fitness has become more important than ever before increasing the popularity of the Sports and Outdoors category. 

This category includes both indoor and outdoor sports. Popular products within this category include mats, elastic bands, water bottles, hand warmers, etc. 

Pet Supplies 

The Pet Supplies product category has gained huge popularity over the years. Consumers can find pet supplies for a long list of animals including dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Pet owners can find cleaning materials, toys, pet food, beds, and much more to take care of their pets. 

Some popular products in the Pet Supplies category include cat litter, poop bags, dog treats, cat food, pet odor eliminator, and so on. 

Beauty and personal care 

Beauty and personal care is another top trending product category with consumers searching for affordable skincare and tools. Many consumers are looking for products from brands that are already well-established in the market. This includes CeraVe, Paula’s Choice, CORSX, etc. 

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Final thoughts 

Overall, Amazon trends continue to shift and change the way consumers shop. As an Amazon seller, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends. While it may be a tedious process, your improved sales and profits will thank you for it. 

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