March 10, 2023

How to Get Authentic Reviews on Amazon in 2023

If you're looking for a surefire way to get more sales and better reviews on Amazon, this guide is for you! Learn the best tips and tricks to get real reviews in no time.
How to Get Authentic Reviews on Amazon in 2023
Shannon Okubor
How to Get Authentic Reviews on Amazon in 2023

Product reviews play a critical role in consumer decision-making. Nine out of ten consumers will go through product reviews before buying a product. 

Reviews on Amazon not only give shoppers confidence in the quality of a product, but it also influences the ranking of a product on Amazon search results. 

As a retailer selling on Amazon, how do you get authentic Amazon product reviews? 

In this article, we will cover effective ways to get authentic Amazon reviews in 2023 and look at how not to get Amazon product reviews. 

Why are product reviews important on Amazon? 

Amazon product reviews are important for several reasons.

Firstly, reviews on Amazon play a critical role in decision-making. According to Jungle Scout’s Consumer Trends Report, consumers are influenced to buy a product that has a positive Amazon rating and review. 

Product reviews are one of the best forms of social proof, as it provides customers with a second opinion on the product. Nobody wants to buy a product they are not happy with. One way to prevent this is to find out if others are happy with using the product. 

Secondly, product reviews influence your ranking on Amazon. Amazon prioritizes showing customers some of the best products at the most affordable prices. Amazon is likely to rank your product higher on search results if it has good reviews and ratings. 

Thirdly, as an Amazon seller, your Amazon seller feedback can influence your Buy Box wins. By maintaining good customer satisfaction, you can increase your Amazon feedback rating, and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Lastly, product reviews can be a powerful analysis tool for your Amazon product research. Through product reviews, you can obtain useful market insights relating to your product. 

8 ways to get authentic Amazon product reviews 

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Now we know how powerful product reviews are. How can you get authentic product reviews on your Amazon product listing? Let's look at eight ways you can get authentic product reviews on Amazon.

  1. Sell a valuable product
  2. Use the Amazon “Request a Review” button
  3. Use product inserts
  4. Follow-up on customers using emails 
  5. Leverage social media 
  6. Take advantage of the Amazon Vine Program 
  7. Attend to negative reviews 
  8. Provide great customer service 

Sell a valuable product 

No matter how much advertising you do on your product, if you don't sell a great product or misinform customers about the benefits of your product, you are likely to get a swarm of negative reviews on your product. So, the first way to get a good review on your product is to sell a valuable product. Before choosing a product to sell, you want to carry out proper research to ensure your product is solving a problem. Is it a product customers will love to recommend? 

Also, ensure that the product provides all the information customers need to make a buying decision. You want to avoid creating confusion or misinforming your customers. 

Use the Amazon “Request a Review” button

With the Amazon “Request a Review” button, you can easily request a review for your orders through your Amazon Seller Central account within a time frame of four to thirty days. 

With this feature, you can potentially increase your chances of getting a review on your product. 

You can find the “Request a Review” button on the details page for each buyer's order on your Amazon Seller Central. 

Once you click the button, an email is sent to the customer requesting them to leave a review on your product. The downside to this process is that you have to go through every order to click on the button. However, this can be easily solved using Amazon review tools like Jungle Scout's Extension. With this tool, you can make bulk requests. 

Use product inserts

Another easy way to encourage users to drop reviews on your product is through product inserts. You can insert a card in your product packaging encouraging customers to leave a review. Get creative with your messaging and ensure your design stands out. However, it is important to follow Amazon's guidelines when using product inserts.

Here are some Amazon product insert guidelines to keep in mind: 

  • Avoid asking customers to leave a five-star review on your product. Instead, simply remain neutral. 
  • Include useful information about your product and company. 
  • Ensure customers can contact you if an issue arises. However, don't request that customers contact you outside the Buyer-Seller Messaging platform. 

Follow-up on customers using emails 

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It is important to point out that as long as customers are buying products on Amazon, they are Amazon's customers. 

To build a relationship with customers and build your brand, you will need to do so off-Amazon.

You can create an email list through your website or social media. Once you have your mailing list, you can easily request a review through emails. 

Some customers will be happy to leave a review but do not think it is important. Communicating with your customers will help them understand the importance of leaving a review on your product. It is also an excellent way to build a relationship with them and increase your customer retention. 

Leverage social media 

Today, nearly everyone around the world is on social media. In fact, many consumers use social media to search for products. 

Through social media, you can promote your products, advertise your promotions, and request that customers leave an honest review after they make a purchase. You can create or join online groups like Facebook groups to solicit reviews on Amazon. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to solicit positive reviews. Instead, keep things neutral. 

Take advantage of the Amazon Vine Program 

Launched in 2007, the Amazon Vine Program is an Amazon review program that helps businesses and brands get reviews for their products from trusted Amazon reviewers. 

All you need to do is send your product to Amazon, and Amazon will give them to reviewers for free. If you have less than 30 reviews on your product, you can enroll in the Amazon Vine Program. 

Through the program, you can get helpful feedback that can increase conversion rates. However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee of getting positive reviews. Reviewers or Vine Voices will be critical of your product and leave authentic reviews. So before you enroll your product for the Vine program, ensure it is of high quality. 

Attend to negative reviews 

Sometimes, you can get a negative review slapped on your product. While getting a negative review can be a bit nerve-racking, you can turn that negative review into a positive one. You are not permitted to request that customers remove the negative review. Instead, focus on addressing the problem and remain courteous in your approach. 

Use your negative reviews as an assessment tool to find out what you are doing wrong and improve on those areas. You can use a review tool to notify you when you get a negative review on your product. 

Provide great customer service 

Some customers may ask a question concerning your product. Perhaps they want to know how to use your product. It is important to respond to these questions promptly. Answer all questions politely no matter how unreasonable the customer may sound and apologize for any mishaps that may have happened. 

Also, ensure your products are delivered to your customers promptly as promised. 

Providing great customer service will reduce your chances of getting a negative review and also increase your chances of getting a positive review. 

How to not get product reviews on Amazon

Amazon takes product reviews very seriously and going against Amazon's product review rules can get you suspended. Now you know how to get authentic product reviews on your product. Here are some ways not to get product reviews on Amazon: 

You are not permitted to incentivize reviews

Before 2016, sellers could offer products at a low price or for free in exchange for a product review. However, this led to over-inflated reviews and this was banned in 2016. Today, you are not permitted to incentivize reviews. Incentivizing reviews can get your account suspended. 

You are not permitted to ask family and friends for reviews

Amazon prioritizes authentic reviews and wants reviews to give customers accurate and unbiased information about a product. So, your family and friends are not the most reliable sources. If Amazon notices any unusual activity on your account, it could get restricted. 

Avoid using fake third-party review services 

Many third-party review services fake 5-star ratings for a price. This is highly prohibited on Amazon. While buying Amazon fake reviews may seem like a viable option, this can backfire quickly. If you are caught faking reviews, your account could be suspended. 

Final thoughts 

As we've already established, product reviews are critical to selling on Amazon. You can go through our article above to get ideas on how to get authentic product reviews on Amazon. Remember to follow Amazon's rules to avoid losing your rights to sell on Amazon. 

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