June 1, 2023

Amazon Fresh: What is It and How Does It Work?

At a glance, Amazon Fresh is a grocery service that eliminates the hassle of doing your weekly grocery shopping. This guide will dispel the myths and give you an honest look at the service and what it does.
Amazon Fresh: What is It and How Does It Work?
Amazon Fresh: What is It and How Does It Work?

There has been a shift in consumer preferences and buying habits over the years and companies are adjusting to meet these demands. With everything moving online, consumers can now get their daily essentials from an online store and have them delivered to their doorsteps. 

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery pickup and delivery service that enables Amazon Prime members to shop for a wide range of household essentials and groceries.

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about Amazon Fresh.  

What is Amazon Fresh? 

Amazon Fresh is an Amazon grocery delivery service available to Amazon Prime members. It was launched in 2007 in Seattle and is available to selected cities in the United States and some other countries like London, Milan, Rome, India, and Tokyo. Amazon has also opened some physical Amazon Fresh stores in the United States. 

With Amazon Fresh, you can look for products on the Amazon app or website, place a grocery order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can go to the store to pick up the order. 

This grocery delivery service is very convenient and allows you to shop for groceries and daily essentials when limited by time. 

Amazon Fresh offers thousands of products in these product categories: Food (dairy, snacks, meats, seafood, etc.), Local and seasonal (locally grown produce), and Personal care (Cosmetics, baby products, toiletries, skincare, etc). 

How does Amazon Fresh work?

Customers simply search for products and add them to their shopping cart for purchase. Once you place an order with Amazon Fresh, you will need to choose a one or two-hour delivery window. This depends on your location

You can choose between two delivery options - Attended delivery or Unattended delivery.

With Attended delivery, Amazon delivers your items in a regular plastic bag and someone must be present to receive them

With Unattended delivery, Amazon delivers your items in temperature-controlled bags to keep the items fresh if there is no one available to receive the order.


If you are doing your Amazon grocery shopping at an Amazon Fresh store, you can also enjoy some benefits. These benefits include Amazon Dash Cart and Just Walk Out.  

  • Amazon Dash Cart: With Amazon Dash Cart, you can skip the checkout process by scanning a QR code on your Amazon app before shopping. The billing for your items will automatically be processed on the app. This helps you cut down on time spent at the billing counter. 
  • Just walk Out: Just Walk Out also works similarly and lets you grab items from the store and walk out without having to fall in line. You can scan a QR code before shopping or connect your credit card to your Amazon account.        

Selling on Amazon involves storing products in Amazon warehouses where it is then packaged and shipped to customers. Amazon Fresh also operates similarly with products stored in warehouses. These warehouses are close to all stores to ensure that the items can be delivered within 24 hours. 

What makes Amazon Fresh unique? 

Amazon Fresh is an innovation in grocery shopping and many people have found it convenient. Here are a few things that make Amazon Fresh unique:

Amazon Fresh integrates Alexa 

Amazon Fresh integrated Alexa - a voice assistant technology to improve the Amazon grocery shopping experience. 

With Alexa, you can create your shopping list or get information about products. Alexa is also installed in Amazon Fresh stores to help you find items on your shopping list and quickly checkout. 

Alexa also helps you save ingredients and recipes in your list. You can also restock your daily essentials based on past purchases. 

Amazon Fresh provides convenience 

Amazon Fresh offers unique features that differentiate them from the competition and provide convenience. 

With Amazon Dash Cart, you can skip the checkout line and keep track of items in your cart. Thanks to sensory technology, the cart can identify your items and create your receipt. 

Just Walk Out also lets you grab items from the store and go. The items purchased from the Amazon Fresh store will automatically be charged to your credit card. 

With these unique features, you can save money and save time when buying items online or in-store. 

Amazon Fresh offers a wide range of products 

What makes Amazon Fresh unique is the wide range of products available. An Amazon Fresh store carries over 500,000 products from various categories. Amazon also acquired Whole Foods in 2017 which means you can also shop for organic and packaged foods. You can be sure to find everything you need, from dairy products to meat, vegetables, fruits, freshly cooked food, skincare products, and more.

Amazon Fresh offers products with good quality and pricing 

Products on Amazon Fresh fall around the same price as goods you will get at other grocery stores. Apart from the convenience that comes from the Amazon Fresh experience, Amazon also offers weekly deals that can help you save money. When you use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card as an Amazon Prime member, you get 5% cash back at Amazon Fresh. The Prime Benefit Program also allows Prime members to save 20% on selected foods and essentials. 

The inventory available varies from store to store. However, Amazon Fresh offers high-quality products from national and local brands. 

Who can use Amazon Fresh? 

Amazon Fresh is open to Amazon Prime members and includes same-day pickup and delivery from Amazon Fresh stores. 

How much does Amazon Fresh cost? 

Amazon Fresh is free for all Prime members. You will only need to pay the Amazon Prime membership fee. However, you will need to pay a delivery fee depending on your order. If your orders fall under $35, you will need to pay shipping and delivery charges that could be up to $10. If your orders fall above $35, delivery is free. Some cities raise the bar on delivery fees. For example, in New York, orders above $50 her free delivery. 

Can you return products from Amazon Fresh? 

Yes, you can return goods you are not satisfied with within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund.

Selling on Amazon Fresh

Selling on the Amazon marketplace differs from selling on Amazon Fresh. Amazon dropped third-party vendors in 2018. However, they still work with some third-party vendors based on invitation only. It is speculated that this is because Amazon purchased Whole Foods in 2017. If you sell to Whole Foods, you can easily meet the eligibility criteria to sell products on Amazon Fresh. 

Amazon Fresh Sponsored Product ads 

As an Amazon seller on Amazon Fresh, you can promote your products using Sponsored Product ads and increase Amazon sales. With Sponsored Product ads, you can create ad campaigns for your products and make it easier for shoppers to find you. 

Final thoughts 

With Amazon Fresh, you can experience a new level of convenience for grocery shopping. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can shop for quality products at great prices. You can also save money with weekly deals. 

With unique features and good customer delivery, we can say that Amazon Fresh will stick around for a long time. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery pickup and delivery service that allows Amazon Prime members to shop for groceries and daily essentials
  • Amazon Fresh offers unique features like Amazon Dash Cart and Just Walk Out that help to save time and money
  • Amazon Fresh offers thousands of products from different categories at great prices and you can also save money by taking advantage of weekly deals


Does Amazon Fresh drop off at your door?

Yes, Amazon Fresh offers contactless delivery, which means that delivery drivers will leave the order at the customer's doorstep or a designated area. Customers can also provide additional delivery instructions through their Amazon account, such as specific drop-off locations or instructions on how to access a gated community. 

When the delivery arrives, customers will receive a notification through the Amazon app or email that the order has been delivered. To ensure the safety of both the customer and the driver, Amazon encourages customers to maintain a safe distance from the driver during the delivery process.

Do you need to tip Amazon Fresh?

Tipping is optional for Amazon Fresh but is a way to show appreciation for the driver's service. Amazon Fresh drivers are full-time Amazon employees and earn competitive wages, benefits, and stock options, and they are not required to accept tips. 

As a matter of fact, they are prohibited from soliciting tips, and customers should never feel obligated to tip or pressured to do so. 

If you decide to tip, you can add a tip when placing the order or after the order is delivered through the Amazon app or website. The tip is not included in the order total and will be charged separately.

Can you shop at Amazon Fresh without a membership?

No, a membership is required to shop at Amazon Fresh. To shop at Amazon Fresh, customers must have an active Amazon Prime membership, which provides access to the full range of Amazon Fresh products, including fresh produce, groceries, and household items.

Do you bring your own bags with Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh offers the option to use reusable bags or have orders delivered in paper bags. Customers can choose to use their own reusable bags or opt for the paper bag option at no additional cost. When placing an order, customers can specify their packaging preferences through the Amazon website or app. If customers choose to use their own reusable bags, they should inform the delivery driver of their preference so the driver can pack the items accordingly.

Is Amazon Fresh free with Prime?

No, Amazon Fresh is not free with Prime. Amazon Fresh requires a separate subscription fee in addition to an Amazon Prime membership. The subscription fee for Amazon Fresh is currently $14.99 per month. 

However, customers can sign up for Amazon Fresh with a 30-day free trial, after which they will be charged a monthly subscription fee and can take advantage of some exclusive discounts and promotions on Amazon Fresh products. 

What is the best day to shop Amazon Fresh?

The best day to shop at Amazon Fresh would be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These days are generally less busy than the weekends, which means that the delivery or pickup slots are more likely to be available. 

However, you need to factor in your location and local delivery schedule to know what day works best for you.

What is the minimum delivery for Amazon Fresh?

The minimum order for delivery on Amazon Fresh is $35. In order to place an order for delivery or pickup, the total order value must be at least $35. 

This minimum order requirement applies to all orders placed through Amazon Fresh, regardless of whether they are delivered to a residential address or picked up at a pickup location.

What is the difference between Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry?

Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry are both shopping and shipping services provided by Amazon, but they offer different features and benefits. Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery and pickup service that provides a wide selection of fresh produce, groceries, and household items. 

Customers can shop for groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep or pick them up at a designated pickup location. 

On the other hand, Prime Pantry is a service that allows customers to purchase and ship pantry items, such as snacks, beverages, and household essentials, in a single box. 

Prime Pantry has a flat-rate shipping fee of $5.99 per box, and customers can fill the box with as many eligible items as they like, up to a maximum weight limit. 

Is Amazon Fresh paid weekly?

No, Amazon Fresh charges customers on a monthly basis, not weekly. The subscription fee for Amazon Fresh is currently $14.99 per month, and this fee covers unlimited grocery delivery and pickup orders over $35. 

Customers are charged for their orders at the time of delivery or pickup, and the charges are included in their monthly bill.

Where does Amazon Fresh get their food?

Amazon Fresh sources its food from a variety of suppliers, including local grocery stores, specialty food retailers, and wholesalers. The company also has its own distribution and fulfillment centers where it stores and processes fresh produce, meat, and other groceries. 

Amazon Fresh uses a combination of in-house expertise, industry partnerships, and technology to ensure that the products it sources are of high quality and meet customer demand.

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