March 20, 2024

What is a Walmart 'Done for You' Store?

Discover Walmart's 'Done for You' Store solution - your all-in-one eCommerce platform for seamless business setup and management. Start thriving today
What is a Walmart 'Done for You' Store?
What is a Walmart 'Done for You' Store?

The Walmart marketplace continues to evolve offering great opportunities for businesses and brands to increase sales and profit. However, for some business owners, managing a Walmart store in the ever-competitive market can be a daunting task. 

A Walmart ‘Done for You’ store is an automation service that can help you handle the hassles of day-to-day operations. With this innovative solution, you can have a dedicated management team handle everything from research to product listings to order fulfillment, shipping, and customer service while you take the back seat acting as an investor. 

If you’ve ever thought of owning an ecommerce store without the stress of managing it, read on as we explore everything you need to know about the Walmart ‘Done for You’ store.  

What is Walmart ‘Done for You’?

The Walmart ‘Done for You’ store is a revolutionary approach to ecommerce. It offers a full automation service designed to streamline and optimize the operations of sellers on the Walmart marketplace

This innovative model provides you with the tools and services necessary to manage your online store with minimal effort, giving you the time to focus on other core business activities while leveraging the vast resources of Walmart's platform.

These tools and services are mainly provided by ecommerce professionals and agencies. Their management team will handle everything from pre-setup to completion and management while you relax and earn passive income. 

How does a Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation service work?

So how does the Walmart ‘Done for You’ service work? Well, the Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation service works with software to set up a store on Walmart, which includes listing the products, branding the store, and configuring workflows and automation to optimize sales. 

Once the store is set up, the management team will handle the listing of products in bulk. This can be done through software tools that automate the process, saving you time and effort. The service also focuses on optimizing product listings to improve their visibility and appeal to customers, ultimately leading to increased sales. 

The service takes care of order fulfillment, which involves processing, packaging, and delivering orders to customers.

The Walmart ‘Done for You’ service is also responsible for running ads and managing the store's marketing strategy. This includes using PPC managers to improve product listings and running ads, which can significantly boost the store's visibility and sales. 

Simply, the Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation service handles everything about your Walmart store from top to bottom. 

Keep in mind that to enjoy the Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation service, you will need to make a significant investment and choose a service provider that you can trust. 

Requirements for a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store

To establish a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store, there are several requirements and considerations that you must keep in mind. 

While the service is designed for those looking to leverage Walmart's marketplace without the intricacies of managing an ecommerce store, it is important to understand the prerequisites and implications involved in setting up and managing a ‘Done for You’ store.  Here are a few requirements and considerations to keep in mind: 

  1. Have a registered US business: To sell on the Walmart marketplace, you must have a registered business in the United States.
  2. History of successfully selling online: You should have a track record of successfully selling products on other online marketplaces or ecommerce platforms.
  3. Compliant products: The products you plan to sell must comply with Walmart's standards and regulations. This includes ensuring that your products are safe, of high quality, and meet all necessary certifications and standards.
  4. Upfront cost and revenue-sharing model: Setting up a ‘Done for You’ store involves a significant upfront cost. Additionally, you'll be entering into a revenue-sharing model with the service provider, which means a portion of your sales will go to them. It's important to understand this model and its implications for your profitability.
  5. Risk and trust: Investing in a ‘Done for You’ automation service involves a degree of risk, as the success of your store will depend on the service provider's expertise and efforts. You need to trust the service provider and build a strong relationship with them. 

Overall, It's crucial to set realistic expectations regarding the time, resources, and risks involved. Also, it may take time to see sales and become profitable. The process of establishing and growing a store, especially one managed by an external service, may be time-consuming. 

Pros and cons of a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store 

The Walmart ‘Done for You’ store offers a unique blend of convenience, efficiency, and potential for passive income, making it an appealing option if you're looking to tap into Walmart's vast customer base without the need for ecommerce expertise: 

Pros of a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store 

  • Better efficiency: With Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation, you can streamline tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention and giving you time to focus on other core activities of your business. 
  • Improved order processing: With the Walmart ‘Done for You’, you can have your orders automated. Automated order processing can be very effective in lowering the risk of errors and ensuring quick fulfillment of orders, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more positive reviews. 
  • Data-driven decision-making: With automation tools, you can generate valuable reports and analytics on customer behavior, sales performance, and other vital metrics, facilitating informed decision-making and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Optimized pricing strategies: This service aids in evaluating competitor prices, market trends, and other factors to set competitive prices, maximizing profitability while remaining competitive.
  • Earn passive income: By automating various facets of the Walmart store, you can generate passive income without being involved in day-to-day operations, giving you a more sustainable business model.
  • Growth opportunities: The Walmart ‘Done for You’ service provides a solid foundation for scaling business operations. As your sales increase, automated tools used can adapt and manage the increased workload ultimately ensuring seamless growth without compromising efficiency.

Cons of a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store 

  • Initial investment costs: Implementing Walmart ‘Done for You’ automation services and tools often requires an initial financial investment, including costs for training, hardware, software, and hiring consultants or experts. This can be a significant barrier for smaller businesses or those operating with limited capital.
  • Limited control: While automation streamlines procedures, it may restrict the ability to tailor certain aspects of your Walmart store, such as specific marketing strategies, design elements, or unique promotional offers. This can be a huge limitation for your business affecting personalization and customization. 
  • Risk of account suspension: There's a risk that the automation company might accidentally or intentionally violate Walmart’s terms of service, which could lead to the suspension or termination of your Walmart business.
  • Relying on third-party services: Reliance on third-party automation services brings additional risks. For example, there is the possibility of the service provider going out of business or failing to deliver on their promises. This can leave you without the support you need to manage your store effectively.

How much does a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store cost? 

The cost of setting up and managing a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store can vary significantly based on the specific automation service provider you choose and the scope of services you require. Generally, the initial investment for such a service can range from $10,000 to $50,000. This cost includes the upfront fee paid to the automation service provider and the share of the profits they take as payment for their services.

Beyond the upfront fee and profit sharing, there may be additional costs associated with operating the store, such as tax forms, and possibly legal and administrative fees. It's important to set realistic expectations regarding these costs and to carefully consider the financial implications of investing in a Walmart ‘Done for You’ store.

Final thoughts 

The Walmart 'Done for You' store is a powerful automation service that can significantly benefit your business. You can automate various operational tasks, ensure consistent product listings, set effective pricing strategies, and meet performance metrics. In addition, you can focus on core areas of business, and potentially achieve greater success in the Walmart marketplace. However, it is crucial to carefully consider the financial capabilities, time, and expertise required before deciding to invest. 

Do you need help navigating the ever-evolving Walmart marketplace? You can contact experts on ePlaybooks right away. 

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