February 13, 2023

11 Apps to boost selling on Amazon

This article exposes the Amazon seller to apps that can help to boost sales on the Amazon marketplace.
11 Apps to boost selling on Amazon
11 Apps to boost selling on Amazon

11 Apps to boost selling on Amazon

No doubt, Amazon is the biggest E-commerce marketplace in the world.  With online marketplaces in at least 13 countries and buyers in over 180, Amazon’s reach is well and indeed global. 

What many people don’t realize is that, according to Statista, more than half of Amazon’s product sales come from independent third-party sellers.

This means that there is great potential for independent sellers, but only if they get it right. Selling on Amazon takes some getting used though, especially when you’re new to the platform. And it can become quite overwhelming as your order volumes increase.

Here, we will discuss some apps that can help you streamline the selling process, communicate with buyers, and stay organized, all tools that you’ll need in order to be successful in selling on Amazon.

These apps can be very helpful in increasing your efficiency, and boosting your earning potential. While you can get some of these apps or certain features for free, others may require a one-time purchase price or a monthly recurring fee. It’s important that you conduct your own research on them in order to assure that they’re a fit for your particular business before committing to a purchase.

Are you ready to up your Amazon selling game? Then, here we go.

  1. Amazon Seller App:
amazon seller

This may be an obvious one, but still important to mention. This is an app by Amazon themselves. This app provides you with information about your business in an easy-to-read format on a dashboard. 

It lets you in on data from all your sales and offers, and you can access them anytime.

Other things you can do with this app are:

  • Check payment setting
  • Take photos of your products
  • Manage your inventory
  • Manage your orders
  • View your fees
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Authorize returns and issue refunds
  • Check current prices
  • Create a listing for your products
  • Change or update your listings

This is a very powerful app that can handle many aspects of your business process. You should consider this app if you’re not using it already.

2. Super FBA:

One of the challenges with most Amazon tools is that they are either limited to desktops or offer watered-down features on other devices. Si Wan Kim, who is an Amazon seller himself developed an app to help with this challenge.

With this app, you can calculate your margins, your monthly ROI, and more. The Pro Version runs $1.99/month and adds many additional features. With the Pro, you can:

  • See a chart breakdown with a visual representation of your numbers.
  • Run smart analysis to determine the potential of products.
  • Easily save and compare products.

3. FBA Scan:  If you don’t nail down your pricing strategy, you’re not going to grow a successful Amazon seller business. But, without access to the Amazon pricing database, you’re not going to have the data you need.                                          

FBAScan is an application that will help you instantly identify any price for an Amazon product while you scout in a supermarket or a mall. Instant information (in less than 1 second) directly to your smartphone.

Competitive pricing is one of the strategies you can employ to increase your Amazon sales. This app gives you an insight into the pricing strategy of sellers in your niche.

  1. Mile IQ:

    Did you know that your trips to the post office to ship off your packages can be claimed on your taxes? So are trips to the store where you buy something to sell. The standard IRS mileage rate for 2019 is $0.58/mile. That really adds up if you do much driving! You need to keep track of this information, so you can include it in your taxes each year.

    But, recording manually can grow tedious. MileIQ is an easy-to-use, highly rated mileage tracker. It automatically tracks and records each trip so you don’t’ have to think about it. If you take less than 40 trips a month, you can stick with the free plan. If you drive more than that, you can upgrade to the unlimited plan for $5.99/month.

  2. Adobe Lightroom CC: 

Presenting quality product images is critical to the success of any E-commerce business. Selling on Amazon is no different. Perspective buyers cannot see your product, your product images will go a long way in convincing them to make a purchase.

That being said, getting quality images for your product doesn’t have to be expensive or even difficult. There are smartphones today that can give you very good pictures.

With the Adobe Lightroom CC app,  you can edit your images to superior quality even on your smartphone before you share them, You can also use this app on a desktop.

7. Scoutify2:

If you have a subscription to inventory lab, you can download this app for free. It’ll help you source the best items to sell on Amazon.

From this app you can;

  • Find the profitability of an item
  • View your restrictions so you don’t purchase something you can’t sell
  • See the number of offers on that item currently on Amazon
  • Check your personal sales history if you have purchased this item before

8. Profit Bandit by Seller Engine:

A subscription-based scanning app, Profit Bandit allows you to scan a barcode and see how much you can make selling that item. For $9.99 a month, you can scan unlimited barcodes with the native scanner that’s built into the app. Then, you can:

  • Access accurate postage rates and fees
  • Calculate your net profit or ROI
  • Analyze a breakdown of the profit calculation
  • See any restrictions for that item
  • Add the item to a buy list
  • Find the weight of the product
  • Search prices on third-party systems to ensure you have the best price information available
  • Add the item to your customized “Buy List”

This is a very powerful app that lets you do important product research on the go.

9. Evernote:

As an Amazon seller, you must stay organized. There are pictures to keep track of, inventory to manage, and receipts to file. You need a digital file system that works on your computer and your smartphone.

Evernote can help you create an Amazon business that’s not drowning in paperwork. There’s no need to save an actual receipt when you have a digital copy of it that’s easily accessible.
You can create notebooks for different aspects of your business, such as finance, inventory, goals, and records. The web clipper lets you snag a record of
online events, such as messages from buyers. Add tags as you file things away, so you can quickly find them again later.

  1. Feedback Whiz:

Get more positive reviews and manage negative feedback to enhance your online reputation. FeedbackWhiz is one of the best tools for these tasks.

FeedbackWhiz’s advanced software automates the tracking and monitoring of customer feedback. You can monitor reviews and immediately respond to issues that result in negative feedback. Aside from this, it enables you to set up automated e-mails to customers. These customizable e-mails can be used to thank customers for their purchases and ask them to leave reviews on Amazon. These e-mails are also automatically tracked, so you can measure customer engagement and determine which ones are most effective in increasing conversions.

While FeedbackWhiz may not be a comprehensive seller software, it is one of the best tools for e-mail automation. Take advantage of its features to improve customer engagement and boost seller ratings on Amazon.


  1. Feedvisor.  

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that prices for specific products fluctuate often -- sometimes even multiple times in a day. With such intense competition, often for identical products, sellers are always looking for a competitive edge. Feedvisor harnesses the power of machine learning, crunching millions of data points to automatically adjust your pricing, optimizing it for competitiveness and profitability. A New York Times article noted that Feedvisor increased sales by 15 to 40 percent.

Feedvisor’s Revenue Intelligence component harnesses similar technology to help businesses make informed, up-to-the-minute inventory decisions, helping to ensure they're not losing sales due to items being out of stock.


  1. Supplier Database by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is widely known for having one of the best assortment of tools for Amazon sellers. It constantly improves its software systems and designs new tools to expand its portfolio. The latest addition to its suite of tools is the Supplier Database.


This tool is packed with features that help you find the best suppliers and manage purchase orders. Its database includes verified global suppliers used by established businesses. It even allows you to check the exact supplier your competitors are getting their stocks from. 

Two of the most useful features of this tool are the Match Score and Supplier Tracker. The first one enables you to find suppliers using ASIN, brand name, or supplier name. Then, it gives you a comparison of supplier quotes, so you can choose the one that matches your needs and budget. The latter is a new feature that makes managing purchase orders easier. It lets you generate purchase orders, manage them, and keep track of all your transactions with your suppliers.

As an Amazon seller, you need tools that will help you streamline your business process, allowing you enough time to focus on things that matter.


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