August 18, 2022

How to Leverage Amazon Influencers to Increase Conversions 

Influencers can be a bridge for connecting brands with the right audience. In this article, we will explore how to increase the conversion rate on Amazon by leveraging Amazon influencers. 
How to Leverage Amazon Influencers to Increase Conversions 
How to Leverage Amazon Influencers to Increase Conversions 

 Leverage Amazon Influencers

We know that the Amazon marketplace is a retail giant accounting for over 50% of US ecommerce marketing. With its reputation, it is no surprise that millions of sellers use this platform to reach a wide audience and increase sales and revenue. 

With the fierce competition that comes with selling on Amazon, sellers are faced with the task of getting their products seen by the right audience. 

One effective strategy for getting your products in front of the right audience is influencer marketing. Influencers have established themselves as trusted sources on various social media platforms and have a good social media following. 

Influencers can be a bridge for connecting brands with the right audience. 

In this article, we will explore how to increase conversion rate on Amazon by leveraging Amazon influencers. 

Here’s what we will be looking at: 

  • Who is an Amazon Influencer? 
  • Amazon Influencer Program - How does it work?
  • Benefits of Influencer marketing for Amazon sellers 
  • How to find Amazon influencers
  • How can you work with an Amazon influencer? 
  • Tracking influencer marketing impact

Who is an Amazon Influencer?

An Amazon influencer is a person who has established trust and authority on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. These individuals have a large following and can influence the purchasing decisions of followers by promoting a product for sales on Amazon.  

What this means is that you can leverage influencers to help increase Amazon sales

Amazon influencers are generally part of the Amazon Influencer program. The program allows influencers to promote a brand's product in exchange for payment or commission.

Amazon takes the influencer's content and displays it in relevant customer searches. Customers can easily learn more about the influencer by clicking on the influencer's name and checking their profile. 

Amazon Influencer Program - How does it work? 

Amazon is constantly working on effective ways to help brands reach their customers - the Amazon Influencer program is one of those ways. It is intended for people with a significantly large and loyal social media following. 

The Amazon Influencer program allows users to promote products and earn a commission based on the sales brought to Amazon. 

This program is similar to the Amazon Associates Program and is in fact an extension of it. However, these programs differ in how they drive their audience to the product they promote. 

With the  Amazon Associates Program, you can only share affiliate links on various platforms (like social media accounts and websites), while the Amazon Influencer program takes it a step further by allowing its users to create their own Amazon storefront. Followers can access various products recommended by the influencer by simply visiting the storefront. 

Influencers can also share their unique Amazon store URL on various platforms for followers to access. 

Qualifications for the Amazon Influencer Program 

So how can you get into the Amazon Influencer program? 

Amazon will need to analyze your social media accounts to see if you are a good fit. Although Amazon doesn’t specify the minimum number of followers to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program, Amazon will consider your follower count. They will analyze the account in which you gather the most influence. 

It is not enough to simply have a large social media following, but you must also have an interactive audience. Amazon will look at the number of followers interacting with your content. They will consider your post count and consistency as well as your follower engagement metrics. 

To get into the program, it is important to pay attention to your engagement metrics. Focus on improving your engagement by creating high-quality content that your audience is actually interested in. 

To apply for the Amazon Influencer Program, you can click here and then click on “Get Started”. Once you fill your application out, you can proceed to build your Influencer store. 

Benefits of Influencer marketing for Amazon sellers  

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for ecommerce brands and Amazon sellers who are looking to expand their audience and increase Amazon FBA sales. 

Here are a few benefits that come with using influencer marketing for your Amazon business:

Higher engagement 

Influencer marketing exposes your product to a wider audience and higher engagement. When it comes to engagement, micro-influencers gather higher engagement. While we may assume that bigger is better, in the world of influencer marketing, the smaller the better. According to Social Bakers, micro-influencers can boast of up to 60% more engagements than macro-influencers or celebrities. 

Why? This is because micro-influencers have a smaller amount of loyal followers who are more relatable and accessible. These followers are willing to engage. For example, if you use a micro-influencer to promote a product on your Amazon store, followers are likely to take notice, make comments, engage, and even purchase your product. 

A more niche audience 

Not only do you get higher engagement while working with a micro-influencer, but you are also able to target a more niche audience. As we mentioned earlier, micro-influencers have a smaller following who are highly engaged. For example, if a micro-influencer focuses on the topic of fashion, the influencer would have gathered several loyal followers who are interested in fashion. Also, because the influencer has experience in the field, their followers are likely to trust them and their recommendations. In fact, according to reports, 40% of consumers say that they trust a brand because of the relationship they have with an influencer. 

Increased conversions 

Followers look out for an influencer’s product recommendation before making a purchase decision. This can increase conversion rates. When micro-influencers make a recommendation, followers are more likely to take action like signing up or making a purchase. This is because the influencer has gained their trust and they understand that the micro-influencer is truly putting their reputation on the line by endorsing a product. According to reports, micro-influencers have a 20% higher conversion rate than macro-influencers. 

How to find Amazon influencers 

find influencers

When it comes to partnering with an Amazon influencer, it is important to carry out some research. Consider asking some questions like who is their target audience? Do they have a strong engagement with their followers? Does their content align with your brand voice and style? 

As we mentioned earlier, an influencer’s following doesn’t necessarily equal engagement. To find Amazon influencers, check out the Amazon Influencer Program. Once you identify the best fit for your brand, move ahead to follow and engage. 

Choose which social media network you want to partner with the Amazon influencer on and follow them. Next, engage with their posts. Like and leave comments appreciating their work. 

Next, you can start a conversation with them through Direct Messaging or email telling them about your product. You may even send them a free sample of your product to try out and drop feedback. Next, you can proceed to send a formal request telling them about your interest in working with them and explain what you have in mind. 

How can you work with an Amazon influencer? 

Here’s how you can work with an Amazon influencer to promote your product on Amazon:

Choose your type of campaign 

The first step to partnering with an Amazon influencer is to choose your campaign. Here are a few popular campaign ideas you can work with: 

  • Sponsored posts: You can have your influencer create a post promoting your product on the Amazon marketplace. These types of posts are called sponsored posts. With this type of campaign, it is important to give the influencer creative freedom to create content according to their style. 
  • Custom discount codes: Giving an influence a custom discount code or promo code to share with followers can have a good impact on your brand for two reasons. For one, followers can feel special knowing they can take part in a campaign with their favorite influencer. Secondly, it will increase conversion rates since followers trust the influencer. 
  • Brand ambassador: You can work with an influencer who loves your product and is willing to promote your brand to become your brand ambassador. The influencer will consistently promote your product, driving engagement and sales to your brand. This type of campaign may come with a long-term contract between the brand and the influencer. 
  • Host a giveaway: You can get one or two influencers to host a giveaway. Giveaways get people to engage with a post in exchange for a gift. They will be given some requirements to qualify to win. You can give away a free coupon or even a sample of your product. This type of campaign can increase engagement rates and followers. 

Clarify your expectations 

The next step to working with an Amazon influencer is to describe your expectations in the influencer agreement. You want to outline how many posts they will need to make for your brand. You also want to agree on specific dates for payment. 

It is important to explain in the agreement if you plan on using the influencer’s content in the future.  

Lastly, give your influencers the creative freedom to engage with their followers in the unique style and voice that their followers are familiar with. 

Tracking influencer marketing impact 

The ultimate goal for any influencer marketing campaign is to increase Amazon sales. However, it is important to tie your business goals with specific social media metrics to monitor your influencer campaign performance. These metrics include reach and impressions, clicks, audience engagement, audience growth, brand mentions, follower count, traffic from social media, and so on. You can use analytical tools like Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, and so on. 


The key to successfully utilizing influencer marketing is to find influencers who are engaging with an audience that is more likely to buy your product. Find influencers that align with your brand and partner with them to promote your product in a unique way.

If you need professional help crafting a good influencer marketing strategy that will increase engagement and conversion, you can reach out to ePlaybooks

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