August 18, 2022

How to Increase Business Revenue

Whether you have a brick and mortar store , e-commerce business, physical services, follow these 6 principles to increase your business revenue.
How to Increase Business Revenue
How to Increase Business Revenue

Revenue is a major driver for any business. To keep your business running, you need a steady flow of revenue. Creating a strategy that appeals to your customers is one effective way to increase your business revenue exponentially. 

In this article, we will look into what an increase in revenue is and explore effective ways you can increase your business revenue. 

Revenue increase 

An increase in revenue is the increase in a company’s sales from one period to another. The calculation of increase will be the difference in the revenue from the current period and the previous period (either month, year, day, or week) measured. If this calculation derives a negative value, then there is a decrease in revenue made from your business. You can calculate revenue increase by simply observing revenue increase month on month. If there is a constant decline with the negative value increasing, it means you could be running at a loss. 

6 ways to increase revenue in business

how to grow your business

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There are several ways you can increase revenue in business. Not to further waste any time, let's jump right into six effective ways you can increase revenue in business:

  1. Increase customer base and market reach
  2. Introduce a pricing strategy 
  3. Expand business relations and partnerships
  4. Product review and change in menu
  5. Go online
  6. Grow revenue with Amazon

Increase customer base and market reach 

One thing that kills businesses and decreases Returns on Investment (ROI) for businesses, is a streamlined customer base. When the customer base of a business is small, the sales flowing in will stagnate and possibly decrease over time. Increasing the customer base then becomes a priority. Before establishing your business, market research should be done to understand the target demographic. Once the target demographic is known, specifically developing plans to bring more of the market to your product is the goal. 

First, take a proper survey to measure where your current customers frequently visit, their lifestyle, and why they patronize your business. Then develop a marketing plan that fits into that specific demographic. Take, for example, you own a coffee shop downtown from several corporate buildings, but sales have been slow since you established. The main goal will be to find out why the customers coming in prefer your coffee and what they find lacking. Then craft and implement marketing strategies that combat the highlighted problems. 

Introduce a pricing strategy 

Pricing strategies are hidden gems that enable revenue growth in business. If customers find your charges quite pricey, it will be hard to get customer loyalty despite the quality of the product. Therefore, introducing a pricing strategy is best. This pricing strategy should be developed to understand the pattern of customer purchases. Some pricing strategies could include introducing a membership card that enables customers to receive discounts after a specific amount in patronage. Another strategy involves introducing a mid-range product between the small and large. This will propel customers to lean more into getting the large product. 

If you have a notable or substantial customer base and see that your revenue is not increasing, then you might want to go a complete 180 degrees from the above-mentioned strategies and increase your price. Sometimes, the customer base is not the problem but your low prices are. So do a test. Start from the most sought-after product or service, and hike the prices by a percentage. Take into consideration the reaction of customers and slowly work your way to increase the prices.

Expand business relations and partnerships

Business partnerships and relations are important to increase company revenue. There are beneficial partnerships that will increase your customer base that you need to take advantage of. If you own an organic recycling paper production company, then partnering with printing organizations and environmental rejuvenation nonprofit organizations could be important. If you produce vegan cheese, pitching your product to vegan restaurant businesses and building a partnership will win you, new customers. Finding your perfect partner and expanding business relations is vital to increase business sales and company revenue. 

Product review 

It is hard to come to terms with the realization that your product may be the problem. But if your product is subpar and below standards, no price reduction could save the business. Improving your product and reviewing your menu is hence, important. Find ways to upscale your business product and improve the quality.

Apart from an improvement in product, a product and menu review could also entail streamlining your business offerings. Sometimes, customers are more interested in specific products making other products a waste of investment. This applies to all industries. For example, If you sell clothes or shoes, and you notice the stock of specific styles regularly sells out while sales of others remain slow, it likely will be a good strategy to increase the stock of high profit-yielding styles and redirect the capital into more productive outputs. 

Go online

Today, online shoppers depend on reviews and an online presence to determine the validity of your services and the quality of your product. No one wants to patronize a product based on hearsay. Customers will hardly gravitate towards a business that isn’t foolproof on online platforms like social media. Your online presence is the validation of your business prominence and must be taken advantage of. 

Here are a few tips to help you build a strong online presence for your business: 

  • Understand your online community and leverage on It

The online community subscribed to your service and following on your social media pages make up the vast majority of your business’s online community. Therefore, any plan to launch a product must be specific to this customer base. Find the wants and needs of this online community and design strategies towards satisfying these needs.

  • Transform and brand the business 

With online businesses, although the quality is important, outlooks and branding matter. Developing your business into a stable quality brand with high-end graphics and design is crucial. No one wants to visit a shabby website or an online business without proper structure. It is important to create a design for your business that will convince buyers to flood your product or service. Use good-quality images and videos on your social media pages. 

  • Drive sales with SEO and content optimization

There are a variety of social media platforms and there is a positive relationship between content and revenue, meaning that the more redundant and substandard your content, the lower your revenue. Therefore, it is vital to take control of utilizing search engine optimization tools and provide valuable content to improve sales. The major keys on how to increase online business revenue depend on the ability of your content to sell relevance. 

Grow revenue with Amazon

Grow revenue with Amazon

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

Amazon is one of the biggest online retail stores in the world. It offers several advantageous features that will aid your revenue growth and help it increase over a relatively short period of time. With Amazon, your simple backyard soap selling business can go international tending to customers beyond the reach of simple face-to-face patronage. The platform also enables you to track customers' profiles and purchase patterns. There is the ease of advertising your product and standing out of the crowd. Growing revenue with Amazon effectively covers most strategies previously mentioned. This is because Amazon takes your business online, places the business in an environment with a large customer base, and enables you to improve business growth through data and information.

Increasing company sales could be difficult and tedious without moving strategically. It is therefore paramount to consider each of the points highlighted and choose what works best for your company. The journey towards making the big break starts steady and with deliberate action to guarantee excellence, failure is not an option. 


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