June 27, 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything You need to know

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything You need to know
Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything You need to know

Amazon Prime Day is one of the greatest shopping events of the year. It comes with tremendous growth opportunities for brands selling on Amazon

Within the two-day period, you can reach a wide range of highly-engaged online shoppers on the Amazon marketplace. 

According to data from Amazon, over 250 million products were purchased by Prime members all over the world in 2021. 

With this kind of success, sellers need to be prepared to seize the opportunity and increase sales on Amazon.

Read on as we explain all you need to know about Amazon Prime Day and how you can prepare for success in 2022. 

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

Amazon Prime Day is an annual 48-hour shopping event that is open to only Amazon Prime customers only. This sales event showcases the biggest deals to millions of customers in different countries. Prime Day originated in 2015 for 24 hours to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. With hundreds of deals on display, the event was a massive success. In 2015, Amazon FBA sellers recorded massive success, with a jaw-dropping 300% increase in unit sales worldwide. 

Amazon has since continued this shopping event and is currently one of the biggest sales on the retail calendar. Prime Days deals which were only available in 9 countries have since extended to over 20 countries. 

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022? 

Amazon has confirmed that this year’s Amazon Prime Day Sale is to hold in July 2022 although the exact date hasn’t been announced. We estimate that Amazon Prime Day 2022 may take place in mid-July perhaps the week of July 2022. 

Amazon Prime Day Date History 

  • 2015 - July 15
  • 2016 - July 12
  • 2017 - July 11-12
  • 2018 - July 16-17
  • 2019 - July 15-16
  • 2020 - October 13-14 (Due to Covid-19)
  • 2021- June 21-22 
  • 2022 - July 12-13

Amazon Prime Day deadlines 

To stay up to date with your ship dates and be successful on Amazon Prime Day, it is important to keep the following inventory and promo deadlines in mind

  • Prime Day Deals deadline - April 29, 2022
  • Lightening deals deadline - April 29, 2022 (US & Canada), May 13 (France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Japan, and the UK)
  • Coupon submission deadline - June 10, 2022
  • FBA inventory cut-off (Inventory should be at Amazon fulfillment centers) - June 20, 2022
  • Inbound Shipping cut-off - June 2, 2022 (the US and Canada) 
  • Inbound Shipping cut-off - June 22, 2022 (Mexico and Portugal)
  • Inbound Shipping cut-off - June 29, 2022 (UK)

6 ways to boost your Amazon Prime Day Sales 

Let’s go through a few tips to get your sales up during the Amazon Prime Day sales event: 

  1. Send shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers on time
  2. Take advantage of discounts and product bundles
  3. Revamp your product listings
  4. Pay attention to your product reviews and packaging inserts 
  5. Leverage advertising campaigns to increase sales
  6. Alert your customers using social media and emails

Send shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers on time

If you sell with fulfillment by Amazon, you automatically have access to sell to millions of Amazon Prime members. However, sending your FBA shipments to Amazon Fulfillment centers is crucial to succeeding on Amazon Prime day. To avoid running out of stock during one of the biggest sales events, you need to ensure your Amazon inventory gets to fulfillment centers before the FBA inventory cut-off which falls on June 20th, 2022. 

Take advantage of discounts and product bundles

On Prime Day, online shoppers flock to Amazon looking for the best deals. You can take advantage of this demand and create discounts, deals, and promotions on your Amazon listings to attract customers. 

  • Offer Lightning Deals: A Lightning Deal is a time-bound Amazon Seller promotion where a product is featured for a few hours (usually between 4 to 12 hours) on the Amazon Deals page. Although they are more expensive to run during Prime Day, Lightning Deals are a great way to increase your product visibility and increase sales on Amazon. 
  • Amazon coupons: An Amazon coupon will appear as a bright green tag on your product listing. This is a great way to attract customers to your listing and let them know you are offering discounted prices for your products. In addition, your customers won't need to go looking for deals on the Amazon Deals page. 
  • Create custom promotions: You can create promotions like “buy one get one free” using your Amazon Seller account. You can also create a promo code that you can share with your audience on social media and other off-Amazon platforms. 
  • Create product bundles: To attract customers to your listing, you can create product bundles made of different product variations. You can combine complementary products that your customers may want to buy together. If done right, product bundles can offer convenience and value to your customers while increasing sales. Examples of product bundles are gift sets, conditioner sets, and so on. You want to check  Amazon's bundling policies to ensure you are following the guidelines. 

Revamp your product listings

To build trust with customers and increase Amazon sales, you need to ensure your product listings communicate your value proposition and authenticity. 

Review your product content and ensure you communicate your unique brand story, company history, and other accreditations. 

Invest in professional photography and Amazon product videos to increase conversion rates. You can invest in Amazon A+ content to create a consistent brand experience for your customers. With A+ content, you have access to text overlays, high-quality images, comparison charts, and other features. 

Ensure your copy is compelling, well written, and reflects your brand voice. Don't forget to update your product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions. Include relevant keywords and ensure your copy communicates the benefits of using your product. 

Update your keywords based on popular searches and 2022 Prime Day trends. The goal is to differentiate your brand from the competition and increase your conversion rate. You can check out our article here for pro tips to optimize your product listings. 

Pay attention to your product reviews and packaging inserts 

Product reviews provide trustworthy feedback about your product. You may be able to get potential customers to click on your product but good product reviews can help reinforce trust and improve your conversion rate. Also, good product reviews and ratings, improve your organic search rankings on Amazon. 

You can leverage emails and social media to drive reviews to your product page. You can also make use of the Amazon Vine Program for new products before Amazon Prime Day. 

After customers purchase a product on Prime Day, you can build trust and encourage reviews by including packaging inserts. With packaging inserts, you say thank you to your customers and build a relationship with them. You can also provide more information about your brand and provide an avenue to get feedback from your customers. 

Set up advertising campaigns to increase sales

Setting up advertising campaigns during one of the biggest sales events on Amazon is a must. Although advertising may cost more during this peak period, you need to be prepared to spend more. Because of the high competition, spending more on advertising is the only way to get your ads seen. Make use of Amazon advertising solutions including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display Ads

Ideally, you need to start running your ads a few weeks before Prime Day. This will help you properly optimize your keyword strategies, audience targeting, and other campaign inputs before Prime Day. It is also the best time to make your products discoverable and increase the likelihood of raking in sales during the event. 

During the event, you can remarket to online shoppers who have visited your page before Prime Day to put your brand top of mind. 

After the event is over, you can re-engage your audiences with special promotions and encourage them to visit your product page for more purchases. 

Drive external traffic using Off-Amazon ads 

One way to drive external traffic to your Amazon Prime Day deals and increase sales is to run off-Amazon ads. You can use social media ads like Facebook ads or make use of Google ads to advertise your Prime Day deals to a new audience. This will drive traffic and increase conversion rates on Amazon. To track your off-Amazon traffic and conversions, you can use Amazon Attribution. This is an advertising tool created to help brand registered Amazon sellers measure external advertising efforts. With Amazon Attribution, you can measure your ROI and get valuable insights to help you with future campaigns. 

Alert your customers using social media and emails

Social media is an effective platform to promote your Amazon Prime Deals and alert existing customers of upcoming Prime Day deals. You can reach customers through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. Create captivating content including videos, social media posts, stories, and so on to let your customers know how much they can benefit from the Prime Day sales. 

You can also use emails to build a relationship with existing customers before Prime Day. You can send newsletters that provide value to your customers and include links to alert customers of your existing Amazon promotions. 

Final thoughts 

Amazon Prime Day is a big sales event that presents sellers with the unique opportunity to attract customers, increase Amazon sales, and establish their brand. To succeed on Prime Day, it is important to start early to prepare your inventory and build your advertising strategy.  

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