March 20, 2024

Walmart Brand Portal: All You Need to Know 

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Walmart Brand Portal: All You Need to Know 
Walmart Brand Portal: All You Need to Know 

Many brands that sell on ecommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon may become overly preoccupied with optimizing their listings and promoting their products to the point that they forget to invest enough time in one vital ecommerce component: brand safety. 

Nothing is more crucial than protecting your property and stopping a rival business from snatching up what you've created and making a quick buck. 

In addition to the fact that you deserve everything that follows your hard work and dedication, a fake product could distort your brand and lower the value that customers anticipate from you.

So is there a solution? Well, read on as we explore everything you need to know about the Walmart Brand Portal. 

What is the Walmart Brand Portal? 

The Walmart Brand Portal is your one-stop shop for protecting your property rights. The portal, similar to Amazon Brand Registry, uses various tools to protect your brand and assist you in reacting swiftly to any unexpected activity. 

One of Walmart's official announcements states, "The Walmart Brand Portal has been designed from the ground up to be a single, unified experience where you will manage your brands and claims."

Walmart claims that although online retailers are free to register an unlimited number of brands, each brand must have an active trademark registration with the USPTO, much like Amazon. 

Additionally, brand representatives will be able to oversee authorized representatives, submit and monitor intellectual property claims, and receive current reporting. All the features a seller requires to oversee the safeguarding of their brand are gathered in this one handy location.

Why is the Walmart Brand Portal your solution?

Walmart's Brand Portal is a powerful tool that has the potential to deliver a more efficient, safe, and effective seller experience. Here are a few reasons to take advantage of the Walmart Brand Portal: 

  1. Access to centralized brand management

The Walmart Brand Portal is aimed at giving you a singular experience while handling your brands and claims. So, you can carry out the following actions in one place:

  • Include as many brands as you like (as long as they are currently registered with the USPTO).
  • Send in your intellectual property claims.
  • Monitor claims on intellectual property.
  • Get the most recent reporting. 
  • Control designated agents

  1. Protect your brand 

With the rise in IP theft, Walmart wants to support you in safeguarding your brand. The system built inside the portal allows you to file claims and keeps track of any questionable conduct. It tracks suspicious activity, ensuring your brands remain protected when you submit claims yourself or through an authorized third-party representative. 

With the simplest clicks, brands may submit a claim in relation to the following elements: Patent, Counterfeit, Copyright, and Trademark. After which Walmart proceeds to carry out necessary investigations to protect and defend your brand.

  1. Track claims using a single dashboard

 In addition to filing for claims, the portal enables you to systematically monitor all and every new development on those claims. With the click of a button, you can view all the properties and details of your claims. Everything is organized by date and order in one dashboard, allowing you to stay updated on your claims without depending on other team members. 

Who is eligible to use the Walmart Brand Portal?

The Walmart Brand Portal is available to rights owners who wish to protect their intellectual property. 

This means that if you own a brand or have the rights to a brand, you can apply to join the Walmart Brand Portal. 

However, keep in mind that only brands with active trademarks registered in the United States can benefit from the Brand Portal. Also, the platform does not currently accept WIPO or EUIPO trademarks. 

If you're not currently eligible for Walmart’s Brand Portal program, the platform comes with file claim assistance to report any IP infringement via its web form. All you need to do is select the claim type and enter all of the relevant details. 

What types of claims can you file on the Walmart Brand Portal? 

You can file four types of intellectual property claims on the Walmart Brand Portal: 

  • Trademark: This involves filing a claim when another party uses a trademark that is identical or confusingly similar to yours. 
  • Counterfeit: If another brand is selling an identical but unauthorized product, you can file for counterfeit infringement. 
  • Copyright: This involves filing a claim when another party uses copyrighted material without permission. This could include unauthorized use of text, images, designs, or music associated with your brand.
  • Patent: This involves filing a claim when another party uses a patented process or product without permission. This is typically relevant for companies that manufacture unique or innovative products.

Once you file any of these claims, Walmart investigates the suspicious activity and takes action to resolve the issue and protect your brand. Also, one of the key features of the portal is its ability to monitor your claims in one single dashboard. Once you have submitted a claim, you can look into individual claims to check on their progress and results. 

How to enroll on the Walmart Brand Portal

First, you need to ensure you have been registered and are an active member of the Walmart Marketplace. To get started on the Brand Portal, the following details are needed:

  • Contact details and Company Information
  • Active trademark registration number (Only USPTO accepted)
  • An active and valid email address

Once your application has been submitted, it will go through a review process after which the decision made and the status of the application will be communicated. Alternatively, you can use your Walmart Brand Portal Account to track the status of your application.

Can non-US citizens access the Walmart Brand Portal?

The answer is yes. However, there are a few important considerations. Keep in mind that the primary requirement is that the brand owner must have an active trademark registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This means that if a non-US citizen owns a brand that has a registered trademark in the US, they can use the Walmart Brand Portal to manage their brand and protect their intellectual property rights. However, if the brand doesn't have a US trademark, the non-US citizen cannot use the Walmart Brand Portal to manage their brand. 

Walmart brand portal vs Amazon brand registry 

Both the Walmart brand portal and the Amazon brand registry are platforms designed to help brands manage and protect their intellectual property. Let's compare both services by looking at various factors:

Global reach

The Walmart Brand Portal is only available in the United States and while Walmart has a significant presence in the United States and is expanding globally, it may not have the same international reach as Amazon.  

On the other hand, Amazon offers a global marketplace with a vast customer base, providing brands with access to customers worldwide.

Brand protection

Both the Walmart Brand Portal and Amazon Brand Registry prioritize brand protection, offering ways to handle the problem of counterfeiting and unauthorized sellers. However, Amazon has an edge thanks to its reputation and robust system which can give your brand a more detailed solution.  

Analytics and insights 

Both the Walmart brand portal and Amazon brand registry offer valuable insights and analytics that help brands understand consumer behavior and track their sales performance. When it comes to analytics, the depth of data you receive can vary between both platforms depending on the specific metrics your brand prioritizes. 

Other best practices to protect your brand on the Walmart marketplace

Apart from signing up on the Walmart Brand Portal, you can protect your brand in other ways:

  • Register your brand’s trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to strengthen your legal standing. This is a non-negotiable step to enrolling on the Walmart Brand Portal.
  • You want to ensure your product listings are complete and accurate and represent your brand consistently. Infuse high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and accurate specifications to strengthen customer trust, and reduce any risk of counterfeiting.
  • You can educate your customers on how to identify genuine products apart from counterfeit ones. You can use holograms or packaging elements that can help your customers easily identify genuine products.  

Wrapping up: Protect your brand with Walmart Brand Portal

In the coming years, we anticipate that the Walmart Brand Portal will evolve into a more robust one, delivering a more positive seller experience. 

With Walmart Brand Portal, you can protect your business from fraudulent activities, build your brand reputation, maintain trust with your customers, and ultimately drive sales on the Walmart marketplace. 

If you have more questions on how you can protect your brand on the Walmart marketplace, you can contact experts on ePlaybooks right away. 

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