August 19, 2022

Selling on Amazon: 8 Expert Tips to Launch a New Amazon Product

Discover how to launch a product from ground zero on Amazon and turn a profit, even in the face of competition from established market leaders.
Selling on Amazon: 8 Expert Tips to Launch a New Amazon Product
Selling on Amazon: 8 Expert Tips to Launch a New Amazon Product

Selling on Amazon: 8 Expert Tips to Launch a New Amazon Product

As an Amazon seller, launching a new product can be exciting. However, it can also be very challenging. Putting out a new product on the Amazon marketplace goes beyond just listing your product. Whether you're a seasoned retailer or a newbie selling on Amazon, it takes research, knowledge, time, effort, and dedication to achieve a successful Amazon product launch. 

In the article, we've put together expert tips to help you launch your product on Amazon successfully. 

Cracking the Amazon A10 algorithm 

Before we dive into the tips, let's look at what ranks and makes products visible. Understanding the Amazon algorithm will help you create marketing plans that push your product up search results much faster. 

Amazon A10 is Amazon’s search engine. The algorithm shows how product listings are ranked on the platform. Unlike the Google algorithm, the A10 aims to help customers search for the most relevant and popular products. 

Here are three primary metrics that influence the Amazon A10 algorithm: 

  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR): Click-Through-Rate refers to the percentage of customers that view and clicks on your product. This metric measures the relevancy of your product. This means that the higher your CTR, the more relevant your listing is. 
  • Conversion rate: Conversion rate measures the rate of customers who purchase your product. Simply, the higher your conversion rate, the higher your sales and revenue. 
  • Sales velocity: The sales velocity measures the rate of how quickly you sell products on Amazon. The faster your sales velocity, the more the A10 will push your products up search results. 

Amazon also focuses on other metrics like the availability of stocks, customer experience, and Amazon advertising

8 Expert tips to launch your new product on Amazon 

Now, let's look at seven expert tips that can help you implement a successful Amazon product launch: 

  1. Carry out product research 
  2. Start building your brand 
  3. Choose an effective fulfillment method 
  4. Optimize your product listing 
  5. Manage your inventory 
  6. Focus on getting reviews
  7. Drive external traffic to your product listing 
  8. Start PPC campaigns to boost sales

Carry out product research 

Launching a product successfully on the Amazon marketplace begins with product research. You want to make sure you are choosing the right products and understand what selling them in the market is like.

You want to consider factors like the customers you are targeting. What do these customers want? What are their pain points? How often do they purchase your product? 

You also want to carry out a financial and market assessment asking questions like what are the worst and best profit margins?  Is your product value clear enough? Are you selling a seasonal product? Is it a fad or is it keeping with current times? Are you selling in a product category that allows for new products? 

Lastly, you need to study the competition. The more competitors you have, the harder it may be to rank your product. It's important to look at the competition and learn from them. We recommend that you start with a narrow niche that has less competition and then expand progressively. 

Start building your brand 

Branding is not optional when it comes to launching a new product on Amazon FBA. To stand out and increase your product visibility, you need to consider branding as part of your strategy. 

When building your brand, you need to consider what you are offering and how to sell your brand to your customers. What differentiates your product from the competition? 

Branding includes your product design, packaging, brand colors, and customer perception. You also want to consider registering your product under the Amazon Brand Registry and taking advantage of features like Amazon Store and Amazon A+ content. 

What would your brand be like if it was an individual? Funny? Serious? Compassionate? 

Building your brand will help you target the right audience and craft your brand story in a way that sets you apart. 

Choose an effective fulfillment method 

One way to set yourself up for a successful Amazon product launch is to choose an effective fulfillment method. You want to ensure that the process of getting orders and delivering them to customers is quick and effective. Getting your order fulfillment right translates to quicker sales and better customer service which ultimately increases sales and customer loyalty. 

When it comes to fulfillment methods, you have two major options. You can choose to subscribe to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBA).

With Amazon FBA, you simply ship your products to Amazon fulfillment centers and have them handle everything from the packaging, shipping, delivery, and customer service. This helps you focus on other areas of your business. However, you will need to consider the FBA fees involved and decide if this works for your business. 

On the other hand, you can choose the FBM method where you handle everything from the packaging, shipping, delivery, and customer service. This gives you complete control of the entire process. 

Optimize your product listing

Your product listing is where all the action happens. When customers click on your product, they are immediately taken to your product listing. And much like shopping physically, customers want to go through all you have to offer. 

You want to make sure that everything on your product page is top-notch and leaves a good first impression. 

Start by carrying out extensive keyword research using tools like Ahrefs or Jungle Scout. Insert these keywords in your title, bullet point section, description, and even at the backend of your Amazon Seller account. Ensure you use high-quality images and ensure they cover various angles of your product. Don't forget to provide detailed information about your product and sell your value proposition. 

Manage your inventory 

You need to manage your inventory effectively to increase your sales velocity and rank higher on search results. Poor inventory management can lead to higher Amazon FBA storage costs, lowering your profit margins. Running out of stock will also mean you lose customers and fall lower on search rankings. 

You want to ensure you prepare to restock inventory ahead of time. Estimate your sales and ensure you never run out of stock. 

To effectively manage your inventory, consider investing in inventory management software. 

Focus on getting reviews

Getting reviews on a new product can be a challenging task. However, reviews are crucial for sales. Customers are likely to trust products that have personal recommendations from consumers. Reviews are also a major factor when it comes to ranking products on search results. PPC campaigns may also not generate many results without any reviews on your product. 

So how do you get reviews on your product? Here are two ways to get reviews on your new product: 

  • Amazon Vine program: Amazon Vine Program is an invite-only program specifically created to get reviews for newly launched products. Amazon invites trusted unbiased shoppers to drop reviews on your product. In turn, Amazon offers these shoppers free products from the seller. 
  • Amazon Early Reviewer program: The Early Reviewer program is another program created to help sellers get initial reviews. To be eligible for the program, your product needs to cost at least $15 and have at least five reviews. Amazon contacts a buyer who purchased your product and requests that they leave a review on your product. In turn, the buyer receives a voucher. This is irrespective of whether the review was negative or positive. 

Drive external traffic to your product listing 

To get as many people to see your product, you need to create brand awareness and get your target audience to see your product. 

You can drive external traffic to your product listing using social media. 

Running Facebook ads is one way to get traffic to your product page. All you need to do is open a Facebook page and run the ad using Facebook Business Manager. You can run the ad and redirect them to a landing page or your website. Similarly, you can also run Google ads. 

Other ways to drive external traffic include writing a blog post, creating social media posts, and leveraging email marketing and influencer marketing. 

All these are powerful ways to get more eyes on your listing and ultimately increase sales on Amazon. 

Start PPC campaigns to boost sales

To get your new product in front of customers and improve your rankings, you need to push it using Amazon PPC campaigns.

In your launch phase, gaining visibility and ranking is more tedious. PPC campaigns help to fast-forward the process and help you overcome the problem. 

When running your PPC campaigns, you want to bid more aggressively and target high-performing keywords. You can also target your competitor's product to reach a wider audience. 

Create specified budgets and ensure your campaigns are properly optimized, to get maximum results. 

Final thoughts 

There's so much to do when it comes to launching a new product on Amazon. There's an audience you hope will love your product and there are a lot of competitors to walk through. However, one thing to keep in mind in addition to the tips above is to make sure your Amazon product launch creates a good first impression and  is memorable to potential customers. 

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