June 1, 2023

Walmart Product Ranking: [How to Hit First Page] on the Walmart Marketplace

keep your products competitive, pay attention to product attributes, learn how to hit the Walmart marketplace first page, increasing traffic and sales for your products.
Walmart Product Ranking: [How to Hit First Page] on the Walmart Marketplace
Walmart Product Ranking: [How to Hit First Page] on the Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Product Ranking

Various online marketplaces follow their algorithm to decide which product hits the first page of search results and which is positioned at the bottom page. 

The Walmart marketplace follows its own unique set of rules to determine how products are ranked. For most Walmart sellers, the aim is to get to the first page on search results. 

One way to improve your sales on the Walmart online marketplace is to hit the first page and rank as high as possible. 

But the question is, how can sellers do this? 

Read on as we get acquainted with Walmart's algorithm and how to increase online business revenue by getting your products to rank as high as possible on search engines. 

Walmart SEO

seo walmart

In simple words, Walmart SEO involves optimizing your product listing in a way that the Walmart algorithm can recognize and rank your product. 

As with most algorithms, no one knows for sure how exactly the algorithm ranks products but there are a few factors to be considered. 

This includes the content (image, title, product description), performance (Order Defect Rate (ODR), customer response time, etc.), and offer (item and shipping price, in-store rate, etc). 

The algorithm picks the most relevant results according to customer searches and certain indicators. To improve your search rankings, it is important to think from the perspective of the customer and optimize your listing in a way that appeals most to them. 

8 tips to improve organic rankings and hit the first page on the Walmart marketplace 

tips to improve organic traffic

Here are a few effective strategies that can improve your organic rankings and get you one step closer to hitting the first page on search results while selling on Walmart. 

  1. Use relevant keywords throughout your product page 
  2. Keep your product title succinct and relevant 
  3. Use high-quality images
  4. Provide a detailed product description
  5. Pay attention to your product attributes
  6. Keep your product prices competitive 
  7. Offer Walmart's free 2-day shipping 
  8. Offer good customer service 

Use relevant keywords throughout your product page 

Keywords are short words or terms customers use to search for products on search engines, or in this case, the Walmart marketplace. 

If you want to rank higher, you need to make sure you use the right keywords based on your product. The first step is to perform keyword research. 

You can use keyword research tools Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner to identify keywords relevant to your product and product category. In creating your keyword list, include Short tail keywords and Long-tail keywords. 

Short-tail keywords are much broader search terms while Long-tail keywords are more specific keywords. You need a mixture of both types of keywords on your product listing. 

Once you have identified a list of keywords, you want to make sure you include them throughout your product listing. From your product title to your feature list and product description. 

It is important to avoid keyword stuffing as this may appear spammy and may even lead to suppressing your listing. 

Walmart SEO: Keep your product title succinct and relevant

Your product title is the first thing your customers see before clicking on your product. 

Walmart is also very particular about product titles and has a word count of just 50-75 characters. With this in mind, you want to make sure you keep your product title short and relevant. You want to include enough information to help customers identify your product while maintaining Walmart’s word count limit. 

Here's a simple formula to guide you in writing a good product title: 

Brand + Product line (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count

There are also basic rules you need to follow when writing your product title:

  • Your product title should be between 50-70 characters long. 
  • The first letter of each word should be in capital letters. This is excluding conjunction, acronyms, prepositions, and articles. 
  • Avoid using special characters or symbols. 
  • Include attributes that best describe the product. For example, if you are selling vegan lip gloss, you want to make sure you include that in the product title. 
  • Include a unique product name 
  • Avoid using promotional phrases like “best-selling” 

Use high-quality images

If you sell products on Walmart, your product image is the only way customers get to see what your product looks like before they buy them. 

High-quality images sell! They attract customers to your product page and increase conversion rates. 

The algorithm will favor Walmart product listings with higher clicks, conversion, and positive reviews, which are largely influenced by images. 

Infuse high-quality images in your product listing. Include a hero image, which is the first image customers see when they click on your product. You also want to include additional images, showing your product from various angles. 

You can also include comparison charts and videos using third-party apps. 

Here are some product image requirements to take note of on the Walmart marketplace: 

  • Product images should be a minimum of four. However, six or seven images are typically recommended. 
  • Your product images should be professional and well-lit
  • If you have variation listings, include swatch images for each variant.
  • Product images must be in color. (Note that primary images should be on a white background). 
  • Do not use images that contain logos, watermarks, or text overlays
  • Product images should not violate Walmart's Trust and Safety standards. 

Provide a detailed product description

Your product description should bridge the information gap between you and your customers. It should creatively communicate the features and benefits of your products and spur your customers into making a buying decision. 

In this section, include at least three key features and a detailed description of at least 150 words. Also, include relevant keywords in your product description to boost organic rankings. Avoid keyword stuffing as this could appear spammy to Walmart. 

Pay attention to your product attributes

The Walmart online marketplace offers around 24 different product categories you can define your products with. 

Product attributes can be found on the left side while you search on Walmart. 

Including product attributes will help customers find your product in narrowed searches. Ensure you add specific and relevant product attributes. The more specific you are, the higher your product rank on search results. Avoid including the category “other” as this could reduce your product visibility. 

Keep your product prices competitive 

Customers are always looking to get the best products at the lowest possible prices. 

Your product pricing will not only determine your ranking on search results but will also be a large determinant for securing the Buy Box. 

To maximize sales, ensure you set the lowest possible prices. However, it is important to consider your competitor's pricing when setting your prices. You also need to consider your costs and profit margin to ensure you are making the most profit while setting prices that are favorable to customers. 

Offer Walmart's free 2-day shipping 

Fast shipping is in full swing in the world of e-commerce today. Walmart sellers who offer free 2-day shipping are given top priority on Walmart. They not only have greater chances of ranking higher but also have a much higher chance of winning the Buy Box. 

According to Walmart, sellers who have a 2-day shipping tag, have 1.5x more views and 75% more impressions. 

Here's how you can take advantage of the free 2-day shipping: 

  • Self-fulfillment: You can apply for Walmart's free 2-day shipping as a Walmart seller from your Seller Center account if you have good account health and positive reviews. It is also important to have fulfillment capabilities that can meet up with the demand. Once you get approved, you can select regions or states for 2-day shipping. 
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS): Walmart Fulfillment Services is similar to Amazon FBA. With Fulfillment by Walmart, you can send your inventory to a Walmart ecommerce fulfillment center and have it packaged and shipped to customers on your behalf. 
  • Deliverr: Deliverr is Walmart's official third-party fulfillment partner. With Deliverr merchants already pre-approved for Walmart's  2-day shipping, the company can handle your fulfillment process from start to finish. 

Offer good customer service 

Good customer service can greatly impact your rankings on search engines. With great customer service, your customers can drop positive reviews which improves your ranking and also build trust in potential customers. 

Walmart allows customers to drop two types of reviews: Retailer Reviews (reviews based on the overall service) and Product Reviews (reviews based on the quality of the product). 

To ensure you get an influx of positive reviews, do all you can to deliver good customer service. Start with attending to customer complaints and answering their questions, maintain a good relationship with your customers, communicate with them during the transaction process, and provide tracking information. 

You can leverage emails to send “Thank You” notes to your customers. 

The best part is Walmart also sends a message to its customers, encouraging them to leave a review after a product has been sold. 


Making little adjustments to your product listings, offering good customer service, and maintaining competitive prices are only a few strategies that can shoot your product listing to the first page of search results. 

A higher ranking not only attracts potential customers but also increases your chances of winning the Buy Box and increasing sales. 

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