June 1, 2023

Amazon storefronts: what you need to know

Setting up your Amazon storefront can set you apart from the competition and build trust with your customers. Many E-commerce businesses have seen an increase in revenue setting this up. Read this article before you setup an Amazon Storefront.
Amazon storefronts: what you need to know
Amazon storefronts: what you need to know

Selling on Amazon is incredibly profitable. However, it is also very competitive. The question on the mind of many Amazon sellers is: how can one stand out of the millions of competing sellers and drive sales consistently? 

Amazon continues to provide tools and features that help businesses grow and expand. 

Amazon storefront first launched in September 2018. It is a custom-made website that allows brand-registered sellers to showcase their products on Amazon, free of distractions from competitors. Amazon storefronts work like an ecommerce site, except that you will be leveraging Amazon's huge audience base. 

The store allows brand-registered sellers and vendors to create a unique brand experience for their customers different from the features available on product listings. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • what an Amazon storefront is
  • features on the Amazon storefront
  • benefits of the Amazon storefront
  • how to create an Amazon storefront 
  • how to find someone's storefront on Amazon 
  • tips for a high-converting Amazon storefront
  • best Amazon storefront examples

If you want to know how to increase conversion rate on Amazon and increase sales utilizing Amazon storefronts, then let's get started.

What is an Amazon Storefront?

what is an amazon storefront

An Amazon storefront is a mini-website available to brand-registered sellers on Amazon. It allows them to showcase their products in a single location, using custom content, photography, graphic designs, personalized logos, and branding. You can feature your best products and custom collections to improve your customer’s shopping experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales on Amazon - and all at no cost. That's right. You can create your Amazon storefront without spending a penny. 

To set up your Amazon storefront, you must be registered on Amazon Brand Registry. With the Amazon Brand Registry, you can protect your brand from fraudulent activities, get access to Amazon's A+ content, among other benefits. 

Features on the Amazon storefront

Below are features and tools that help brands showcase their products and get more visibility using an Amazon storefront.

Product management 

With an Amazon storefront, you can easily manage your products. You can upload and organize product photos in bulk instead of individually. You can also hide products that are out of stock and optimize your page to give customers a good shopping experience. 

Shoppable images 

With your Amazon storefront, you can entice customers with beautiful lifestyle images featuring your products. You can make any of the images shoppable, allowing customers to move from desire to action by clicking to get more product details, price, and customer ratings. Customers can also add their desired products to their shopping carts. With shoppable images, you can showcase creative product images that inspire customers to make a buying decision.

Texts on images

Amazon storefront gives you the choice of adding descriptive texts to images. You can add descriptions to images to better inform your customers about the product. You can also improve rankings on search engines which can help drive traffic to your store. 

Background videos 

Videos are a great way to showcase your products and draw attention to your store. Your Amazon storefront allows you to upload videos you can play in a loop while customers shop from your store. 

What are the benefits of using an Amazon storefront? 

what are the benefits f using an amazon storefront

Amazon storefronts offer multiple benefits to businesses. Here are some benefits you can enjoy using Amazon storefronts:

It increases brand awareness

One of the major benefits of the Amazon storefront is that it allows you to tell your brand story and give your customers a memorable experience. With your Amazon store, customers can see all products in one place and discover all about what makes your brand tick. This builds brand awareness and trust among customers. 

There are no competitors involved

Sponsored Ads from competitors can be a major distraction on search result pages. With your Amazon store, customers only get to see and interact with your brand.

You can get creative with your store  

Using the drag and drop tiles, you can easily design your store the way you like it without the stress of graphic designing. You can add infographics, videos, and pictures to your store and define the overall look and feel of your brand. 

You can get traffic directly to your store 

Using Sponsored brand Ads or Display Ads, you can drive traffic directly to your Amazon store, allowing you to create a funnel that pushes customers away from the competition. You can utilize your social media and emails to drive traffic to your Amazon store. 

You can include multiple pages and categories 

If your brand offers different categories of products, you can create subpages for them using your Amazon store. For example, if you sell a range of clothing items, you can add subcategories for shirts, dresses, underwear, and so on. 

You can get store insights

With the dashboard on your Amazon store, you can monitor traffic to your store, monitor page views and visits, and see if your store is driving sales. This helps you optimize your campaigns to get the best possible results and make more informed marketing decisions. 

How to create an Amazon storefront 

how to create an amazon storefront

Setting up your Amazon storefront can set you apart from the competition and build trust with your customers. As mentioned earlier, you must first be a brand registered seller to set up your store. Once you have met the necessary qualifications, you can create an Amazon storefront with these few simple steps: 

  • Create your store by simply going to Seller central and then clicking on Storefronts and then Manage stores
  • Design your store by selecting a template that you can customize. 
  • Create your store choosing the right categories and make sure it is easy for customers to navigate.
  • Fill in the template with content tiles like images and videos. 
  • Add individual products to the different categories in your Amazon store
  • Submit your store for reviewing and approval. This usually takes a few days. Ensure you submit a well-optimized store for both desktop and mobile versions. 

Audience store insights

Amazon store insights is a program that gives brands the access to view their store performances and understand how customers interact with their store. 

The metrics available using the Amazon store insights include:

  • Daily visitors: These are the total number of daily visitors who viewed pages on your store. 
  • Views: These are the number of people who viewed pages on your store. This also includes the number of repeated views.
  • Views per visitor: This is the average number of visitors that viewed your page daily
  • Sales: This is the estimated number of total sales by visitors to your store
  • Units sold: This is the total number of units that are sold from your store
  • Traffic sources: This report reveals where sales come from based on Amazon organic traffic, Sponsored Brand Ads as well as other sources
  • Custom tagged sources: You can create custom tags to measure how effective your external traffic source is. 

How to find someone's storefront on Amazon 

how to find someone's storefront on amazon

To find a seller's store on Amazon, simply follow these few steps: 

  • First, visit amazon.com
  • Next, click on “Other Sellers” under a particular product listing located on the right
  • Next, click on the other sellers’ store name 
  • Next, proceed to check for the seller's storefront under their name
  • To find seller ID, look at the HTML bar after the merchant
  • The letter combination is the merchant's seller ID

4 tips for a high-converting Amazon storefront

4 tips for a high converting amazon storefront


Creating your Amazon storefront is only the first step. You want to make sure your store is high-converting and profitable. Here are four tips to help you create a high-converting Amazon storefront: 

Tell your brand story

Your Amazon storefront allows you to tell customers all about your brand. Tell compelling stories about who your brand is and how it started as well as what sets you apart from the competition. This will build trust and help you establish a positive relationship with them. 

Address your customer pain points 

When customers come to your store, they are looking for answers. Guide them through your store by addressing their major pain points. The more you understand their problems, the easier it is to guide them on their journey to finding solutions. 

Use quality images and videos

High-quality images and videos are a major part of your storefront. It gets the attention of customers and increases traffic to your store. Ensure you use images and videos with a high resolution.

Optimize your store for mobile 

A large chunk of online shoppers make use of their mobile phones to go through products. Ensure you optimize your store for mobile use and make sure the major features of your store are visible. 

Best Amazon storefront examples

best amazon storefront examples

Are you just launching your storefront or simply looking for some inspiration? There are a few brands that are crushing it with their Amazon storefront. 

Here are two of some of the best Amazon storefront examples: 

  • Lego - Lego proves that you can target more than one audience on your storefront. Using the right colors, themes, and images, Lego targets adults and kids. Their homepage is welcoming, featuring bright and fun colors. The store also features different categories that allow customers to browse based on themes, age, and latest releases. 
  • Listerine - Listerine welcomes customers with the most popular products listed on their storefront. Customers can easily click on one or more of the products they need instead of trying to look for what they need around the storefront. 


Amazon storefronts come with several benefits. They can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your store and increase sales on Amazon.

To get the most out of your Amazon store, you can contact ecommerce experts at ePlaybooks to help you design the most effective Amazon storefront that is just right for your business. 

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