January 24, 2023

7 Amazon Review Software Tools to Turbo-charge Sales in 2022

7 Amazon Review Software Tools to Turbo-charge Sales in 2022
7 Amazon Review Software Tools to Turbo-charge Sales in 2022

7 Amazon Review Software

Amazon reviews are a crucial part of the customer's buying journey. 

Nearly nine out of ten customers will read product reviews before making a purchase.

Shoppers rely heavily on customer feedback before buying a product. 

In fact, 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a product with the best reviews and ratings over one with poor ratings. 

For many Amazon sellers, getting positive Amazon customer reviews can be challenging. 

However, thanks to advancements in technology, you can get as many customers to review your products, increase company sales, and ultimately grow revenue with Amazon. 

Read on as we learn about automating Amazon reviews and look at some of the best tools for review automation in the market. 

What is a review automation tool?

Getting reviews on your product listing is a crucial part of selling on Amazon. Not only does it increase conversion rate but it also improves your product ranking on the Amazon marketplace. 

A review automation tool is a technology that allows you to send automatic requests to as many customers who have purchased your product. 

Amazon “Request a Review” feature

The Amazon “Request a Review” feature is a tool that allows sellers to ask for reviews from customers right from their Amazon Seller account. 

To use this feature, simply open your Amazon Seller Central dashboard, go to the Manage Orders page, click to see order details, and click on the “Request a Review” button on the top right of the page. 

This will immediately allow you to solicit product views via email. Your customers won't be able to respond to this message but can provide a rating on your product. 

This feature is only available within a space of 4-30 days after a customer receives an order. 

The “Request a Review” feature is a great tool for getting reviews, however, it can be tedious and time-consuming especially if you have many orders. 

Also, you can't customize messages sent to your customers. This is where an Amazon review automation software comes in. 

What to look out for in an automated Amazon review software 

Creating a system that automatically sends feedback requests to your customers after they make a sale is crucial to getting reviews on your listing. Hence, you need to get an automated Amazon review software. Here are some features to look out for when choosing an automated Amazon review software for your business: 

  • The ideal Amazon review software should strictly follow the terms and conditions of selling on Amazon FBA.
  • The ideal Amazon review software should be easily integrated with your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Emails used by the software should contain no external links, promotional messages, or any form of marketing to leave reviews
  • An ideal Amazon review software should provide an A/B testing feature to try out different templates
  • The ideal Amazon review software should also come with a tool for monitoring negative feedback 

7 Amazon review software to automate reviews and increase sales in 2022 

Amazon review software to automate reviews

Here’s a list of some of the best Amazon review software to gather feedback and product reviews for your business: 

  1. FeedbackZ
  2. FeedbackFive
  3. Kibly
  4. Feedback Express
  5. BQool
  6. AMZFinder
  7. SageMailer 


FeedbackZ is an Amazon review software designed to help sellers gather feedback and product reviews by sending automated feedback and review requests to customers. What's unique about this software is that it comes with a mobile optimization feature perfect for mobile users. 

FeedbackZ comes with customizable templates that follow Amazon's policies. You can also personalize your messaging and send out review requests at specific times. You also don't need to worry about those negative reviews as this tool tracks your product reviews and acts on the negative reviews. 

Pricing: FeedbackZ offers different subscription plans based on the number of orders you process daily. For example, you will be charged $8.25 per month (500 emails) if you are processing 30 orders a day. They also offer customizable plans for over 3000 orders daily. 


FeedbackFive is an Amazon review tool that helps you send customized messages to your customers at specific times. You can also include emojis and images in your messaging to increase engagement. 

FeedbackFive also offers existing templates to help increase customer engagement. For a more personal touch, you can also design your own template. You can automate your emails easily and monitor your email campaign performance. In addition, this tool can also monitor negative feedback. 

Pricing: FeedbackFive offers different subscription plans based on how many emails you send in a month. The Basic plan starts at $9.99 a month while the Pro Plan starts at $29.99 including 1500 emails a month. 


Kibly is an Amazon review tool that comes with unique features that can help you automate your reviews and increase conversion rates. Kibly comes with beautiful personalized templates to give your emails a unique touch. You can easily send automated emails requesting your customers to leave feedback on your page. What's more, you can send a postcard to your customers directly.

Kibly also helps you monitor negative reviews and will send alerts to help you act on them quickly. 

Pricing: Kibly charges you depending on how many emails you send every month. 

Feedback Express

Feedback Express is one of the tools that have dominated the ecommerce industry as one of the best when it comes to regulating Amazon product reviews and feedback. 

This tool allows you to set up automated emails to customers who purchased a product from your store. You can create and configure three different types of messages including requests for seller feedback, request for product reviews, and customer service emails. Feedback Express also helps you monitor negative feedback by sending alerts that will help you respond to them quickly. 

Pricing: Feedback Express charges you based on the number of emails sent every month. You can start with the basic plan of 1000 emails at £14.95 a month or a more advanced plan of £59 a month for as high as 25,000 emails. 


BQool makes our list of one of the best review software thanks to its powerful features. This tool is a one-stop help desk solution to simplify your customer service. It offers other services including repricing, seller service, and product tracking.  

It comes with an autoresponder feature which you can use to respond to customer complaints as soon as possible. You also get a wide range of email templates that you can use for different customer situations. You can send automated review requests by simply tweaking the templates provided or you can create yours. 

Pricing: The pricing depends on the number of emails you send every month. However, you get a 30-day free trial after which the software costs $25 a month for 2000 emails. 


Available in 8 Amazon marketplaces, AMZFinder is a powerful feature that allows sellers to manage reviews and effectively connect with their customers. In simple terms, AMZFinder offers two services: Feedback Request and Review Management.  

With this tool, you can customize email templates for your product review requests and even send your messages in multiple languages at a particular time and channel. 

You can also track multiple ASINs and manage your Amazon reviews effectively. 

Pricing: AMZFInder offers a review management plan that starts at $29.99 a month allowing you to track up to 50 ASINs. You can also go for a bigger plan that starts at $169.99 a month for reviews on 2000 ASINs and above. 

For the feedback request plans, AMZFinder allows you to send 500 emails a month for free. To send more, you may need to switch to the Basic plan starting at $19 a month. 


SageMailer is a powerful review tool used by many Amazon sellers thanks to its unique features. You can easily personalize your product review requests and feedback emails with existing templates using your company logos, images, and other features.

You can carry out A/B testing for as high as 9 variations to see which works best for you. 

SageMailer also supports VAT invoicing on EU Amazon marketplaces and helps you manage buyer-seller messages on the same platform thanks to its seamless integration. 

Pricing: SageMailer has a free plan. However, to get access to all the features, you will need to upgrade to the Pro plan which starts at $25 for up to 2000 emails a month. 


Thanks to Amazon review software tools, you can actively follow up on all your customers requesting product reviews and feedback. These tools come with unique features that make it easy to provide a top-notch customer service experience. You can go through our list above to check out the best tool to earn more reviews and increase sales on Amazon

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