Shawn Khorrami On Never Working A 9 To 5 Ever!

Join Shawn Khorrami, a successful entrepreneur and business coach, as he shares his insights and experiences on why the traditional 9-5 work schedule is becoming a thing of the past. In this episode, Shawn shares his tips and strategies for creating a flexible work schedule that allows for better work-life balance and increased productivity. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, you won't want to miss this episode on how to break free from the 9-5 grind



Welcome to another edition of the Entrepreneurs and Enigma podcast. As you know by now I'm Seth, I am here with a serial entrepreneur, an author, a JD, a bunch of different things. But he's an author. He's a serial entrepreneur, his name is Shawn Karami. Did I say that right? Because you did. I did. As I was coming out with, say, Sean is the chief bottle washer over at ie playbooks. He is also a consultant and cheating. I'm looking at his LinkedIn right now. He's also the chief consultant, the President and the Principal over at Khorrami Consulting. And you've been around the block of a bunch. Yeah, how many businesses? Have you started and exited? And all that stuff?

Shawn Khorrami

Hey, thank you for having me on. I've started and managed more than a dozen businesses from the ground up with employee one and grown them to 789-figure businesses, not every single one of them. Yeah, whoever starts more than one endeavor and says I've been successful, and every single thing I've started is probably as a different definition of success. And


failure is not failure. Failure is learning. And that's the case. Yeah, and it's called The being of an Entrepreneurship is that callback to the name of the podcast is that you're not going to be successful in everything you do.

Shawn Khorrami

No. And even where you are successful, you're going to have all of these things that go wrong. I mean, part of part of what happens is all of the little failures that you have, even though the overall endeavor may be maybe successful, you've had a whole lot of trials and tribulations, and a whole lot of trial and error, and a whole lot of fixing things, you gave some some of my titles, chief bottle washer, I have clean dishes at my offices before,


Joe, but it's almost always true to my own company. I'm doing the dishes upstairs all the time, because they have to get done. So I am the chief bottle washer till

Shawn Khorrami

I'm the chief problem solver. That's where you got to be if you're going to be a leader, if you're going to be the person that propels something forward, that you're more than anything, in my opinion, the chief problems.

So how'd you get started in this? Have you always been an entrepreneur? entrepreneurial spirit? Or have you? Or did you work for the man or the woman at some point? I gotta work for the person. Did you work for the person at some point?

Let's let's see if we have enough time for my summary story here. Yeah. So in my story, and I'll take it all the way back to when I was a kid. And I'll finish it in a couple of minutes. I'm so sad. So I'm an immigrant. We discussed this before we started from Iran. My dad was an entrepreneur. And in any developing country, building infrastructure is a big business. Yeah, that's what they're doing. And so my reason dad had a construction business and so from a very early age, and it's probably not the safe these days, but from 567 years old, my dad was taking me to construction sites, and so I would get the climb all over bulldozers and all these things.

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