March 20, 2024

8 Walmart Marketplace Advertisement Strategies to Boost Sales

Explore 7 strategic Walmart Marketplace ad techniques to elevate sales. Discover proven tactics to maximize visibility and enhance conversion rates
8 Walmart Marketplace Advertisement Strategies to Boost Sales
8 Walmart Marketplace Advertisement Strategies to Boost Sales

Do you know that the Walmart marketplace gets 100 million unique visitors every month? Listing your product on the Walmart marketplace puts your product in the eyes of millions of people all over the world. 

But while listing your product organically is an excellent way to start, Walmart marketplace advertising can double up your efforts and put your products in front of ready-to-buy shoppers. 

In the competitive Walmart landscape, you want to put yourself ahead of the game by investing in Walmart advertising. 

So, if you're ready to learn about Walmart advertising and find out effective Walmart marketplace strategies that can boost sales, let's dive right in! 

Why advertise on the Walmart marketplace? 

Advertising on the Walmart Marketplace can be a strategic move if you are looking to increase your reach and bump up sales. The platform offers a variety of advertising options, each with its unique benefits. Here are reasons why advertising on the Walmart marketplace is a great business move: 

  1. Huge customer base: Walmart is one of the largest online marketplaces globally, with a vast customer base that includes millions of shoppers. By advertising on the Walmart Marketplace, you can gain access to this extensive audience, increase the visibility of your products, and increase sales potential. 
  2. Enhanced visibility and sales: One of the primary reasons to advertise on the Walmart Marketplace is to increase visibility and sales. Walmart advertising can help you increase product visibility and sales by displaying ads to customers actively searching for products like yours. The Ads appear in prominent spots within search results and send customers to your product’s item page to buy. The good part is you will only be charged when a customer clicks your ad. 
  3. Advanced features and capabilities: Walmart provides advanced features and capabilities including campaign optimization, increased market intelligence, and robust reporting. These features can help you streamline your advertising processes, gain valuable insights about your market, and manage your campaigns efficiently. 
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Advertising on the Walmart Marketplace can be a cost-effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. Walmart offers a pay-when-you-sell model, meaning businesses only pay when a customer clicks on their ad. This can be a more affordable option compared to other advertising platforms.
  5. Offers training and support: Walmart also provides training and support to help businesses get the most out of their advertising efforts. The Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification program offers a series of online courses designed to help businesses use Walmart Connect’s advertising solutions to drive the best results. 

Advertising Options on the Walmart Marketplace

Walmart offers a range of advertising options on its marketplace to help sellers increase visibility and drive sales. These advertising options include:

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads, also known as Performance Ads, are cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements that appear on the Walmart Marketplace. These ads can appear within search results, category pages, and product pages on Walmart’s app, mobile site, and desktop site. They help customers discover and purchase products sold on, appearing in prominent, high-traffic placements such as Search In-Grid, Buy Box, and Product Carousel. 

They provide businesses with a cost-effective way to sell products and convert shoppers interested in their products.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads are part of the Sponsored Search advertising program offered by Walmart. These ads send your brand and products to the top of relevant search results, making them highly visible to customers who are actively searching for products similar to yours. The ad includes your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to four advertised items with shoppable links. They help to increase brand awareness and conversion rates by improving brand visibility. 

Sponsored Video Ads

Sponsored Video Ads are short, keyword-targeted video ads that promote a single item within relevant Search In-grid results. If a viewer clicks anywhere on the video, they are taken to the item page to learn more. You can also find a direct add-to-cart button to make buying effortless. 

Sponsored Video ads allow advertisers to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and grow conversions. By capturing customers’ attention through sight, sound, and motion, you can attract potential customers to your Walmart store and increase sales. 

A quick step-by-step guide to advertising on the Walmart marketplace 

If you’re ready to explore Walmart Advertising, here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started: 

Step 1: Become a Walmart seller

To get access to Walmart advertising, you will need to become a Walmart seller. So, set up your Walmart account, and gain access to your Walmart Seller Center. Once done, you can access Walmart’s self-serve advertising platform called Walmart Connect. 

Step 2: Check your product’s eligibility 

Before you can start advertising on the Walmart Marketplace, you need to check if your product meets the eligibility requirements. For instance, your product must be in stock on and win the buy box. Depending on the type of ad you plan to run, there might be additional criteria. 

Step 3: Create your Ad Campaign

Once your product ticks all the boxes, the next step is to create an ad campaign. Log in to your Walmart advertising account, click on "Create Campaign" and give your campaign a name that reflects the products and strategy you're using in this campaign.

Step 4: Select your Ad type 

Determine what type of Walmart Ad you want to run. This could be a Sponsored Product campaign, a Sponsored Brands campaign, etc. You can also choose between manual and automatic targeting. Manual campaigns give you more control over your ads, letting you choose your own keywords. With automatic campaigns, Walmart’s algorithm chooses relevant keywords that are relevant for you, handling the targeting process, 

Step 5: Set your targeting strategy 

Next, you want to define who your target audience is, including demographics, interests, and keywords. With the right targeting, you can ensure that your ads reach the right audience. Develop compelling ad creatives that showcase your products and finish setting up your campaign. 

Step 6: Launch your Ad campaign

Once you've finished setting up your ad campaign, you can launch it. After the ad's launch, it's important to regularly monitor your strategy and adjust as needed to optimize your ad and maximize results

8 advertising strategies to increase sales on the Walmart marketplace 

Here are a few simple but effective advertising strategies that can be a game changer for your ad campaigns on the Walmart marketplace: 

  1. Optimize product titles and descriptions
  2. Try out different Ad formats
  3. Implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Engage customers through personalized campaigns
  5. Optimize Ad campaigns
  6. Take advantage of Walmart's First-Party data
  7. Implement advanced targeting techniques
  8. Leverage Walmart Analytics

Optimize product titles and descriptions

Invest time in optimizing your product titles and descriptions to include relevant keywords. This can improve your products' organic search ranking and make them more discoverable. Ensure that your titles are concise, yet descriptive, and provide valuable information to potential customers. Your product title should include Brand + Style Name + Description + Pack Count. Ensure your product name includes relevant information that potential customers will want to see. 

Sell your product by highlighting key benefits, around 3 to 10 benefits in a bullet point. 

Include high-quality images in your ad and your product listing to give your buyers a clear picture of what they should expect. 

Try out different Ad formats

The Walmart Marketplace offers various advertising formats, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Video Ads. Each format has its unique benefits and can be leveraged depending on your objectives, budget, and target market. Don't limit yourself to one type of ad. Experiment with different formats to see what will bring the most results to your business. 

Implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to drive new traffic to their listings on and protect their market share across the web. By using SEM, you can promote your listings through Google Shopping Ads and reach customers searching for products from This strategy can help you cast a wider net and give your listings the best chance to succeed. 

Engage customers through personalized campaigns

Personalized campaigns can significantly enhance customer engagement and conversion rates. Tailor your campaigns to match the specific needs and interests of different customer segments. This could involve offering discounts to loyal customers, promoting popular products, or highlighting new arrivals. By providing a personalized shopping experience, you can increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases. 

Optimize Ad campaigns

Understanding how to optimize your Walmart Marketplace advertising campaigns is crucial. This involves exploring the various advertising formats, targeting options, and pricing models available on Walmart Marketplace, and creating effective campaigns. It also involves leveraging data analytics, implementing advanced targeting techniques, and optimizing campaign performance. 

Take advantage of Walmart's First-Party data

Walmart provides first-party data that can be used to understand consumer behavior and trends. This data can be used to refine your targeting strategy, optimize your ad spend, and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Implement advanced targeting techniques

You can choose various targeting options on the Walmart Marketplace, including product targeting, keyword targeting, and audience targeting. Product targeting enables you to engage customers who are viewing or purchasing similar products. Keyword targeting allows you to target customers based on specific search terms they use. 

Audience targeting zeros in on customers based on their past purchase behavior or interests. By leveraging these advanced targeting techniques, you can effectively reach your target audience and increase the relevancy of your ads

Leverage Walmart Analytics

Use the analytics provided by Walmart Connect to gain insights into the performance of your ad campaigns. Keep an eye on key metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS), click-through rates, and conversion rates, and use this data to identify high-performing campaigns and optimize underperforming ones.

Final thoughts 

Remember to continually test and iterate on your advertising strategies to find what works best for your products and target audience. Regularly update your campaigns based on performance data, adjust your bids and targeting parameters, and stay informed about new features or changes to Walmart's advertising platform.

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