Meet Shawn Khorrami of Khorrami Consulting

Shawn is a serial entrepreneur, having started and managed more than a dozen businesses, up to $100 million in revenue, involving products and services across a wide range of verticals. In the process, he has managed thousands of employees servicing tens of thousands of customers, large and small, from consumers to small to medium-sized businesses and even governmental entities. He is graduate of UCLA and joins the Small Small Business community to share his journey, three key challenges in business and his tips for success. Learn more at www.ConnectwithShawn.com. Reach out to Shawn after listening and get a free copy of his book - The Small Business Guide to Surviving a Post-Pandemic World.The smallest businesses and nonprofits rarely get the same level of support that larger organizations receive. The experts at Small Small Business have the experience and passion to level the playing field. Find out more at SmallSmallBusiness.comSupport the show

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