May 13, 2024

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA in 2024

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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA in 2024
Shawn Khorrami
How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA in 2024

Are you looking for wholesale suppliers that you can source products from to resell on Amazon FBA? Sourcing your products from wholesale suppliers can be a lucrative venture as you can buy in bulk at competitive prices and resell them for profit. 

Finding a trusted wholesale supplier means you won’t have to worry about chasing down inventory. You can spend more time creating winning marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your Amazon FBA listings and increase sales and profits. 

Ready to find a reliable wholesale supplier for your Amazon FBA business? In this guide, we will take you through the process of identifying and securing wholesale accounts for your Amazon business. 

Who is a wholesale supplier?

wholesale supplier

A wholesale supplier acts as a middleman between a manufacturer and a retailer. The wholesale supplier purchases goods in bulk directly from manufacturers at a discounted rate and sells in smaller quantities to retailers who then sell to consumers.

This model can be particularly beneficial for Amazon FBA sellers, as it allows them to stock up their FBA warehouses with a wide range of products at competitive prices, which can then be sold to consumers at a higher price, generating profit. 

You may find wholesale suppliers that specialize in a single product or product category, or suppliers that offer a variety of goods.

Benefits of working with a wholesale supplier for Amazon FBA 

Working with a wholesale supplier for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) offers numerous benefits:

  • Buying products in bulk allows you to acquire them at a lower per-item price. This lower cost translates into higher profits on each sale, leading to overall increased profitability. 
  • Utilizing Amazon FBA, your business can be largely automated. Your wholesale supplier prepares your inventory and sends it to Amazon, who then stores and ships the products to customers. This hands-off approach allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing and customer service. 
  • With wholesale suppliers, you have the opportunity to negotiate prices, potentially securing better deals than you would with retail suppliers. Overall, this can result in higher profit margins. 
  • Wholesale reduces the risk associated with inventory management. You can restock quickly in case of shortages, ensuring that your products are always available to meet customer demand. 

8 ways to find wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA

Here are several effective ways to locate reliable wholesale suppliers:

  1. Alibaba
  2. Trade shows 
  3. Industry publications and blogs
  4. Online B2B wholesale directories
  5. Search engines and social media
  6. Direct referrals
  7. Researching competitors’ suppliers 


Alibaba is a top B2B marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers from various parts of the world. Sellers can create product listings, interact with interested shoppers, and finalize transactions. Buyers on the other hand can communicate with different suppliers, browse different products, and finalize purchases.

It offers a vast array of products and suppliers, making it a valuable resource for finding wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA. It is a great platform to find high-quality predictable products and carry out product research for your Amazon FBA business.. However, keep in mind that you need to verify the reliability of suppliers and their products before entering into a business relationship with them. 

Trade shows 

Trade shows and networking events offer excellent opportunities to connect with potential suppliers, vendors, and different people in your industry and learn about their offerings. 

These events can provide a platform to meet in real time, discuss business needs, negotiate terms, and establish relationships that could lead to long-term partnerships. 

Industry publications and blogs

Staying informed about the latest trends in your industry from industry publications and blogs can provide valuable insights into potential wholesale suppliers. 

You want to consider publications and blogs specific to your niche to get more relevant findings. Subscribe to newsletters and search and follow Amazon logistics blogs that can help you identify reputable suppliers and understand the market better.  

Online B2B wholesale directories 

No matter where you are, there are wholesale websites that you can use to find a reliable wholesale supplier. Some websites in the United States include Wholesale Central, Source Low, and Tundra

Search engines and social media

You can utilize Google search engines and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook Groups to find suppliers who specialize in the products you're looking for. 

These platforms can also provide insights into the experiences of other Amazon sellers with their suppliers helping you make a more informed decision. 

Direct referrals 

You can ask for referrals from other Amazon sellers who have positive experiences with their suppliers. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a reliable source of information about the reliability and quality of potential suppliers. 

Researching competitors’ suppliers

Your competitors may already be working with reliable wholesale suppliers that provide high-quality products. You can do some digging into your competitors and research their suppliers. This can help you make a more informed decision when picking a wholesale supplier. is a wholesale website that offers a wide range of products including electronics, home goods, and appliance products. The company partners with popular brands, ensuring high-quality products. You also get a wholesale plan from the site making it a convenient option for sourcing suppliers and products. 

One of the key advantages of working with is the competitive pricing they offer. This pricing model is particularly appealing for sellers looking to maximize their profit margins while keeping prices affordable for their customers. 

Overall, this website can be a treasure trove for finding the best wholesale supplier for your Amazon business. 

Checklist for finding the right wholesale supplier for Amazon FBA


Wholesale suppliers offer a range of products at bargain prices which allows you to set competitive prices on Amazon while still maintaining healthy profit margins. Here are criteria that can help you filter your search and lockdown the right wholesale supplier for your Amazon business: 

  1. Check their experience and reliability: The wholesale supplier you collaborate with should be very reliable. You want to ensure they have enough experience to deal with the dynamics of selling on the Amazon marketplace. 
  2. Draw a list of the best wholesale suppliers: Make a list of the best Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers that meet your needs. Check what products they offer, if they do direct shipping, how long it takes, their payment terms, and quality control procedures. 
  3. Check for hidden fees and contracts: Be sure to ask about any hidden fees. Also, think about your FBA fees, referral fees, margin, and profit before finalizing deals. Ensure you have a clear agreement or contract with your preferred supplier. 
  4. Check minimum order quantity (MOQ): The minimum order quantity is the quantity a wholesale supplier requires for its products. You want to check the supplier’s MOQ to find out if it is suitable for your needs. If the supplier’s MOQ is too high or too low, you may end up with little or excess inventory. 
  5. Check pricing and bulk discounts: Most wholesale Amazon sellers have similar product offerings, so it is essential to inquire about their pricing and bulk discount offers. You may want to go for wholesale suppliers who can provide high-quality products at the lowest possible prices. 
  6. Check their customer service: You want to partner with a wholesale supplier that has responsive customer service. Try reaching out to their customer support team as a test to find out if they can respond to you on time and resolve problems quickly. 
  7. Check for licenses and certifications: To ensure they are legitimate, you want to check for certifications and licenses. Look into their background and verify if they provide insurance for the products they supply. Ensure you inspect goods before finalizing a deal to verify their quality. 

List of top wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA

Now, let's look at a list of some top wholesale suppliers from around the world: 

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is known as one of the world's largest wholesale suppliers. The platform offers a vast selection of products from various manufacturers. The advantage of using Alibaba is the competitive prices, especially for suppliers located outside the U.S., and the opportunity to meet potential suppliers at trade shows. 

Alibaba also allows for purchasing products without a minimum order quantity, making it a versatile option for Amazon sellers. 

In addition, most suppliers on Alibaba are verified and have customization options. 

  1. DHGate

One favorite among Amazon sellers is DHGate. It is recognized for its reliability, low-cost products, and extensive selection. Being a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council, DHGate adheres to strict standards and provides quality products and excellent customer service. They also provide a buyer protection system for safe and secure transactions. What's more, you can find sources for various trade shows in China, allowing you to build in-person relationships with wholesale suppliers. 

  1. Wholesale Central 

Wholesale Central is a leading B2B directory that connects wholesale suppliers and buyers in various industries in the United States. You can find a wide range of product categories including apparel, beauty products, home goods, etc. 

The platform offers a special section for suppliers that support Amazon FBA requirements. Some suppliers listed can even ship directly to Amazon fulfillment centers. 

  1. eSources

eSources is a directory of local and international wholesale suppliers, distributors, vendors, and so on. Based in the United Kingdom, eSources has a wide range of products in different categories. 

  1. Kole Imports 

Based in California, Kole Imports offers a variety of products including a closeout section for products with lower prices. They also provide prep services for Amazon FBA sellers, handling labeling, bundling, bagging, and package replacement.

  1. Doba 

Doba is another wholesale supplier known for its wide selection of products, competitive prices, and low minimum order quantities. Doba provides detailed information about each supplier, including processing time and refund rate, and offers knowledgeable customer service. 

Final thoughts on finding wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA in 2024 

Finding the right wholesale supplier for your Amazon FBA business is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business's overall success. 

By considering factors like product quality, pricing, shipping times, customer service, and reviews from other sellers, you can find a reliable partner that meets your business needs. You can go through this article to find out ways to find wholesale suppliers for your Amazon FBA business. 

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