October 5, 2023

12 Top Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store

Boost your Shopify store with the 12 best apps for success. Enhance sales, customer experience & more. Discover the ultimate app collection now!
12 Top Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store
12 Top Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store

Shopify offers thousands of apps in their App Store to help you augment the functionality of your Shopify store. Whether you’re trying to track your shipment orders, recover abandoned carts, or promote your products using email marketing or social media marketing, you are sure to find one Shopify app for that. 

Integrating these Shopify apps into your store can help you improve your customer experience, increase visibility, and ultimately boost sales. 

In this article, we have curated a short list of Shopify apps (for different purposes) you can integrate into your Shopify store. 

Choosing the best Shopify apps for your store 

So there are thousands of apps on the Shopify App Store. How do you choose apps that are relevant to your business? Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose Shopify apps for your store: 

Identify your needs

First thing first, you want to identify what your needs are. Every ecommerce business has its unique needs, goals, and challenges. While you may want to manage your inventory effectively, another business may want to recover abandoned carts. You can create a list of all your identified business needs. 

Search for relevant apps

Shopify classifies apps into categories and subcategories making it easy to find the right app within Shopify’s App Store. You can easily use a keyword search to find apps that are relevant to your identified needs. 

Analyze your apps

Next, you want to analyze different apps comparing their features, usability, pricing, and other factors. Go through customer reviews and ratings to find out if investing in those apps is worth it. After evaluating various apps, narrow it down to the one that best fits your business needs. 

Top 12 Shopify Apps for ecommerce business growth 

Here’s our curated list of some of the best Shopify apps that you can integrate into your Shopify store. Some of these apps are free while some others come with a free trial. Let’s get started

  1. Klaviyo 
  2. Mailmunch
  3. Shogun 
  4. GemPages
  5. Easyship
  6. Shippo
  7. Printful
  8. Orbelo
  9. Tidio
  10. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty 
  11. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell 
  12. Keeper

Best Shopify apps for email marketing & SMS

Email marketing is a powerful channel to connect with new customers, reconnect with existing customers, increase conversion rates and build customer loyalty. Here are Shopify apps for email marketing: 


Klaviyo is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to build an extensive contact list, and create email campaigns. 

With this app, you can group online shoppers based on different criteria like browsing behavior and order history and create branded personalized emails that increase engagement. 

With Klaviyo’s customizable templates, you can customize your emails to fit your brand. The app also allows you to set rules that enable automatic emails to your customers no matter where they are in their journey. 

You can also track your results and make adjustments thanks to Klaviyo’s detailed reporting.  

Pricing: Free for up to 250 email contacts and 50 SMS contacts. For more emails and SMS, the prices upgrade, starting from $20 per month for 251-500 emails. 



With Mailmunch, you can keep your customers updated on the latest product offers and promotions. Once you have this app installed, you can easily manage your emails by assigning tags to your contacts. This will help you filter your email lists and segment them for your email campaigns. 

Mailmunch also has a drag-and-drop builder to build Shopify pages without coding skills. 

Pricing: Free plan and premium plan at $24.99 per month (Free trial for 14 days). 

Best Shopify apps for building pages

For a great customer experience, you need to ensure your Shopify pages are compelling and well-customized. Here are some Shopify apps you can use to build Shopify pages: 


Shopify has a limited built-in editing tool. Thankfully, you can use Shogun as an alternative to design and customize your Shopify pages. From landing pages to product pages, blog pages, homepages, collection pages, and more, this app comes with tons of themes to cater to all your page-building needs. 

Shogun is user-friendly and comes at an affordable price. You also don’t have to worry about your page speed as Shogun delivers uniquely designed pages that load fast. 

Pricing: Free plan, $39 per month, $149 per month, and $499 per month. 


Want to create impressive Shopify pages? GemPages is an easy-to-use page-building tool that you can use to create visually appealing pages that improve your customer’s shopping experience. You can choose from a growing library of templates for any industry and page type to create unique pages. You don’t need any coding skills thanks to their drag-and-drop editor tool. 

With their free plan, you can create any page type, publish one page, get access to 80+ CRO templates, live chat, and much more. 

Pricing: Free, $29 per month, $59 per month, and $199 per month. 

Best Shopify apps for fulfillment and shipping 

One of the most crucial parts of ecommerce is order fulfillment. You want to ensure your customers get their orders on time and generally have a pleasant experience placing orders from your Shopify store. Here are some Shopify apps that can help: 


With Easyship, order fulfillment, and shipping can become a breeze. Easyship is well-connected to global carriers making automation and delivery more transparent. The platform has more than 250 arrangements with shipping firms allowing you to make international deliveries with ease. You can determine your charges, get notified of taxes and other expenses, and get branded packing slips for your shipping boxes.

Pricing: Free, $29 per month, $69 per month, and $99 per month. 


With Shippo, you can access some of the best shopping rates on more than 85 carriers from all over the world. You can easily sync Shippo with your Shopify store, create labels faster and print up to 100 labels at once. Shippo also automates your fulfillment process and offers shipping assistance and easy return processes. 

Pricing: Free and then $10 per month. 

Best Shopify apps for sourcing products 

Your ecommerce business all begins with sourcing products to sell on your Shopify store. Here are Shopify apps that make this a seamless process: 


Printful is one print-on-demand tool you will find valuable for sourcing products for your clothing business. 

With Printful, you can design unique clothing and have them distributed to your customers right from the production facility. You also have access to a fulfillment center and an order creation warehouse. 

You can also customize your brand using packaging, packing slips, and more available on the app. 

Pricing: Free to install but charges apply for order fulfillment and shipping. 


Looking for a great app for AliExpress dropshipping? Well, Orbelo is one app that can help you import products from supplier sites to sell in your store. Orbelo integrates seamlessly with Shopify and not only helps with sourcing products but also keeps your prices and inventory up to date. 

The app enables you to transport products from the supplier to your client using their network of Chinese suppliers which can be more cost-effective. 

Pricing: Free plan, $29.90/month (10,000 products), and $79.90/month (30,000 products). 

Best Shopify apps for customer service 

Providing great customer service and creating loyalty programs is one way to retain your customers. Here are Shopify apps that can help with customer service and loyalty programs: 


As an ecommerce business owner, there’s nothing more painful than losing potential customers. Tidio is a live chat that you can easily configure into your Shopify store within a few minutes and provide top-notch customer service. Tidio gives customers 24/7 support, connecting them to customer support agents. 

With Tidio, you can attend to multiple customers at the same time. You can also send programmed responses to some frequently asked questions. 

Pricing: Free plan, $25 per month, $29 per month, and $394 per month. 

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty 

With Smile, you can reward your customers with attractive discounts and offers that keep them coming back to your Shopify store. Customers can earn points with their loyalty program for every action taken. This includes placing an order, leaving a review, and much more. Thanks to Smile, you can smile knowing you don’t have to spend more on ads. You can save abandoned carts and focus on retaining your customers with coupons, gifts, and other offers. 

Pricing: Free, $49 per month, $199 per month, and $999 per month. 

Best Shopify apps for sales and conversions 

Here are Shopify apps that can help increase your conversion rate and boost sales: 

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell 

Upselling and cross-selling are sales tactics that can help increase your average order value and conversion rate. 

Using a drag-and-drop website builder, ReConvert allows you to create thank-you pages to engage with customers after they make a purchase. You can also customize landing pages by adding features like countdown timers, reorder buttons, and personalized recommendations to engage with your customers and get them to buy from your store again. 

Pricing: Free, $4.99 per month, $7.99 per month, and $14.99 per month. 


Your customers may see a product they like in your store, add it to their cart and simply abandon it. This may be because they used one device to shop for a product and may be using another to complete the transaction. Whatever the case, Keeper has you covered. The app remembers a customer’s shopping cart across multiple devices used making it easy for them to complete their transaction. Ultimately, this reduces abandoned carts and increases average order value and sales. 

Pricing: Free 

Visit Shopify’s App Store 

There are thousands of apps on the Shopify App Store to cater to almost every ecommerce need you have. From improving your conversion rates to sales, marketing, customer support, inventory management, and much more. You can start with our list of Shopify apps above and move on to the Shopify App Store for more. 

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