October 5, 2023

How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Amazon Sales 

Email marketing has been a powerful tool for selling online. Learn how you can boost your Amazon sales using email marketing tactics.
How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Amazon Sales 
How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Amazon Sales 

As an online retailer, marketing your products to new and existing customers is an inevitable part of selling on Amazon. Different ecommerce marketing strategies can help you get your Amazon store in front of millions of potential customers. 

Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that can help sellers increase Amazon sales

According to data, there are 4 billion daily email users. Also, a massive 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers. 

To ensure you leverage email marketing to its full potential for your Amazon store, you need to roll out an effective email marketing strategy. 

Read on as we show you tips and tricks to increase sales on Amazon using email marketing. 

Why do Amazon sellers need email marketing? 

The Amazon marketplace is super competitive with millions of buyers and sellers trooping in on the platform every day. Email marketing is an effective way to build a one-on-one relationship with your customers and stand out from the competition. Not only is Amazon competitive, but the platform also doesn’t permit sellers to have direct contact with their customers. This means you can’t have access to customer emails or phone numbers through the platform. You also cannot send exclusive messages to your customers. 

With email marketing, you can interact with your customers personally and keep them updated on the latest promotions and offers available in your Amazon store. 

Using email marketing, you can drive traffic to your Amazon FBA store. You can also encourage customers to drop positive reviews after they purchase a product. This will help boost organic rankings on Amazon. 

If you play your cards right, you can build trust, strengthen your reputation and gain repeat customers. So why lose your hard-earned customers to your competitors? 

What Amazon sellers can do with email marketing 

We’ve established that email marketing is an ecommerce digital strategy that can help sellers interact with their customers personally, consolidate trust and increase sales. Let’s look at what sellers can use email marketing to achieve: 

Product launches 

Emails are great for product launches. When you launch a new product on your Amazon page, you want to get it to the top of search results and in the eyes of a wide audience using Amazon SEO. Ultimately, you want to generate sales which will in turn increase product ranking on search results. To make this happen, you can use emails to advertise these new products, reduce the cost of running ads and increase profitability. You can also use emails to gain insights on new products before you launch them. 

Product reviews and feedback 

With emails, you can get product reviews from your customers, which is important for building trust with new and existing customers. It is also a major factor in Amazon’s ranking algorithm. With emails, you can communicate with your customers directly and cheaply, requesting that they drop a product review on your product page. 

Seasonal promotions 

Seasonal holidays like Black Friday, Prime Day, Christmas, and so on, are usually peak periods and present a great opportunity to increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon. You can use emails to send discounts and coupons attaching a link to redirect your customers to your Amazon listing and pull in as much traffic as possible. 

Email marketing strategies to increase Amazon sales 

With over 306 billion emails sent and received daily, how do you grab the attention of your customer? Building and implementing the right email marketing strategies can make all the difference. Let’s look at how to sell on Amazon effectively using these five email marketing strategies. 

  1. Build an email list off Amazon
  2. Automate emails using email marketing software
  3. Create email drip campaigns 
  4. Send product promotions to existing customers 
  5. Optimize emails using A/B testing 

Build an email list off Amazon 

As mentioned earlier, it is against Amazon’s communication guidelines to send personalized messages or reminders for special offers and discounts to customers through the Amazon marketplace. Thankfully, email marketing allows you to build an email list off the Amazon platform. 

Building your email list comes with multiple benefits. You can communicate closely and build trust with your customers. So how can you create your email list? Let’s look at a few ideas to help you build your email list off the Amazon marketplace. 

  • Create a blog: Creating a blog is one of the easiest ways to attract email subscribers. The idea is to offer valuable content to get users to sign up. Blogging is a great way to build trust and get your subscribers to purchase your product. 
  • Offer gated content: Gated content goes from templates to guides or a research paper. You can offer valuable gated content that requires users to provide their email addresses. To get people to sign up, it is important to carry out detailed research on your audience to find out what type of content they will consider valuable. 
  • Social media ads: You can run social media ads like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads offering free content like an ebook which will require people to supply their email address to get access. 

Automate emails using email marketing software

To run an email marketing campaign effectively, you will need to automate the entire process from start to finish. This will also make it easy to monitor and save you time. This is where email software comes in. With good email marketing software, you can send emails to different addresses on set dates. You can also easily follow up on clients and monitor your performance. Here are a few email marketing software you can use: 


With over 14 million customers, MailChimp has gained a good reputation with its easy-to-use interface, opt-in forms, and well-designed templates. 

With MailChimp, you can integrate various third-party tools including ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and others. You can also preview messages in various email clients and get access to detailed reports. The platform is free for up to 2000 subscribers but for every additional 500 subscribers, you will need to pay $5 per month. 


AWeber is one of the first email marketing tools to hit the market. Just like MailChimp, you can integrate various third-party tools including ecommerce platforms. You can also integrate CRM platforms and other ecommerce tools. The plan starts at a fee of $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. They also offer a 30-day free trial. 


Klaviyo was not only designed to send emails, it was also designed to capture customer data from ecommerce sites and leverage the data for more personalized and effective email marketing campaigns. It also includes an abandoned cart follow-up to help you increase sales and revenue. 

Klaviyo can also integrate with ecommerce platforms and CRM platforms. You can also use this software for targeted segmentation. Although the platform is a bit on the high side with $25 a month for 3000 emails and up to 500 subscribers, its features will help you drive sales through targeted and relevant emails. 

Create email drip campaigns 

Email drip campaigns are an effective email marketing strategy to reach a wide audience and generate sales for your Amazon business. It simply involves sending a limited number of emails to your audience. 

You can create drip campaigns that educate your audience about making a specific purchase or you could highlight the benefits and uses of a particular product. You could also use drip campaigns to send a follow-up message requesting that users drop a review after purchasing from your Amazon store. You can create different segments and send emails unique to them. These segments could be based on subscriber location, past purchases, and much more. 

Send product promotions to existing customers

Of course, the end goal of your email marketing campaign is conversion and sales. As you build your email list, you can start sending promotional emails to existing customers or subscribers. You can tell them about any upcoming sales, discount sales, coupons, new products, and much more. With promotional emails, you can link customers to your Amazon product listing. This is convenient and is one way to increase your conversion rate. However, there is one thing you must note when it comes to sending promotional emails. You want to maintain a good balance in order to avoid overwhelming your audience. No one wants to receive constant messaging that sounds “salesy” every week. This could lead to people unsubscribing. The key is to maintain a good balance between educational or other value-driven content and promotional emails.


Optimize emails using A/B testing 

How do you know your email is performing well? How do you get people to take action on your CTA? Your email marketing campaign isn’t complete without A/B testing. You can test two different variations of your email. This could be subject lines, body copy, designs, and more. This will increase your chances of people opening your email as well as more product purchases. You can use email marketing software like MailChimp to create an A/B test. 

Final thoughts

Building an email list may not come so easily because of restrictions from Amazon. However, if you take the time to build your email list, it can come with massive benefits for your business. You can build your customer base separate from Amazon, advertise your product cheaply, launch new products with ease and get your customers to drop product reviews. It is also much cheaper and is an effective digital strategy to set yourself apart from the competition. 

If you want to work with an Amazon expert to set up a profitable email marketing campaign, you can contact ePlaybooks right away. 

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