January 24, 2023

10 Amazon storefronts examples to inspire you 

10 Amazon storefronts examples to inspire you 
Shawn Khorrami
10 Amazon storefronts examples to inspire you 

Amazon is indisputably the largest e-commerce marketplace, with over 2.5 million third-party sellers on the platform. With millions of brands on Amazon, how does one stand out? 

In September 2018, Amazon launched a powerful tool called the Amazon storefront to help businesses differentiate their products and grow their brand. 

What is an Amazon storefront? An Amazon storefront is a mini-website that allows registered businesses under the Amazon Brand Registry to showcase their branded products using images, videos, graphic designs and so much more all in a single location. With Amazon storefronts, customers can have a direct link to your store with no distractions from competitors. 

So how do you get started? Well, it's not enough to just put up all your products in one place. Your Amazon storefront must be functional and high-converting. You must develop an effective action plan to increase sales in retail using your Amazon storefront. 

What better way to build your Amazon storefront than to get some ideas from a few successful brands? In this article, we will look at a few brands that are crushing it with their Amazon storefronts to give you some ideas that will help you build your Amazon store.

Here are ten Amazon storefront examples to get you inspired: 

  1. Amazon Basics 
  2. Lego
  3. Malibu C
  4. Apple 
  5. Indo board 
  6. La Colombe coffee roasters 
  7. Clarks 
  8. Callaway 
  9. Merrick 
  10. PK Grills 

Amazon storefront example #1 - Amazon Basics 

We are starting off with Amazon’s flagship brand - Amazon Basics. Considering Amazon is the creator of the storefront feature, there is definitely a thing or two we can learn from them about building an Amazon brand storefront. Getting on their homepage, Amazon Basics welcomes customers with a clean and clear layout using bright images and simple colors. 

They utilize smaller grids to give customers a bit of everything that they sell - from kitchenwares to office furniture, cables, pet supplies, and beddings. The storefront makes you feel like you have arrived at your one-stop shop for getting any household product. The site is easy to navigate, making the selection of products less overwhelming. 

Amazon storefront example #2 - Lego 

If you are looking for how to create an Amazon storefront for different audiences, Lego is a great example to follow. Their colorful banner image welcomes you to their store and features different categories that allow you to shop based on themes, age, latest releases, and so on. What makes this storefront unique is that they feature different colors and fonts for their target audiences. For kids, they use fun and bright colors like red, blue, and yellow themes. For adults, they beat the colors down using white, black, and red themes. 

To build an Amazon storefront, it is important to consider your target audience and figure out what type of design best resonates with them. Lego also offers unique product recommendations based on your browsing history. This is one effective way to give customers exactly what they are looking for and increase sales on Amazon. 

Amazon storefront example #3 - Malibu C

Malibu C is a hair wellness brand that is 100% vegan and eco-friendly. Their homepage welcomes you with a lifestyle video of their product that plays in a loop. The store features four elements that state what makes their product unique. This includes eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, and plant-based. The entire storefront gives customers a solution to the problem of dull hair. The store uses cool colors of light blue and white. It also features some of their products and prices you can shop right away. 

Amazon storefront example #4 - Apple 

Apple is a top brand recognized globally for high-quality gadgets. Apple’s Amazon storefront maintains its brand color and makes use of whitespaces for highlighting displayed products. They maximize the store’s space, displaying broad product categories that direct you further into the store. Each product comes with bold text descriptions and high-quality images highlighting the features and model of their products. The site is easy to navigate and makes use of more images than text. 


Amazon storefront example #5 - Indo Board 

This brand offers a board line for athletes and enthusiasts of diverse age groups and levels. This storefront creatively combines images and videos that communicate the value of the products. The color and theme are bright and subtle, giving customers a feeling of being outdoors. 

It also shows customers how to use their products for their fitness. The brand highlights its history, values, and elements that make its products unique. They also take advantage of the shoppable image model allowing customers to add items to their cart right away while showcasing beautiful lifestyle images. 


Amazon storefront example #6 - La Colombe coffee roasters 

La Colombe is a coffee brand with about 30 cafes around the United States. They display rich and unique flavors of coffee using a fine combination of more images than texts. The images come with a text overlay highlighting the key elements of each beverage. For example, the Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte comes in an enticing image drawing customers to the product. The text overlay gives customers information on the product name, the type of beverage, and the sugar and caffeine content. The top navigation displays various categories for an easy shopping experience. 


Amazon storefront example #7 - Clarks 

Clarks is a footwear brand that offers high fashion footwear as well as high-tech manufactured footwear for health-related issues. The store displays bold images and text overlays highlighting their product offerings (new arrivals, casual boots, winter boots, and casual shoes). 

Clarks’ Amazon storefront uses a simple layout using light colors of brown, white, and grey. The store also displays a wide range of products and prices available at Clarks. The navigation tabs at the top page display various product categories for easy navigation. 



Amazon storefront example #8 - Callaway 

Callaway offers a wide range of golf equipment including golf clubs, balls, gloves, etc. Their homepage welcomes you with their brand logo and leads you to the navigation bar for an easy shopping experience. 

Callaway uses high-quality images with a focus on the logo. This allows for easy brand recognition. When new customers come to your store, it is important that you make your brand recognizable using your logo, unique colors, and so on. Callaway uses the big grid template that makes it easy to zoom into their products and still click to shop right away. 


Amazon storefront example #9 - Merrick

Merrick sets itself apart as a pet food brand offering high-quality nutritious pet food. On their Amazon storefront, you are greeted with a beautiful homepage that immediately communicates the quality of the products. 

Merrick highlights that it works with a team of professionals including animal nutritionists and veterinarians to produce the most nutritious pet food recipes. Scrolling down the store, you see a lifestyle video that plays in a loop. The store also has a product display alongside their prices. Merrick is able to uniquely combine images, videos, and a list of products all in one, making their store stand out. 



Amazon storefront example #10 - PK Grills

PK Grills is an outdoor grill brand that sells high-quality grills, gears, and grill accessories. Their Amazon storefront is filled with high-quality images and videos showing their grills in action. They highlight their product features and display bestsellers you can shop from. They also have recommended products for you at the bottom of the page. The store has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to pick a product. 



5 quick tips for an impressive, high-converting Amazon storefront 

Your storefront isn’t just a display of products. It is a feature that allows you to connect with your customers, increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon. So here are five tips on how to set up an Amazon storefront that is sure to impress your customers and increase sales on Amazon. 

  1. Organize your storefront: Imagine walking into a store with products scattered across the shelves? That is sure to turn any customer off. Your store should be well organized into categories of products that customers want to buy. Organize your products into categories according to color, size, model, or theme. Ensure each category has a link that leads customers to individual product pages. 
  2. Use quality images and videos: Images and videos are a sure way to grab the attention of your customers. Add high-quality images that communicate the functionality of your product. Feature some videos too. Videos are one way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and increase conversion rates. 
  3. Use shoppable image feature: Amazon released the shoppable image feature in 2020. This feature allows customers to engage with your lifestyle images and still add your product to their cart right away. This is a great way to increase conversion rates on your Amazon storefront. 
  4. Create impressive category pages: Your homepage should be impressive as this is the first thing customers interact with. However, your category pages should equally be as impressive. Make sure your category pages are congruent with your homepage and are in sync with your brand. 
  5. Think mobile-first: With 79% of smartphone users shopping with their mobile phones, you can’t afford to make mobile optimization secondary. Your storefront should be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. The menu button should be visible for easy navigation. Make use of more images and videos than texts. 

Bonus tip - Amazon Global Selling 

Amazon Global Selling is a program that allows you to sell your products in international markets. In addition to staples like US, UK, and Canada, you can sell your products to countries like France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, India, and many more. The program is fully supported by Amazon’s seller tools logistic network to help you with currency conversion, product listing, international fulfillment, customer service, and many more. 

With Amazon Global Selling, you can sell to top retail markets across the globe and expose your store to millions more customers. As the process of registration can be a bit daunting, we recommend you speak to an expert to guide you through the process. 


The above Amazon storefront examples have a few things in common - high-quality images and videos, compelling copy and product descriptions, category tabs, a unique layout, branding for easy brand recognition, and easy navigation. 

Do you want to build your Amazon storefront but need some professional guidance? With top ecommerce experts at ePlaybooks, you can get all the guidance you need to build an impressive high-converting Amazon storefront and increase sales on Amazon. 

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