August 18, 2022

How to design Amazon storefronts to increase conversion 

Amazon Storefronts is a tool that allows you to give a unique feeling of your brand to shoppers while they are browsing on Amazon. Learn how to create enticing storefronts from
How to design Amazon storefronts to increase conversion 
How to design Amazon storefronts to increase conversion 

Your Amazon conversion rate is an important part of your business for many reasons. Perhaps top among those is that a higher conversion rate can increase sales on Amazon, and at increased profit margins. Next, a higher conversion rate increases your search rankings, exposing your brand and products to more people on Amazon, further driving sales and profits.

One effective way to increase conversion rates, boost sales and grow revenue with Amazon is through a functional and high-converting Amazon storefront. 

What is an Amazon storefront? In simple terms, Amazon storefronts are mini-websites that allow brands to showcase their products all in one location. Through this feature, you can create a multipage catalog, insert banners, videos, display products, and prices, etc. A store gives customers a direct link to your brand and improves their shopping experience on Amazon.

When customers come to your storefront, one of two things happen. They can either interact with your brand and purchase a product, or they can leave your store. It’s crucial that you keep this in mind when designing your storefront. After all, the point of the store is to do the former, not the latter. Your storefront should encourage customers to buy from you.

That is why we have put together this article to help you design an Amazon storefront that converts. 

How to set up an Amazon storefront 

The Amazon storefront is available for brands registered under the Amazon Brand Registry. IN order to qualify for this program applicants must have a registered trademark. After registering, Amazon receives your application, and once approved, you can enroll for the Amazon storefront completely free. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to create an Amazon storefront: 

  • To get started, go to your Amazon Seller Central account and click on Stores > Manage Stores located at the top navigation bar. 
  • Next, provide all the information including brand display name, brand logo, and product grid style. 
  • Next, choose a homepage template. This could be one of these four options: Marquee, Product Highlight, Product Grid, and Blank. 
  • Design your Amazon storefront by creating multiple pages, adding content tiles (this includes images and videos), bestseller products, recommended products, and so on. Ensure your store is easy to navigate and provides a memorable shopping experience 
  • Add your product inventory. Simply select the “Product” tag, search and add your products using keywords or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). 
  • Submit your store for approval. (This is usually within 72 hours) 

8 ways to design Amazon storefronts to increase conversion

Designing your Amazon storefront goes beyond just putting up your products. When designing your store, you must first consider your customers. A high-functioning store is likely to get engagements from customers and ultimately increase your conversion rate and company sales. 

Here’s how to increase conversion rate on Amazon using your storefront: 

  1. Make your store visually appealing 
  2. Craft compelling copy 
  3. Make your store easy to navigate 
  4. Use Enhanced Branded Content (EBC)
  5. Highlight deals and promotions 
  6. Keep your store updated 
  7. Answer questions 
  8. Market your Amazon storefront

Make your store visually appealing

Think of your Amazon storefront like you would a physical store. Think of how a random shopper would judge your store once they walk in. Customers are less likely to shop from a cramped up and disorganized store. The same applies to your Amazon storefront. Customers want to shop from a store that is organized and visually appealing. 

Welcome customers with your brand logo and colors for easy brand recognition. Keep them engaged with beautiful lifestyle images that communicate the value of your product. You want your customers to feel like they are already holding your product just by looking through your store. 

When it comes to colors and images, keep your target audience in mind. If you are a kids brand you might want to go for more playful colors. For an adult brand, you would want to tone it down to more light and neutral colors. For example, Lego uses bright and playful colors for their kid's section and neutral colors of white black, and grey for the Adult section of the store. 

Work in some videos to bring your store to life. Some storefronts make use of lifestyle videos that play in a loop. For example, Malibu C uses a lifestyle video that gives customers a feel of what using their vegan hair product is like. 

Craft compelling copy 

The right images do a good job of attracting customers and getting them to want to have and be associated with your product. The copy for your product offerings convinces your customers to buy the product. A customer would most likely be looking for information that supports their desire. Your copy should carry your brand voice and this should be expressed with every word. Is your brand more sophisticated and luxurious? Or is it a more casual and playful brand? This should be expressed in your copy. 

Describe the features, and benefits of your product in detail. For example, if you are a vegan brand, you want to make sure you communicate that in your copy. Tell your brand story throughout your store and describe what sets you apart from the competition. Look out for grammatical and spelling errors and ensure your copy is top-notch.

Remember, customers are mostly emotionally driven. Give them a reason to love your brand and use your copy to convert those clicks into customers. 

Make your store easy to navigate 

The best Amazon stores are easy to navigate. They create a layout that makes it easy for customers to go through different products.

To create a high converting store, keep navigation in mind. This is especially important if you sell different types of products. You don't want your customers confused about finding a particular product in your store.


Create main categories and subcategories for your products. For example, if you are a fashion brand selling both clothes and accessories, your category division could be something like  “men’s clothing”, “shoes”, “underwear”, “accessories” and so on.

This way, customers can easily scroll through your store and get the specific product they are interested in.

Use Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) 

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a tool that allows you to customize your Amazon storefront using text overlay templates, high-quality images, charts, subheadings, 3D renderings, and so on.

With Enhanced Brand Content, you can add more brand personality and tell your brand story more visually and emotionally. It attracts customers to your store and gives them a better first impression. With this unique feature, you can turn your advertising into conversions and increase sales on Amazon. 

Highlight deals and promotions 

Many customers are looking for the best possible deals when searching for a product. You want to make sure you take advantage of deals and promotions to increase traffic and sales velocity. 

Include lightning deals like flash sales and coupons and highlight them using the Deals widget. 

Use products that are top-performing or have a high rating. Featuring these deals in your store attracts customers and increases your conversion rates. 

Keep your store updated 

To increase your conversion rate, you want to make sure your store is up to date with the latest products that customers would want. If you sell seasonal items, ensure you update your store with items relevant to the season. For example, if it's summer, you don't want your store highlighting “winter jackets”. Customers might feel disconnected and feel less likely to get what they need from your store. 

Also, keep an eye on stock levels. Remove items that are out of stock. This reduces frustration and improves the shopping experience of your customers. Shoppers consistently rate whether an item is in stock as one of their top factors in making buying decisions.

Answer questions 

Use Amazon's question and answer section to interact with your customers and provide a more in-depth description of your product. You can deal with any objections that could kill your conversions. You also want to make sure you provide enough information to combat any concerns from customers. Also, take note of frequent questions as they could be pointers for improvement.

Market your Amazon storefront 

To increase your conversion rate and ensure long-term success, consider taking advantage of Amazon Sponsored Ads. These Ads include Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Amazon Display Ads.

Sponsored Brand Ads are a great way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your Amazon storefront. They are a cost-per-click type of Ad that involves using a headline, your brand logo, and some selected products. You could run a sponsored brand Ad for different product categories or best sellers in your store. Include a strong CTA that directs customers to your store. 

Sponsored Product Ads are a great way to drive traffic to individual product pages in your store. Your Ad gets featured in search results allowing customers to easily shop a specific product available in your store. 

Amazon Display Ads allows you to advertise your store across the web. What this means is that your store will appear on various websites outside Amazon. This type of Ad is one of the unique features of Amazon storefronts, exposing your store to new customers and increasing brand awareness. It is also a great way to retarget previous shoppers back to your store. 

Lastly, you can also channel your marketing efforts to external traffic sources like social media and emails. You can create social media posts that link back to your Amazon store. You can also send deals and promotions via email and provide a link that drives customers to your store. 

Final thoughts 

Amazon storefronts are a great feature that allows you to share your brand story, promote your products and increase conversion rate on Amazon. If you haven't started utilizing this tool, now would be a good time to set up your store and expose your brand to millions of customers. 

You might want to consider Amazon Global Selling - a program that allows you to sell your products to international markets and quickly grow your brand across different continents. 

If you need professional help setting up a high-converting Amazon storefront or enrolling for the Amazon Global Selling, you can contact ecommerce experts on ePlaybooks right away. 

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