February 13, 2023

A 2023 Guide to Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank

Confused by Amazon's Best Sellers Rank? This guide breaks down what makes a product become one of Amazon's top sellers and provides tips on how to reach the top spot for 2023!
A 2023 Guide to Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank
A 2023 Guide to Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank

A 2023 Guide to Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank

Amazon has over 30 product categories with millions of products in each of these categories. 

Products in each of these categories come with what is called the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.  

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a metric that reveals the sales performance of a product relative to other products within a product category or subcategory. As an Amazon seller, the lower your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, the better your product’s sales performance.

Amazon BSR indicates how well a product is performing overall. However, it may not always be an indication of how well the product is performing relative to similar items in other product categories. But what does the Amazon Best Sellers Rank mean for your business? 

In this guide, we will look at everything you need to know about the Amazon Best Sellers Rank and how you can improve yours. 

What is Amazon's Best Sellers Rank (BSR)?

An Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a number given to every product that has had at least one sale. This rank indicates how well a product is performing and is based on Amazon sales. 

Amazon updates the Amazon Best Sellers list every hour to reflect both historical and recent sales of all items sold on Amazon. The list shows all the best-selling products on Amazon for different product categories. 

As we mentioned earlier, the lower your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, the better the sales performance. For example, a product that is ranked #1 has a better sales performance than a product ranked #50,000. 

A product may have more than one Amazon BSR since it is possible for a product to have more than one product category. 

How is it calculated?

It is not exactly clear how Amazon calculates the Best Sellers Rank. However, there are a few factors that can influence your BSR.

Amazon considers your most recent sales as well as your sales history. A product ranked #1 (also considering historical sales) has sold more than any other product in that product category. If a product drops by a few units in sales within an hour, it will not automatically drop in the Best Sellers Rank. 

Amazon will consider other factors like historical sales and sales velocity. They will also consider factors like price changes and promotions. 

What is a good Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

A good Amazon Best Sellers Rank isn't the same for all product categories. 

A BSR of #20,000 may be good in the Home and Kitchen category but may be bad in the Pet Supplies category. 

However, tools like the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator can help you determine what BSR will be considered good in your product category. 

Where to find Amazon Best Sellers Rank 

You can easily find an Amazon Best Sellers Rank on any product page on Amazon. Go to Amazon’s website and click on any product category. For example, you can click on Sports and Outdoor and choose the product which you want to check its BSR. 

Scroll down to the Product information section of the product page to see the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. 


Amazon Best Seller Rank

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank of the product above ranks #1 in Sports & Outdoors and is also #1 in Water Bottles. This means that out of thousands of products in these categories, this product emerges tops! 

Is there a difference between the Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking? 

If you're a new Amazon seller, you may be thinking - what is the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking? 

Well, the answer is simple. Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank indicates how well your product performs based on sales. On the other hand, your organic ranking shows how well your product ranks for a given keyword. It is where your product appears on Amazon Search Result Pages. 

Amazon simply arranges products on search results based on the keyword search. A product that appears as number one on search results may not necessarily have a good BSR. It could be based on other factors like good reviews and ratings and lower prices. 

What should you do with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank? 

So we know what an Amazon Best Sellers Rank is. What should we do with it? 

Well, firstly, an Amazon BSR can help you know the best-selling items on Amazon. If you are just starting a business on the Amazon marketplace, one thing you need to consider when choosing a product is the demand.

A BSR is a great way to find out if a product is in high demand or not. 

The lower the BSR, the higher the demand for that product. However, as a newbie, we don't recommend that you go for a product with a BSR of 1 to 10 as they already have the highest sales. This may be difficult to break in. 

Secondly, a BSR can help you analyze the competition and set a standard for yourself. By comparing your BSR with that of your competitors, you can easily find out how you can improve. 

How can you improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank? 

To improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank and be among the Amazon top sellers, you need to find ways to constantly increase sales. Here are some effective tips to help you increase sales and ultimately improve your BSR: 

Optimize your Amazon listing 

If you want your product to rank as one of the top-selling items on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is optimize your Amazon listing


Keywords are an essential part of your Amazon listing optimization. It is important to include all the relevant keywords in your product listing to increase visibility and conversion rate. Carry out keyword research and make a list of the most relevant short and long-tail keywords and add them throughout your product listing. Include them in your product title, images, bullet point section, product description, and the backend of your product listing.

Product Title 

Your product title is the first thing customers will read once they type in a search term. You want to ensure your product title is creative and informative. It should be punchy and still contain your brand name, the name of the product, and other important features like the size and color of the product. 

In summary, potential customers should be able to know exactly what your product is with one glance. 

Product Image

Your product image should speak a thousand words at first glance. Since customers will not get a chance to physically examine your product, your images should sell your product. Include high-quality images that show your products from different angles. Get creative and include lifestyle images and videos that bring your product to life. You could also include infographics, high-definition images, text overlays, charts, and other features using Amazon A+ content

Bullet points

Use the bullet point section to highlight the main features and benefits of your product. Ensure they are well-written and spaced out. Don't lump everything into lengthy paragraphs. Instead, use bullet points to write concise and marketable information. Your customers should find all they need to know about your product by going through the bullet point section. 

Product Description

Your product description should sell your product most uniquely. You can use this opportunity to highlight the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product. Make your product description interesting and conversational. 

Price competitively to win the Buy Box

Your prices are an important factor Amazon considers when ranking your products. Ensure your products are priced competitively. If you offer a competitive price that is lower than your competitors, you could win the Buy Box.

When you win the Buy Box, you will get orders when a buyer does not specify what seller they are buying a product from. Ultimately, this increases your Amazon sales drastically. 

Use Amazon advertising

With millions of products on Amazon, it may be difficult to get your products up in search results and increase Amazon sales. 

Advertising is a great medium to increase your visibility and drive traffic to your product listing or store. 

You can invest in Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, or Sponsored Display Ads to get your products on top and increase your conversion rate. 

Become Prime eligible 

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service with over 200 million subscribers all over the world. These subscribers are willing to pay more to have products delivered within the same day or in one or two days. 

Once you put up your products for Amazon FBA, you are automatically eligible to sell to Amazon Prime Members. This will help you gain higher visibility and ultimately increase sales. 

Final thoughts 

While there are no exact formulas that tell us how Amazon assigns a Best Sellers Rank, the main factor that determines your BSR is sales. 

You can use some of the tips above to improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank. 

You can also contact an Amazon Seller expert on ePlaybooks to get more tailor-made selling strategies. 

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