June 1, 2023

Amazon Warehouse Deal: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers 

Want to know how to take advantage of Amazon Warehouse Deals as a buyer or seller? This guide provides everything you need to know about Amazon’s discount offers and how you can benefit from them.
Amazon Warehouse Deal: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers 
Amazon Warehouse Deal: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers 

As an Amazon FBA seller, you may have thought - where do returned items go? 

Well, not all returned items go back to the seller's inventory. Some of these items are listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals. 

Amazon Warehouse Deals offer a wide range of products at much lower prices. For buyers, this is great news as they can save hundreds of dollars on various Amazon products. Sellers can also benefit indirectly from Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Read on as we explore all there is to know about Amazon Warehouse Deals. 

What are Amazon Warehouse Deals? 

Amazon Warehouse Deals is an extended part of the Amazon marketplace where consumers can shop for products at lower prices. Amazon Warehouse Deals offer products from various product categories including Home and kitchen

Electronics and photo, Home improvement, etc. 

These items include pre-owned, used, refurbished, and open-box items. 

Amazon thoroughly tests the condition of the product before putting them up on Amazon Warehouse. 

These products will also contain detailed descriptions to help shoppers make a buying decision. 

Amazon Prime members also get free shipping on any Warehouse Deal. 

Product types for Amazon Warehouse Deals 

Products listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals fall under one of these product types: 

  1. Used - Like New 
  2. Used - Very Good
  3. Used - Good
  4. Used - Acceptable 
  5. Renewed 

Used - Like New 

Products under this category are products in perfect condition but may have some packaging damage. Typically these products may have some minor damages but these damages don't affect the working condition of the product. 

In most cases, products under this category still have the instruction manual in the box. 

Used - Very Good

Products that fall under this category may have some limited use but still, work adequately. It may have some cosmetic imperfections including scratches, tears, or missing packaging. However, this doesn't affect its operational quality.

Used - Good

Products that fall under this category have been used consistently and may have some wear and tear. The packaging may also come damaged or may have been repackaged. It may also not come with an instruction manual. However, these products remain in good working condition. 

Used - Acceptable 

An item listed under this category has been used consistently, and has worn out fairly but is still in good working condition. The product may have some scratches or dents and may come with some missing parts. However, these products still function properly. 


Items listed under the “Renewed” category are pre-owned products that have been evaluated to work and look as good as new. These items are evaluated by Amazon-qualified suppliers. This could be a vendor, Amazon staff, or seller. 

Items under this category come with a warranty, have minimal signs of wear and tear, and have no visible imperfections when viewed 12 inches away.

These items come with a 90-day warranty which means consumers can send the product back within 90 days of purchase if it doesn't function as expected. 

Open Box products

Open box products are products returned for certain reasons, but not because they were damaged. For example, a product could be termed Open Box because a customer decided to go for a different color. Open-box items could also be floor models used to display the product to buyers. 

Open-box products are tested and evaluated to ensure they work like the new version. 

Before purchasing an open-box product, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Return policy: Most open-box items may be in good working condition. However, some may not. You want to ensure that the item comes with a return policy. Amazon offers a 30-day return policy so you won't need to worry about this. 
  • Damage: You want to examine the pictures carefully to ensure the product is not damaged. 
  • Accessories: Some open-box items may not include accessories like an instruction manual. 

Before selling open-box products to consumers, Amazon carefully evaluates the product to ensure it is in good working condition. 

How do Amazon Warehouse Deals work? 

The process is quite straightforward. First, Amazon receives products from the seller.  

Next, qualified Amazon representatives check if the product is in working condition and then test and evaluate the product to grade its quality. Lastly, these products are up for Amazon Warehouse sale. 

For Buyers

As a buyer, you can get some of the best Amazon Warehouse Deals at very affordable prices. To find Amazon Warehouse Deals, simply go to the retailer's page and click on the drop-down arrow on the left of the search box. Next, click on Amazon Warehouse to go through various product categories. You can type in the keyword of the product and also go through the price and condition report which shows you the category of used or renewed. 

Once you select a product, you can add it to your cart and complete your buying process. 

Some products may qualify for Prime or free shipping. 

If the item purchased does not function as expected, you can return it within 30 days according to Amazon's warehouse return policy. 

For Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you won't be able to list items on Amazon Warehouse. Your products can only end up on Amazon Warehouse Deals in two major ways:

  • If you sell with fulfillment by Amazon and your products get damaged, Amazon can evaluate and resell them through Amazon Warehouse Deals. You will also get a refund for the damaged product. 
  • If a buyer returns an item, you can choose to let Amazon dispose of it. In this case, Amazon can inspect and resell it to consumers at a cheaper price. 

Dealing with returned or damaged products can be quite a headache. Amazon Warehouse Deals is one way to deal with the costs, through reimbursements. 

Amazon Warehouse Deals return policy 

The great thing about Amazon Warehouse Deals is that you can return products if they don't work as expected. Amazon Warehouse return policy explains that:

  • All items shipped from Amazon Warehouse Deals can be returned within 30 days. However, some products may come with unique requirements or policies. 
  • Used or Open Box products can be returned within 30 days of shipment. However, some products may come with different policies or requirements. 
  • Refurbished items that have been certified can be returned within 90 days from the shipment date. 

FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy

If your inventory is lost or damaged at Amazon fulfillment centers or during delivery to customers, Amazon will do one of the following: 

  • Replace the product with another that has the same FNSKU or 
  • Pay the seller the replacement value of the damaged or lost product 

Replacement value for Amazon sellers 

To determine the replacement value of the lost or damaged item, Amazon considers your sales history, the sales history of the specific ASIN, and the average selling price of the item. 

If you get a replacement value and wish to reevaluate, Amazon will request more information like a receipt or invoice. 

Also, note that the replacement value for any product will not exceed $5000. Amazon recommends that sellers get third-party insurance for products valued to be over $5000.  

Can Amazon Warehouse Deals win the Buy Box? 

Amazon Warehouse Deals can't win the Buy Box. Buyers who want to purchase products from Amazon Warehouse Deals have to click on the “Available from these sellers” link on the seller's product listing. 

How can sellers avoid Amazon Warehouse Deals? 

Amazon Warehouse Deals may be great for buyers. However, for Amazon sellers, it may be a concern. 

If a customer is not satisfied with your product, they may leave a negative review on your listing which can ultimately affect your brand. 

Also, while Amazon may reimburse you for damaged or lost products, you may not make the best possible profit. 

So is there a way to avoid Amazon Warehouse Deals? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop Amazon from reselling your product through Amazon Warehouse Deals. However, you can reduce the number of items that end up on Amazon Warehouse by disabling refurbishments on your Amazon Seller Account. 

Amazon enables refurbishments by default, so you will need to disable them manually. Here's how: 

  • On your Amazon Seller Central, go to Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Next, scroll down and click on Automated unfulfillable settings, click on Edit, and disable refurbishment. 

Final thoughts

Amazon Warehouse Deals can offer tremendous benefits for buyers. Buyers can save money by buying used discounted items that are still in good working condition. 

Amazon sellers can also reduce losses that come with removing inventory. With Amazon Warehouse Deals, sellers can dispose of the products and get reimbursed. 

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