October 5, 2023

Shopify Product Page: 7 Best Shopify Product Page Examples

Discover the top 7 best Shopify product page examples that showcase compelling design, persuasive copy, and seamless user experience. Elevate your online store with these inspiring examples and optimize your own Shopify product pages for maximum conversions
Shopify Product Page: 7 Best Shopify Product Page Examples
Shopify Product Page: 7 Best Shopify Product Page Examples

A product page is one of the most important parts of an ecommerce site. A product page shows your potential customers what your products look like among other important product details. 

Customers will go through your product page to decide if they want to make a buying decision. 

With this in mind, creating an effective product page is crucial to attracting customers and making sales. 

Stick with us to find out the major features of a high-converting Shopify product page alongside some examples of Shopify product pages to inspire you.  

What is a Shopify product page? 

A Shopify product page is simply a page on your Shopify store that outlines all the features and details of a product. A product page effectively outlines product information that persuades the shopper to purchase the product. This includes product features and benefits, specifications, costs, social proof, etc. 

An online store could have a single product page or multiple product pages depending on the type of business. Stores selling just one product will have a single product page. While stores selling multiple products will have multiple product pages. 

Why is a Shopify product page important?

Much like walking into a store, a Shopify product page provides a great customer experience. A well-designed and optimized product page provides customers with all the information they need while persuading them to purchase the product. 

When a customer lands on a product page, they are typically interested in the product. A well-optimized product page that articulates all the information that your customers need will persuade them to make a buying decision. Ultimately, this increases conversion rate and sales. 

A product page can also increase brand awareness and credibility. With all the product information including the image, specifications, materials, reviews, etc outlined on the product page, shoppers can form a good impression of your brand. Positive reviews and high ratings can make your brand more credible. 

Features of a good Shopify product page

What does a good high-converting product page look like? Well, if you're familiar with the basics, you will say a product name, a description, and a final call-to-action. 

However, to stand out and attract more customers, your Shopify product page should be a lot more than average. 

Here are some important features that a good Shopify product page should have: 

  • A product title
  • High-quality product images
  • A user-friendly design and shopping experience 
  • Shipping information
  • Returns information
  • A clear call-to-action
  • Detailed product information
  • Customer reviews 
  • Special discounts and offers
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section

7 best Shopify product page examples to inspire you 

Here's our list of Shopify product page examples and their features: 

  1. Lush
  2. Zappos 
  3. 6KU
  4. BirdRock Baby
  5. AllBirds 
  6. Bombay hair 
  7. Rumi Spice 


Lush is an ethical cosmetics company that makes a wide range of cosmetics including hair care, skincare, body care, fragrances, and other products using safe ingredients. The brand also offers lifestyle products, gifts, and so on. 


Features on their product page:

  • Lush opens up with beautiful high-quality images on its homepage, representing various product offerings including hair care, skin care, bath products, etc. 
  • Their shampoo bar product page as displayed above opens up with beautiful lifestyle images that give shoppers a visual idea of what using the product is like. 
  • The product page has a clear call to action “Add to Bag”. 
  • The page also provides detailed product information, highlighting all the ingredients used. It is 100% vegan and ethically produced. 
  • You can find information on returns and delivery at the bottom of the page.



Zappos is an online retail store that sells everything from shoes to clothing, handbags, etc for men, women, and kids. The store also features brands like Puma, Abercrombie & Fitch, Crocs, etc. 

Features on their product page: 

  • This one-piece swimwear product page on Zappos features high-quality images in different colors to give customers a perfect look at what the product looks like. 
  • It comes with detailed product information including materials used, measurements, and a size chart. 
  • If you're not satisfied with their clothing item, you can easily return them with the tags and packaging. Their shipping and returns are free. 
  • Further down the page is a question-and-answer section where customers can ask questions related to the product. 
  • There are also several customer reviews to provide social proof and increase trust. 


6KU is a brand that offers bikes with elegant designs and quality materials. They also sell accessories, bike parts, and tools like bells, bottles and cages, locks, pumps, brakes, chain tools, etc.

Features on their product page:

  • On this product page from 6KU, you get to see high-quality images of the bike taken from various angles. 
  • It comes with a product information section that highlights the materials used, sizes, and return policy. The bike also includes free assembly tools which is an attractive incentive. 
  • There is a clear CTA - “Add to Cart” directing customers to take the next action. 
  • Further below the page are customer ratings and reviews for social proof. You can also ask a question. 

BirdRock Baby

BirdRock Baby is a brand that offers baby moccasins made from genuine leather. 

Features on their product page: 

  • Their product page opens up with a classic layout and high-quality images. 
  • Below is a cross-selling section that offers a moccasin bundle at a discounted price.
  • Below is the product description and shipping information. 
  • On the product page is a “What Customers Are Saying” section which features videos and reviews.
  • The product page also has a lifetime guarantee for reassurance. 
  • Further below are media badges to provide social proof.
  • Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you get to see product ratings and reviews.


AllBirds is a sustainable brand that offers men's and women's shoes and apparel using the most eco-friendly materials like wool, recycled bottles, recycled cardboard, castor bean oil, etc. 

Their shoes come packaged in a recycled cardboard shoe box. 

Features on their product page: 

  • At the top of the product page are high-quality images on the left and a product description on the right.
  • The page also includes a product video that gives customers a good look into the product’s function and features. 
  • It includes detailed product information highlighting its features and function. It includes a size chart, care guide, and other specifications. 
  • The page includes a simple and clear CTA “Add to Cart”. 
  • The page also includes shipping and returns information.
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will find several customer reviews and ratings. 

Bombay hair 

Bombay Hair offers high-quality hair extensions and hair styling tools like hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc.

Features on their product page: 

  • Their product page has a traditional layout with an image gallery on the left and the product description on the right. 
  • The images are high-quality and highlight different features of the hair dryer. 
  • It has a simple and clear call to action “Add to Cart”. 
  • The page also includes shipping, returns, and warranty information. 
  • In the product description section is a video that highlights the features and shows customers how to use the hair dryer. 
  • There is a “Recommended Add On” section with additional products that customers may be interested in. 
  • Below the page are customer ratings and reviews of the product. 

Rumi Spice 

Rumi Spice offers some of the most high-quality spices sourced from local farmers. From Saffron to seasoned salts and other spices. 

Features on their product page: 

  • The product page comes in a classic layout with an image gallery on the left.
  • On the right is the product description which highlights where the spices are sourced from. 
  • There is a “Pairs Well With” section that shows other products customers may want to add. 
  • To shop for their product, simply click on the “Add to Cart” call to action button. 
  • Below the page is a video featuring a free recipe using some of their spices. 
  • There are also customer reviews and ratings at the bottom of the page. 

Best practices for your Shopify product page 

Now you've looked at some Shopify product page examples and are excited to make yours. Here are some best practices to help you leverage your product page and increase your conversion rate: 

  • Pay attention to your design: The color, fonts, whitespace, and overall design can have an impact on your conversion rate. Ensure your colors and fonts match your brand and your target audience. Use white spaces to avoid digital clutter and increase your customer’s comprehension. 
  • Use rich images and videos: Never underestimate the power of beautiful high-quality images. Ensure you have a good range of product images from different angles. You can add a zoom effect to allow customers to closely examine the product’s features. Videos, just like images, give customers a better feel of the product. So don't skimp on those product videos. 
  • Use a clear call to action: After putting up a beautiful product page, it can all be for nothing if your customers are not clear on what action to take. Ensure your call to action is distinct and of noticeable size.
  • Add detailed product description: Ensure your product description contains all relevant information that your customers will need to know about the product. Don't forget to include shipping and return information. You want to incorporate relevant keywords here to improve SEO.
  • Add some social proof: Your customers will want to see what others are saying about your products before making a buying decision. Reviews, testimonials, trust badges, star ratings, User Generated Content (UGC), etc are examples of social proof you can put up on your product page to increase conversion rate. 

Wrapping up

Product pages are the core of any ecommerce store. They are essential for giving customers a great shopping experience and increasing sales. 

Your Shopify product page should include essential features like product images, a clear call to action, detailed product descriptions, social proof, and so on. 

You can go through some product page examples above to inspire you as you design yours. 

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