May 13, 2024

Amazon Seller: Helium 10 Review

Unlock your Amazon success with our 2024 Helium 10 review. Discover how this seller's toolkit empowers you to dominate the marketplace.
Amazon Seller: Helium 10 Review
Shannon Okubor
Amazon Seller: Helium 10 Review

Are you an Amazon seller in search of the perfect tool to accompany you on your selling journey? Well, Helium 10 may be just what you need.

Helium 10 stands out among a plethora of tools as one of the best ecommerce software. With Helium 10, you can carry out accurate product research to find profitable opportunities to increase Amazon sales, improve visibility, and manage your business operations. 

In our Helium 10 review, we will zoom in on this tool, looking at some key features, as well as its pros and cons. 

What is Helium 10? 

Founded in 2015 by Manny Coats and co-founder Guillermo Puyol, Helium 10 is an all-in-one software specifically for Amazon and Walmart sellers.

With more than 2 million users, Helium 10 has established itself as a leading ecommerce software solution. 

What's interesting is that Helium 10 processes more than 2 billion data points daily to deliver quality insights that can help you run a successful Amazon or Walmart business. Its accurate data, robust advertising platform, keyword tracker, listing builder, and a host of other features are among the things that make Helium 10 loved by many Amazon sellers. 

With this software, you can easily optimize your selling process, manage your inventory, market your products, and grow your business. 

Who is Helium 10 for? 

Helium 10 is for businesses of any size, whether you're a solo entrepreneur on Amazon, an Amazon seller looking to scale up, an Amazon agency, or an established brand. 

However, keep in mind that Helium 10 comes with a wide array of features that may be a bit advanced if you're just starting out. 

Key features of Helium 10

In this section of our Helium 10 review, we will go through a few key features that make Helium 10 stand out: 

  1. Product research (Black Box, Trendster & Cerebro)
  2. Keyword research (Magneto)
  3. AI-powered listing builder 
  4. Listing optimizer (Scribbles)
  5. Product Monitoring 
  6. Amazon Advertising (Adtomic)

Product research (Black Box, Trendster & Cerebro)

Helium 10 comes with product research tools including Black Box, Trendster, and Cerebro designed for understanding consumer behavior, identifying profitable product opportunities, and analyzing market trends. 

As a new Amazon seller, finding the perfect product to sell can be tedious, but not with these tools. 

Black Box

Black Box is Helium 10's flagship and an Amazon product research tool that gives you a wide range of accurate product data. 

We are talking about direct access to a database of over 450 million Amazon products. 

Black Box provides you with reliable and up-to-date information on product sales, revenue potential, and product demand. 

As an existing seller looking to expand your product offerings or refine your strategies, this tool can also be useful. 

When you open the tool, you will find advanced filters for more specific searches. After hitting the search button, you will get a list of potential products alongside metrics like monthly sales, monthly revenue, reviews, and other product details. 

You want to stick to using only essential filters to avoid getting too many data metrics that can be overwhelming. 

You can get access to Black Box in all Helium 10 paid plans, with the number of monthly searches varying depending on the selected plan.


Want to stay on top of the latest trends on the Amazon marketplace? Trendster is a tool designed to help you identify Amazon trends, including best-selling products, new categories, and seasonal shifts. For example, if you sell seasonal items like gym equipment, you can use Trendster to find out which period records the highest sales. 

Trendster can help you with insights into market dynamics, helping you capitalize on opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. It does this by analyzing sales data and consumer behavior. 


Black Box allows you to filter through Amazon’s product catalog while Cerebro works in a reverse way allowing you to find out what products are selling well on Amazon by analyzing the sales data of existing listings. 

This ASIN lookup tool is particularly useful if you're looking to understand the market demand for specific products or categories. 

Cerebro provides detailed insights into product performance, including sales volume, revenue, and customer reviews, helping you make informed decisions about your product selection. 

Keyword research (Magnet)

After finding the perfect product opportunity, you can use Helium 10's Magnet, a powerful keyword research tool to find relevant keywords that drive traffic and sales. 

With Magnet, you can find the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Once you enter a seed keyword, Magnet provides a list of related keywords. The tool also performs basic analysis, displaying data for Search Volume, Competing Products, Magnet IQ Score, and CPR (Cerebro Product Rank) for the keyword you search. 

Using this tool can help you save time while giving you a comprehensive list of keywords that you may overlook if done manually. 

Keep in mind that not all keywords are profitable for PPC or relevant to your product listing, so you want to filter out irrelevant keywords. 

AI-powered listing builder 

As an Amazon seller, creating well-optimized product listings is crucial to ranking on the platform. Thankfully, Helium 10's AI-powered listing builder streamlines the process by leveraging the power of AI to automate listing creation and optimization. 

Once you put in a keyword, Helium 10’s listing builder uses related keywords and product characteristics to automatically generate titles, bullet points, and product descriptions for your listings. You can also import and optimize existing listings. 

Listing optimizer (Scribbles)

Optimizing your product listings is an essential part of increasing visibility and traffic. With Scribbles, you can enhance the use of keywords within product titles, descriptions, and bullet points. You can import up to 1,000 keywords or key phrases and optimize them based on frequency and search volume.

Scribbles also provides relevant keyword suggestions and uses color coding to differentiate between used and unused keywords. 

Amazon Advertising (Adtomic)

With Helium 10’s Adtomic, you can manage your  Amazon PPC accounts using the tool’s customizable dashboard. 

Adtomic provides an overview of your PPC spend, sales, Average Cost of Sale (ACOS), impressions, clicks, and other unique metrics like Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS). 

Using Bid Algorithms and custom Campaign Builders, you can set up multiple PPC campaign types at once You can also create rules for existing campaigns to automatically suggest keyword bids, add performing keywords, or create negative keywords. 

Adtomic stores up to 2 years of data, allowing you to compare your performance over time. 

Pros and cons of Helium 10 

In this section of our Helium 10 review, we will look at some pros of using this tool as well as some drawbacks: 

Pros of Helium 10

  • Helium 10 is a comprehensive tool that comes with an array of features that makes it easy for you to manage your business.
  • Helium 10's centralized dashboard comes with a user-friendly interface for effective business management and collaboration. 
  • With Helium 10’s keyword tool, you can identify relevant and profitable keywords for your marketing campaigns. 
  • The platform offers real-time insights and analytics to help you make informed business decisions. 
  • Helium 10 offers resources like webinars to educate both Amazon and Walmart sellers.

Cons of Helium 10 

  • New sellers may feel overwhelmed using this tool as it may take some time to master some advanced tools. 
  • Helium 10 may be relatively expensive, especially for small businesses. 

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 combines unique features into a Chrome extension which offers a wide range of functions including product research and sourcing, analysis, and so on. Here are some features of Helium 10’s Chrome extension:

  • Review Insights: Review Insights analyzes product reviews to spot potential issues. This will help you make informed decisions about what suppliers to work with.
  • ASIN Grabber: This extracts and displays ASINs directly on product pages.
  • Product research: This feature provides insights into a product's strengths and weaknesses, sales, profitability, and inventory levels.
  • Trendster: This feature shows price and Best Sellers Rank (BSR) changes over time, allowing you to adjust your pricing strategies.
  • Xray: The Xray tool retrieves high-performance keywords generating sales for top-ranking products. 
  • Amazon Revenue Calculator: This tool calculates potential profit margins.
  • Inventory levels: This feature monitors competitors' stock levels. 
  • Demand Analyzer: This feature offers insights into market demand and identifies products that have high selling potential.
  • Supplier Finder: This feature in partnership with Alibaba simplifies the sourcing process by connecting you with reputable suppliers.

Helium 10 Academy

Helium 10 Academy is a free online training program designed to support both Amazon and Walmart sellers. This online training is led by expert FBA sellers from Helium 10. 

The program has videos, webinars, articles, and downloadable resources. It covers topics like keyword research, product research, listing optimization, marketing, and more. 

Helium 10 Academy is self-paced so you can take the time to consume all the content step by step. 

Helium 10 pricing  

Helium 10 has various plans for different kinds of sellers. Here are Helium 10’s pricing plans: 

  • Free Plan: Available for those who want to get an inside look into the platform.
  • Starter Plan: This costs $39 per month and is suitable for new sellers.
  • Platinum Plan: This costs $99/month and is suitable for intermediate or expert-level sellers. 
  • Diamond Plan: This is priced at $279 per month and is ideal for growing Amazon FBA businesses.
  • Free trial: Helium 10 has a free trial with limited features that allow you to explore the platform. 

What are customers saying about Helium 10? 

Now in this section, we will look at what customers are saying about Helium 10. Here are a few reviews on Trustpilot: 

Helium 10 gas a total of 535 reviews and an overall rating of 3.6. 

Good reviews

“I have been working with Helium10 for the past 3 years and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to do anything without them. As an Amazon Agency you need to have accurate and up to date data to be able to help your Partner's grow and Helium10 has all the tools you need from Keyword Research to Market Insights. Great Customer Service too!” 

“As a customer from Germany, I am always amazed at how quickly I receive a response and how quickly a solution is found. So far I have always been helped in a friendly and competent way by Mike Da Jose and the team. Keep up the good work!

The product itself speaks for itself. The data provided is important for making data-based decisions in ecommerce.”

Bad reviews 

“There's a few decent tools but the majority are just poor/ unnecessary. My main issue was with the follow-up tool, could not get it to work at all, went back and forth with CS for hours and hours and no one could figure the issue out…”

“Dashboards not loading data, with error "Ooops...". Views may be loading one filter but not the other. And the list goes on.”

What is the difference between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout?

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are often referred to as two of the most popular tools for selling on Amazon. So in this section of our Helium 10 review, we will briefly compare both tools looking at their specialization, user interface, customer support, and pricing: 

difference between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

Wrapping up on Helium 10 review 

Helium 10 is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your Amazon selling experience.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting out, Helium 10 provides the tools and support needed to navigate the Amazon marketplace successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Helium 10 data reliable?

Helium 10's data reliability is generally considered good enough for making informed business decisions, although it may not be 100% accurate. 

Do I need Helium 10 to sell on Amazon?

No, you do not need Helium 10 to sell on Amazon. To sell on Amazon, you only need to sign up and create your Amazon Seller Central account. However, using a third-party tool like Helium 10 can help you optimize your Amazon store and automate your tasks to save time and increase efficiency. 

How much is Helium 10 per month?

Helium 10 offers several subscription plans with varying prices. The Starter Plan which starts at $39 per month, the Platinum Plan which is priced at $99 per month, and the Diamond Plan which is priced at $279 per month. 

Can I use Helium 10 for free?

Yes, you can use Helium 10 for free. This free trial plan allows you to test out Helium 10 without any financial commitment. 

How long can you use Helium 10 for free?

You can use Helium 10 for free indefinitely through its free plan. This plan gives you limited access to its premium features, allowing you to explore the platform without committing to a paid subscription. 

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