June 12, 2024

Amazon Seller - FeedbackWhiz Reviews 2024

Discover the latest FeedbackWhiz reviews for Amazon sellers in 2024. Learn how this powerful tool can boost your seller performance, manage feedback, and enhance your business strategy. Find out why FeedbackWhiz is a must-have for successful Amazon sellers today!
Amazon Seller - FeedbackWhiz Reviews 2024
Amazon Seller - FeedbackWhiz Reviews 2024

On Amazon, maintaining a good reputation with positive reviews and ratings is important. Not only does it attract more customers to your Amazon store, but it also increases your product ranking, impacts your seller performance and Buy Box eligibility, and much more. 

The process of getting feedback from your customers after they make a purchase can be challenging especially if this is your first time. Thankfully, some tools can help you automate the process and generate more Amazon reviews. This is where FeedbackWhiz comes in. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at this tool, and how you can use it to generate reviews for your products on Amazon. 

What is FeedbackWhiz? 

Imagine if you have a thousand customers daily and have to go through each one to request feedback from them. Draining right? 

FeedbackWhiz is one tool that can make the process of collecting customer feedback easy, saving you time and effort. 

FeedbackWhiz, one of the most popular Amazon messaging tools, is an Amazon Seller management software designed to streamline various aspects of your Amazon business. This software offers a wide range of tools including order management dashboards, data analytics, feedback management, email automation, and more. 

However, while FeedbackWhiz offers a wide range of solutions, the software excels in managing feedback and reviews and automating email communications.

Key features of FeedbackWhiz 

FeedbackWhiz has some key features that can help you streamline your Amazon business operations, generate FeedbackWhiz reviews, and automate the entire feedback request process. 

  1. Order manager 

Order Manager on FeedbackWhiz is a simple tool designed to streamline the management of orders for Amazon sellers. For each order, FeedbackWhiz provides detailed information about shipping status, feedback received, and email interactions. As an Amazon seller, you view and search for a variety of metrics related to your orders. This includes emails sent, emails queued, emails opened, feedback product reviews left, etc. With this, you can identify repeat customers and build a lasting relationship with them. 

  1. Feedback manager 

This is perhaps the major feature of FeedbackWhiz. Feedback manager gives you a simple overview of your reviews and ratings. You can search for feedback by date, order ID, or buyer email. 

The Feedback Manager includes a filter box where users can search by fulfillment method, feedback rating (1-5 stars), and open/pending status. This helps in prioritizing responses based on the urgency of the feedback.

  1. Product manager 

With the Product Manager feature on FeedbackWhiz, you can get a summary of how many units you have sold, the number of orders, as well as your gross revenue. You can also sort data using a variety of metrics. 

  1. Profits dashboard

The Profits dashboard shows you a detailed overview of units sold, revenue, costs, and net profit daily. It also shows you aggregated data for the last 2 weeks and the last month. It includes customizable graphs and charts that visualize key metrics such as gross revenue, net revenue, and net profit margins. This real-time insight allows you to monitor your financial performance closely and make informed decisions promptly. This feature also allows you to manage and track expenses and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) more effectively. You can easily categorize expenses into customizable categories, giving you a clearer picture of your operational costs. 

  1. Feedback and review request templates 

FeedbackWhiz offers email templates specifically designed for requesting feedback and reviews from customers on Amazon. These templates help you automate the feedback request process, ensuring compliance with Amazon's policies, and increasing your chances of receiving positive reviews. 

You can easily design these templates to match your branding. 

  1. Monitoring and notifications 

With FeedbackWhiz, you can turn on notifications to monitor your product listings on Amazon. You can monitor new reviews and negative feedback to help you respond promptly. The software also alerts you when changes are made to your listing so you can know when hijackers sabotage your listing. 

  1. Competitor tracking 

With competitor tracking on FeedbackWhiz, you can gain insight into what your competitors are doing and stay one step ahead of the curve. With this feature, you can look at competitor’s product listings, descriptions, feedback ratings, and reviews. What's more, you can find out trends across the industry you belong to based on reviews and search results data. 

  1. Data and analytics 

FeedbackWhiz integrates customer and order data onto a single screen, providing you with a comprehensive view of your business performance. This integration helps you make smarter decisions by offering insights into sales trends, profits, and expenses. It provides useful graphs, data, statistics, and reports, along with notifications, to help you focus on growing your business. 

  1. Customer support 

FeedbackWhiz has a support page that covers all features. There is a ‘Help’ button that works as a search directory for tutorials. You can also leave inquiries or reach out to their customer service and personnel will attend to you promptly. 

FeedbackWhiz Pricing 

FeedbackWhiz has a unique pricing structure with three plans. Each comes with sub-plans which are the Starter, Basic, and Professional plans. 

  • Email and Amazon Review Request Automation Plan
  • Profits and Accounting Plan
  • Product Listing and Monitoring Plan

Email and Amazon Review Request Automation Plan

If you're looking for a feedback review software with vast features, this is a great category to subscribe to. The Starter plan is $20 per month for 2000 feedback requests per month. The Basic plan is $40 per month for 5000 feedback requests in a month. The Professional plan falls at $80 per month for an unlimited number of feedback requests. The Ultimate plan costs $140 per month for an unlimited number of feedback requests. 

Some features included in the Email and Amazon Review Request Automation plan are: 

  • Review Request Triggering
  • Critical Event Notifications
  • Graphs & Statistics
  • Customer Orders Integration
  • Real-Time Refund Integration
  • Live Email Preview
  • Easy Variable Insertion
  • Internal Note System
  • Automatic Buyer opt-outs
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Campaign Filters and Timers
  • Repeat Buyer Integration
  • Positive Feedback Integration
  • Buyer / Order Blacklist
  • Download Data Reports, etc. 

Profits and Accounting Plan

If you want to get access to the profit dashboard and track your expenses, you can subscribe to this plan as well. 

The starter plan is $20 per month, the basic plan is $50 per month and the professional plan is $100 per month. 

Some features of this plan include: 

  • Aggregate data from single and multi-Amazon marketplaces.
  • View and examine the best and worst performing products.
  • Detailed breakdown of all sales, profits, and expense metrics.
  • Analyze data from custom-labeled products.
  • Automatically convert to the currency of your choice.
  • Interactive Graphs for all metrics.
  • Input Cost of goods calculated by units.
  • Import and Export data via CSV files.

Product Listing and Monitoring Plan

This is an add-on plan which depends on the number of ASINs you want to monitor. Here’s a breakdown of the cost per ASIN:

Free trial

FeedbackWhiz offers you a 30-day free trial which gives you access to all features. You will be able to send 2000 emails, monitor 50 products, and create up to 10 campaigns. 

How to get started with FeedbackWhiz on Amazon 

Getting started with FeedbackWhiz is pretty easy. Here's a simple step-by-step guide: 

Step 1: Sign Up for FeedbackWhiz

Firstly, you will need to go to the FeedbackWhiz website. Select the plan that best suits your needs and proceed to sign up. You can opt for a free trial or select a paid plan.

Step 2: Connect your Amazon Seller Central account

Once you have signed up, log in to your FeedbackWhiz account. Look for the option to connect your Amazon Seller Central account. This is usually found under a section named "Integrations" or "Connect Accounts."

Follow the prompts to authorize FeedbackWhiz to access your Amazon Seller Central account.

After connecting your Amazon account, you'll be prompted to set up your products. This involves selecting the products you want to monitor for feedback and reviews.

You can choose to monitor all products or select specific ones. 

Step 3: Configure email settings

Next, you will need to configure email settings. FeedbackWhiz allows you to configure email settings for automated feedback requests. All you need to do is navigate to the email settings section to get started. 

You can also customize your email templates using the built-in editor. You can personalize the subject line, and body text, and even add images or logos.

Step 4: Monitor and Manage Feedback

With your products set up and emails configured, you can start monitoring your feedback. FeedbackWhiz will automatically collect and categorize feedback from your customers. Utilize the Feedback Manager to view and respond to feedback. You can sort feedback by rating, status, or date to prioritize responses.

You can also respond to negative feedback promptly to try and resolve issues and improve your seller rating. 

Pros and cons of FeedbackWhiz 


  • Great email service: FeedbackWhiz is recognized for its superior email service capabilities, including customizable templates and the ability to send out automated emails to customers, which is essential for feedback management. 
  • Ease of use: FeedbackWhiz is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for you to manage your Amazon accounts, track your product reviews, monitor your competitors, and automate the entire customer communication process.
  • Detailed feedback management: It offers robust tools for managing customer feedback, including automatic tracking and categorization of reviews, which helps you identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Great customer service: FeedbackWhiz also offers exceptional customer service. 


  • Limited free plan: Although FeedbackWhiz offers a free plan, it comes with limitations in terms of the features available. 
  • Potential learning curve: Although FeedbackWhiz is user-friendly, there might still be a learning curve for new users to fully understand and utilize all the features of the software. 

FeedbackWhiz reviews - what are customers saying? 

Now, let's look at FeedbackWhiz reviews to find out what customers are saying: 

"Pretty good company for Amazon sellers"

What do you like best about FeedbackWhiz?

They occasionally send out emails which I really like. The articles talk about anything new or things to expect for Amazon. It is really helpful. 

What do you dislike about FeedbackWhiz?

Nothing much to dislike about this company. Maybe the pricing could be a little better but overall they provide a lot of value.

"One of the go-to software when selling on Amazon"

Overall: This is a key software for an Amazon seller. 

Pros: FeedbackWhiz is a must if you sell on Amazon. It's been around for many years. I have used it myself since 2017 and it saved me from many troubles by notifying me of negative reviews and feedback. Also, I've been using it to send emails every day, with attached manuals. 

Cons: Never found any problems with the software

"Just what I needed"

Overall: easy to understand and once you know how to make it work, you get a lot out of it.

Pros: Just what I needed. Once you get used to it, it's very difficult to stop using it.

Cons: too many options for an amateur. Maybe they should put different user levels. 

Final thoughts 

As an Amazon seller, there's no better way to improve your marketing than having customers leave positive reviews about your product. 

With FeedbackWhiz you can optimize your review management processes, improve customer engagement, and drive Amazon sales.

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