August 10, 2022

10 Private Label Products that Sell in 2022

There are several proven methods for making and selling your own private label product. These methods are proven and tested by both the DIY community and professionals.
10 Private Label Products that Sell in 2022
Shawn Khorrami
10 Private Label Products that Sell in 2022

Private labeling is one of the most profitable business models. According to reports, sales from consumer-packaged goods amounted to a massive 158.8 billion US dollars in 2020. In the same year, the market share of private label products in the United States was 19.5%.

The Private Label model is lucrative because you can quickly develop your brand with little resources and gain control of your profits. However, running a successful private label business will rely heavily on the type of product you choose to sell.

To help you, we have curated a list of 10 private label products in high demand in 2022 and beyond.

What are private label products?  

Private label products are items created by a supplier or manufacturer and branded by a retail company. With the private labeling model, you decide everything from the design to material and packaging. The manufacturer then makes the product and ships it to your store. This business model helps you reduce manufacturing and shipping costs and focus on selling.

Examples of private label products include Amazon’s Amazon Essentials, IKEA, and H&M.

10 private label products in high demand in 2022

Whether you are selling on Amazon, the Walmart marketplace, or any other ecommerce platform, here are 10 high-end private label products you can start selling in 2022

  1.  Gadgets and electronics
  2. Cosmetics and beauty products 
  3. Clothing
  4. Workout equipment
  5. Toys
  6. Home décor
  7. Pet products
  8. Travel accessories
  9. Stationery and notebooks
  10. Reusable bags

Gadgets and electronics

Gadgets and electronics are private label products in high demand. Most people will need to replace a phone charger or get new headphones frequently. 

This demand also comes with high competition. To make the most out of selling gadgets and electronics, you need to pay attention to your design and packaging. 

Ensure your packaging is innovative and fresh. Strong social media campaigns are also an effective strategy for getting enough buzz around your product. 

Instead of selling all things electronics, you can narrow it down to more specific niches. For example, you can specialize in selling gadgets and electronics like wake-up lights, mini drones, USB fans, wireless headphones, and so on. 

Cosmetics and beauty products 

The beauty industry has grown massively over the years. Millions of people all over the world are looking for safe and effective beauty products for their skin. Sustainable and organic beauty products are also one of the latest trends in the beauty industry. 

To stand out in this niche, don't go for generic beauty products. Instead, you could research some of the best beauty products you can sell. You could also consider creating your own beauty product. However, you need to do your research thoroughly and ensure you are following strict health and safety regulations. Some cosmetics and beauty product ideas include smart beauty products, men's skincare, etc. 


Clothing will always be in demand not just because we wear clothes every day but also because some people are looking out for the latest fashion trends. 

You can start with selling one type of clothing - jeans, dresses or shirts. Once you've been able to gain some success with one type of clothing, you can expand your collection. Examples of clothing you can sell include rain ponchos, athletic wear, maternity clothing, yoga pants, etc. 

Workout equipment

With over 80,000 search results on the Amazon marketplace, workout equipment is a product category in high demand. More people have become health-conscious and are looking for ways to stay fit. You can sell workout equipment like resistance bands, Ab push-up boards, abdominal toning belts, yoga mats, and so on. 


Stuffed animals, doll houses, play kitchens, and climbing domes are just some of the toys you can sell. 

Sustainable toys made of materials like wood are in high demand as awareness of the effects of plastics on the environment continues to grow. 

You can sell sustainable toys that are also safe to play with. Remember that you will be marketing to parents. You want to create messaging that appeals to them. 

Home décor

Starting a home decor brand comes with a lot of potential. For one, you can set a premium pricing strategy, which can increase your profit levels. Home decor products can be anything from artificial flowers to essential oils, scented candles, large frames, wall art, and so on. 

When starting with home decor, it's important to look out for manufacturers that are willing to sell stock in low quantities. 

Pet products

According to the National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association (2021-2022), 90.5 million families own a pet in the United States. Pet industry expenditures also came to a total of $123.6 billion in 2021.

People love their pets and want the best products for them. You can sell a wide range of pet products. From pet beddings to pet clothing, travel products, grooming items, and so on. 

Travel accessories

Travel accessories are a great private label product you can start selling for travelers. You can sell eco-friendly travel accessories to give you an edge over the competition. You also want to pay attention to your packaging and ensure it appeals to your target audience. Consider different colors and designs for different target segments. 

Some travel accessories you can sell include toiletry bags, shampoo bottles, body lotions, face creams, travel toothbrushes, foldable hair dryers,  pouches, etc. 

Stationery and notebooks

Everyone needs a pen and notebook. It could be for journaling, drawing, or taking notes at school. 

You can sell stationery and notebooks to both kids and adults. Some of these products include pens, pencils, pencil cases, sticky notes, watercolor prints, and so on. 

You will need to find a manufacturer that is willing to sell products in limited quantities especially if the demand is low at the beginning. 

Reusable bags

In today's world, consumers are more eco-conscious and want to create a positive impact on the environment. With the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment, consumers have moved to more green options like reusable bags. You can sell reusable bags to consumers and be a part of saving the planet from the harmful effects of plastics while making a good profit. 

Where to Sell Private Label Products 

Finding the best private label product to sell is only halfway to success. You also need to choose the best platform to reach your target audience, market your product and increase company sales. 

Here are some online marketplaces you can sell your private label products: 

Amazon marketplace 

Amazon is a leading ecommerce platform with millions of products on display. Amazon has a massive customer base that gives sellers the opportunity to increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon. 

With Amazon private labeling, you can customize your product however you want, increase sales on Amazon and incur higher profits. You can sell Amazon private label products under your brand name. 

Amazon also has several fulfillment options. You can decide to handle your order fulfillment or subscribe to Amazon FBA. If you sell with fulfillment by Amazon(FBA), all you need to do is send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers and have them handle everything from packaging, shipping, and customer service.

Facebook marketplace 

If you are looking to build a solid brand, the Facebook marketplace is a great place to market your private label products. With thousands of groups on the platform, you can hunt down your target audience and reach as many potential customers as possible. 

Build your ecommerce store

Building and establishing your own ecommerce store exposes you to unlimited potential customers. You can also put up as many of your products. 

You can easily build your ecommerce store using customizable website design templates. Once you build your store, fill in your products, and launch your site on a web hosting platform. Ensure your website carries your unique brand personality including your brand colors and font. Use high-quality images and include detailed product descriptions to increase sales and revenue. 

Best private label manufacturers to work with 

Finding a private label manufacturer you can trust is key to becoming successful with your ecommerce business. An efficient supply chain will ensure good customer service and provide a solid foundation for business growth. Here are some of the best private label manufacturers you can work with: 


SupplyMeDirect ships locally from the US, EU, and China. They offer local shipping when available, automated order processing, and a supportive customer team. Payments are all made in USD regardless of customer location. 


Alibaba is one of the biggest online companies in the world. This platform offers one of the most detailed directories, connecting suppliers and merchants all over the world. 


If you want to sell clothing or accessories, this could be the perfect supplier for you. 

AOP+ specializes in organic print-on-demand. The platform is easy to use and can sync with your Shopify store. It also offers automated order processing and fulfillment and a helpful customer support team. 


Modalyst is a US-based dropshipping supplier that also partners with Aliexpress. What this means is, that you have access to an extensive product catalog with millions of products you can choose from. They also offer automated processing and fulfillment, as well as live chat support for questions or complaints. 


Private labeling allows you to build your brand and customer base. You can also control production, branding, and pricing. You can go through the list of private label products above and start selling!

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