August 18, 2022

Top Marketing Strategies for Selling on Amazon Pet Supplies Category

Amazon is a very large marketplace. Every category/niche is different from the other in terms of things that work and how to sell. Learn all you need to know about marketing strategies for selling on amazon pet supplies category.
Top Marketing Strategies for Selling on Amazon Pet Supplies Category
Shawn Khorrami
Top Marketing Strategies for Selling on Amazon Pet Supplies Category

Top Marketing Strategies for Selling on Amazon Pet Supplies

The Amazon Pet Supplies category has also experienced significant growth over the years.

According to research, this product category has experienced a growth of 30% YoY, reaching an estimated value of $600M in sales as of 2018. 

The Amazon Pet Supplies product category is also very competitive. However, it equally holds huge potentials for sellers who want to increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon

Read on as we explore the Amazon Pet Supplies Category and map out top marketing strategies for selling on Amazon Pet Supplies Category. 

Amazon Pet Supplies Sub-Categories 

Amazon Pet Supplies

The Pet Supplies category on Amazon comes with several sub-categories which are also divided into sections. To start your business and increase sales on Amazon, you will need to choose the subcategory you want to sell in. 

There are general sub-categories like Toys, Edibles, Wearables, and Topicals. These categories are also broken down into various animal sub-sections. Here are a few of these sub-sections:

  • Dogs: The dogs’ section includes products like apparel, beds, health supplies, food, toys, collars, flea control supplies, and so on. 
  • Aquatic pets: This section includes products like aquarium supplies, health supplies, feeders, and so on 
  • Cats: This section includes products like collars, repellants, toys, health supplies, tick/flea control supplies, etc. 
  • Horses: This includes products like boots, blankets, pest control, stable materials, toys, health supplies, etc. 

8 top marketing strategies for selling on Amazon Pet Supplies Category


Pet supply buyers are usually emotionally driven. They want to buy from brands that sell high-quality products and who they consider trustworthy. Here are a few marketing strategies to help you attract the right customers, boost sales and increase company revenue selling on the Amazon Pet Supplies category. 

  1. Carry out research 
  2. Create an Amazon Brand Store 
  3. Infuse lifestyle images 
  4. Tell a story using A+ content 
  5. Use Sponsored Brand Ads 
  6. Get positive reviews
  7. Keep your product prices competitive
  8. Provide great customer service 

Carry out research 

The first step to selling on Amazon is to carry out research. This begins from what niche or sub-category you intend to sell in. As we've mentioned above, the Pet Supplies category comes in several subcategories. You want to make sure you carry your research on each category. For example, the Pet health care supplies have experienced the fastest growth, with 70% growth year on year. Also, the Petfood category has experienced a consistent increase in sales as sellers always need to replenish stocks periodically. 

Reports like Amazon Trends and Amazon Best Sellers provide insight on marketing trends, sales, consumer behaviors, and much more. You can also get insight from Amazon top sellers and competitor pages. Pay attention to their customer reviews as this can provide insight into what works and what doesn’t. You can also spot gaps that you can take advantage of. 

Lastly, carry out keyword research using keyword tools like Ahrefs to find relevant keywords your customers are searching for on Amazon. Insert these keywords in your product title, bullet points, and product description. 

Create an Amazon Storefront 

An Amazon Storefront is a mini-website that allows sellers to showcase their brand and product catalog all in one location. A brand store comes with its own unique URL which you can share through social media, emails, and marketing campaigns to direct customers to your store. The Pet Supplies category is diverse, and one way to stand out and reinforce your brand is to create a brand store. You can showcase different pet supply products and connect your brand to new and existing customers. To create an Amazon Brand Store, you need an Amazon Seller Central account and you must be registered with Amazon Brand Registry. Once registered, creating your brand store is completely free. 

Infuse lifestyle images 

Buyers in this category are largely emotionally driven. They want to pick products that will give their pet a pleasurable experience. One way to attract buyers to your product is to use lifestyle images in your Amazon listing. Lifestyle images show your product in its natural setting. They help communicate the value that comes with using your product. For example, if you sell dog toys, a lifestyle image of a cute dog latching onto a toy in an open field will create an image of joy and fun in the mind of your customer. They also help the customer know the size and dimension of the product they are buying. Infuse at least two lifestyle images. And if you can add a short video, why not? The more real your product looks, the more your customers can trust your brand. 

Tell a story using A+ content 

A+ content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) is a tool that gives Amazon sellers the opportunity to showcase more content, images, and product information. With more real estate, you can reassure pet owners of the value and reliability of your product. You can share your brand story and values to gain the trust of pet owners. 

With A+ content, you can add text on images, emphasize some headlines, add sizing charts, bolden texts and improve your overall brand visibility. To get access to Amazon A+ content, you must have an Amazon Seller Central account and be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. 

Use Sponsored Brand Ads 

Most pet supplies buyers are loyalists. Pet owners will most likely lookout for brands they are familiar with. As a seller, one way to consistently reach out to loyal shoppers is to take advantage of Sponsored Brand Ads. With Sponsored Brand Ads, you can add your logo, brand name, and several products and promote them to a wider audience. This will help loyal customers recognize your brand and shop from you again. You can redirect them to your Amazon brand store where they get to see your brand and product catalog. Consider infusing branded keywords alongside generic keywords, so your product appears to previous buyers. These Ads can also attract new customers to your store. 

Get positive customer reviews 

Buyers of pet supplies want to be sure that the products they buy for their pets are both safe and reliable. One way customers make buying decisions is by going through customer reviews. If a buyer sees positive reviews from a good number of customers, they are more likely to purchase a product from you. You can get reviews from customers in different ways. You can use the Request a Review button on Amazon or request for a review using product inserts in your packaging. You can also request reviews via email or social media. 

Ensure you work against getting negative reviews. Offer quality products and customer service and respond to complaints as quickly as possible. Positive reviews and ratings not only consolidate trust but also improve search rankings on Amazon. 

Keep your product prices competitive 

When it comes to selling on Amazon, prices play a major role in a customer’s buying decision. For the pet supplies category, pet owners pay attention to the price of the product. Shoppers will typically want to go for quality products that help them save money. It is crucial to keep this in mind when creating your product page and catalog. You can look out for competitor product prices and ensure you are not selling too high or too low from the market price. You also want to consider your profit margin. Thankfully, there are repricing tools like BQool that help you update your product prices automatically. 

Provide great customer service 

Happy customers are major keys to a successful business. This also applies to selling on Amazon. You want to make sure your customers are satisfied with your services and have a smooth buying experience. Don’t compromise on the quality of products and ensure you fulfill all that your brand promises. Respond to customer queries and complaints within 24 hours and deliver products to your customers within the estimated time. Send thank-you notes once your customers make a purchase and build a personal relationship with them.  

Regulations for the Pet Supplies Category 

Regulations for the Pet Supplies Category 

It is crucial to know that pet products are regulated. Regulations for pet products usually fall under one of these two agencies: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you sell products that animals have to ingest or you claim your product treats animal diseases, they must be regulated under the FDA. There are specific requirements that must be met before selling on the Amazon Pet Supplies category. 

Topicals like tick/flea treatments, pesticides, and repellants are regulated by the EPA and must be registered with them. 

To create product listings on Amazon, your products must go through verification. Amazon will confirm if your products are registered and meet certain requirements. If your products are unverified, your listings could be suppressed, or worse still, your account deactivated. 


The Amazon Pet Supplies category presents numerous opportunities for sellers. With a wide range of categories and a steady growth in sales, sellers can increase their sales and grow revenue with Amazon. 

Do well to implement the strategies mentioned above and don’t forget to follow the rules and regulations for selling in the Pet Supplies category. You can also contact ePlaybooks for advanced and personalized tips to guide you in selling in this category. 

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