April 4, 2023

How to Answer Customer Questions on Amazon

Learn how to effectively answer customer questions on Amazon and boost your product's visibility and sales. Our guide provides practical tips and strategies for crafting informative and helpful responses that address common customer concerns and build trust. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your Amazon sales and reputation by providing excellent customer service through effective question-and-answer management.
How to Answer Customer Questions on Amazon
How to Answer Customer Questions on Amazon

How to Answer Customer Questions on Amazon

Amazon customer service is an essential component to increase Amazon sales and succeed on the Amazon marketplace. 

A good customer experience improves customer retention and your overall account health and ranking on Amazon. 

Amazon allows one on one communication between buyers and Amazon sellers in the Q&A section. But how important is it to answer customer questions on Amazon? How should you answer customer questions?

In this article, you will find out what customer questions are and tips to help you answer questions effectively. 

What are Amazon Customer Questions? 

Amazon customer questions or seller questions are questions asked by customers on your Amazon product listing. We can say that they work like customer service for Amazon. These questions are to clarify details about the product or other information not found or understood on your product listing. 

Sometimes customers may need more specific information about your Amazon product. Customers can type out these questions in the question and answer section and get personalized answers. 

Answers to these questions can be provided by the seller or other customers who have purchased the product. All entries in that section can be a question or an answer. 

Answering customer questions can provide more clarity about your product and influence customer buying decisions. When a customer posts a question, you will get an email notification. When a question has been answered, it will be published on your product listing in the question and answer section for everyone to see. 

Benefits of answering Amazon Customer Questions 

So what are the benefits of answering Amazon customer questions? Why is it important? 

Improves the value of your product page 

When you answer a question in the Q&A section, thousands of buyers can have access to it. 

Answering customer questions can help boost your product listing. You can exhibit how much knowledge you have about your product and demonstrate your expertise. 

Also, when customers see answers to various questions, it increases their confidence in your product and helps them make a buying decision. Your answer may just be the final nudge your customers need to purchase your product. 

As an Amazon seller, it is important to be knowledgeable about the product so that you can provide valuable answers to your customers. 

Improves your conversion rate 

Answering customer questions can give you more positive reviews which improves your conversion rate. Also, more relevant keywords are introduced as customers ask questions and you answer them. This improves the value of your listing, organic ranking, and conversion rate. 

Helps you identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses 

Customer questions can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product or listing. By going through some questions related to your product, you can understand your product better and improve on it. 

It can also help you identify what your customers want and what's missing to help you bridge the gap. 

Increases customer loyalty

Answering customer questions promptly and clearly helps to improve buyer trust. The more customers trust your product, the more customers come back to your store, and the higher your customer’s loyalty to your business.

How to ask and answer questions on Amazon 

If you want to ask a seller a question on Amazon, simply go to the product page and the “Customers Questions & Answers” feature.

Next, ask your question in the text box section and click on “Ask”. 

As an Amazon seller, to answer a question, click on “See all questions and answers” and select the questions you want to answer from the “Unanswered questions” section. 

Both sellers and other customers can answer questions in the Q&A section. However, Amazon will mark questions that have been answered by the seller or manufacturer. 

What kind of questions can customers ask sellers on Amazon? 

Amazon outlines questions that customers can ask. The questions should be specific to the product and messages in the Q&A section should be either a question or an answer to a question. 

An example of a product-specific question is:

“How long will my MacBook Air last while I watch a movie?”

“Does the fan make a noisy sound?” 

Amazon will remove all irrelevant questions. Some of these irrelevant questions include topics like: 

  • Product availability 
  • Order specific information
  • Shipping or delivery
  • Customer service 
  • Questions that do not comply with Amazon community guidelines. 

5 best practices for answering Amazon customer questions 

So how do you answer questions in the Q&A section? Here are some best practices on how to answer questions most insightfully: 

  1. Answer questions promptly 
  2. Provide brief but informative answers 
  3. Avoid irrelevant questions 
  4. Offer personalized answers
  5. Be professional and polite 

Answer questions promptly 

Answering questions quickly demonstrates that you are not negligent and care about your customer’s needs. When a customer asks a question, you will receive an email notification. Not responding promptly can reflect poorly on you and cause you to lose out on potential sales. 

Amazon typically gives sellers a month's window to respond to questions. However, It is best to respond to a question within 24 hours. Prompt responses improve customer experiences and ultimately your conversion rate. 

Provide brief but informative answers 

The key to giving a stellar answer to a customer question is to give brief but informative answers. Answer questions with as much relevant detail as needed.  If a customer asks a yes/no question, instead of replying with one word, include more details that give the customer more clarity about the product. 

For example, if a customer asks, “Is this product good for babies?” instead of answering with a year or no, you can say “Yes, this product is appropriate for babies from the age of 0-2 years old”. 

Including relevant details about your product in your answers will help other customers who may have a similar question.

Note that while your answers should be informative, they should also be brief and easy to read. 

Avoid irrelevant questions 

Sometimes, you may come across spam or irrelevant questions in the Q&A section. It is important to filter through the questions and select questions that are worth answering. 

After selecting the questions worth answering, carry out proper research to ensure that you give answers with full knowledge of the product. 

The Q&A section gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. You want to ensure you are very knowledgeable about the product. 

If you don't have enough knowledge about your product, you can reach out to your manufacturer or supplier. 

Offer personalized answers 

As you answer questions, avoid copying and pasting an answer from another business. This shows a lack of passion. Make your answers more personalized. Call them by their name and be cordial. 

Be professional and polite 

Keep in mind that as you answer customer questions, you also want to be professional and polite. Avoid sounding rude or brash. Your responses should be polite and show that you understand the customer's needs. 

Other customers will be observing your service. Ensure you are cordial, helpful, and professional. 

Final thoughts  

Creating a good customer experience increases trust and customer retention. The Q&A section on your product listing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and improve your brand image. You can through our tips above to help you answer questions clearly and promptly. 

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