June 2, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Trending Products to Sell Online

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Trending Products to Sell Online
Frequently Asked Questions: Best Trending Products to Sell Online

Are you a new entrepreneur or already have an established brand? The truth is you can sell almost anything online. Many ecommerce sellers succeed because they have been able to find the right products to sell online. With so many products already on the market, ranging from trendy clothing to kitchen supplies, spotting the one that sells the best requires skill, strategy, and planning, especially with the ever stiffening competition. 

The best strategy to help you pick the right product to sell online is to find out what your ideal audience wants. It is worth noting that there are factors affecting the demand for products, causing them to go through constant updates. However, here are 20 top products that hold the best seller status. 

  1. Matcha tea
  2. Posture Corrector
  3. LED submersible lights
  4. Winter Coats
  5. Blue light glasses 
  6. Seat Cushions
  7. One Piece Swimsuit
  8. Wireless Phone Chargers
  9. Home security cameras
  10. Smart Watch

We have selected these best items to sell online from top ecommerce stores including Amazon, AliExpress, DHGate, eBay, and Walmart. All these products are among the most sold online and are currently trending on top.

Top Trending Product Categories of 2022

Before you choose what to sell online, you should determine the category to focus on. There are always some categories that are more profitable than others. People are searching for these categories, making them the golden geese of ecommerce. 

Also, not all best-selling products online will work in your store. Why? Because everyone is selling them! You will have to search which category/niche best suits your particular audience.

Here’s a list of ten of the best product categories you can pick from to sell online: 

  • Electronics 
  • Toys and games 
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Gift cards
  • Books
  • Camera and photo 
  • Beauty and personal care 
  • Home and kitchen 
  • Pet supplies 
  • Sports and outdoors 

Top Trending Products to Sell Online

  1. Matcha tea:


Matcha is fast becoming a more commonly known term. This finely ground powder of green leaves has become a healthier option to regular green tea. Matcha tea has increased in demand over the past few months, making it a fantastic product to sell online. You can order a large supply and start selling it online.

Globally, the matcha tea powder market is expected to peak at a CAGR of 9.4% between 2021 and 2031. And the tea industry overall is forecast to hit $229 million in 2022

  1. Posture Corrector: 

Source: Amazon

The posture corrector is a high-demand product, available to be sold by any ecommerce store. Its benefit is to help the users stand tall and straight while supporting their spinal cord. Many physiotherapists also recommended this product. The posture corrector will sell by dozens when you target the right interest group.

Ever since working from home became popular, people have started to care about their posture. This has led to higher search engine queries of the product as seen in this trend.

  1. LED submersible lights: 

Source: Amazon

LED submersible lights are a fun and beautiful item to install in pools or hot tubs. Because most people have been spending their time at home in recent years, demand for these submersible lights has largely increased, and this will only keep growing.

Over the past 5 years, the trend for LED submersible lights has varied. However, in the coming months, it is expected to grow. Now would be the ideal time to get in on the action!

  1. Winter Coats: 

Source: Amazon

During the winter season, what most people think of is comfort, and then style. Everyone wears coats in the winter seasons. As an online fashion store owner, you might want to do something unique to help increase conversion rates in-store, during the season. Adding Winter coats are your best bet.

Winter coats follow an easily predictable trend, where they become a high-demand product during the winter months. Target this product and try to sell as many as possible when there is high demand.

  1. Blue Light Glasses:

Source: Amazon

When the covid pandemic hit, people spent more time behind screens of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, working and having meetings. 

The benefit of Blue light glasses is to protect the eyes by reducing the potentially harmful light waves, emitted from the devices into the eyes. You can provide helpful facts on your product listing with the keyword “do blue light glasses work” to highlight an opportunity for you to win over consumers.

Blue light glasses became trendy during the pandemic and do not seem like it's going off-trend anytime soon. Adding this product to your store can help generate more income for your business.

  1. Seat Cushions:

Source: Amazon

More people are spending time at home, working, and schooling, which means they need to make their workstations comfortable. Some research has linked sitting for long periods with some health concerns. Having a seat cushion goes a long way to reduce these concerns as well as making the seating space fit for long hours of sitting. 

During the pandemic, the demand for seat cushions increased remarkably, and as an Amazon seller, or any platform you sell on, you can take advantage of that.

  1. One Piece Swimsuit:

The stunning one-piece swimsuit offers comfort and style to the user. Ladies can get these backless swimsuits to enjoy swimming and strolling in the pool and on the beach. It’s perfect for exotic tropical beaches. You can sell them as a combo with beach party wear, to attract customers. When summer approaches, it is a perfect item to list in your store.

Also known as monokinis, the one-piece has gotten more popular recently after making multiple appearances in top movies and dramas. The trend above clearly shows how high their searches rise during the summer months!

  1. Wireless Phone Chargers: 

Many people are becoming fed up with regular charging devices. Why? They all come with wires. Wireless phone chargers are fast becoming the next big thing in smartphone accessories.

You can add this product to your ecommerce store to increase your sales. 

This trend shows that although interest is currently low, wireless phone chargers are undoubtedly a popular point of interest for people around the world. We can safely predict that this will rise consistently, as more and more phones transition towards wireless phone charging.

  1. Home security cameras: 

Source: Amazon

Security cameras have always been in high demand. Small businesses and homeowners use security cameras, allowing them to view their businesses and homes at any given time from virtually any location. The IP cameras are available for low prices. You can see how best to find the best prices for products here. Hence, ecommerce store owners can keep a healthy margin while selling them online.

While home security has always remained an extremely important matter, especially among residents of high crime neighborhoods, the demand for security cameras is now on the rise around the world.

  1. Smart Watch:

Source: Amazon

There is no doubt about the growing popularity of smartwatches. Just as with smartphones, smartwatches are internet-enabled with a whole world of potential capabilities.

Smartwatches have grown to become very trendy right now, with big digital companies like Samsung and Apple producing their own. However, when deciding to sell a smartwatch, you don’t need to choose something too expensive. Choose products that can be affordable to your customers to sell in your ecommerce store.

Consistently, the demand for smartwatches around the world has risen and will continue to do so. Not everyone can afford a premium smartwatch, leaving significant gaps in the market that savvy entrepreneurs can exploit.

Final thoughts

We have provided you with a list of the top trending products to sell online this year, Remember, many factors should be looked out for when selecting a good product. Some of these factors include;

The product should be unique.

It should offer a healthy markup.

It shouldn’t be available in brick-and-mortar stores.

It should be difficult to find anywhere else.

It should have a value – usefulness.

Now you have found the right product, how do you get it to your customers? We have listed a few simple but effective strategies to increase sales and grow revenue with Amazon.

If you need some professional help carrying out product research and selecting the best product to sell on Amazon, you can contact ecommerce experts at ePlaybooks.

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